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Impromptu Pirate Boat

| June 28, 2013 | 6 Comments

Pirate shipAs you know, here on Red Ted Art, we like to get the paint out, the glue and all the craft materials and make our things look “finished”…. either papier mache or a nice layer of acrylic to make things look “just so”. Well.. frequently, we also have our “impromptu crafts” – basically, odd items lying around taped together with sticky tape, hastily assembled as part of one of our play activities. And this pirate boat just such an activity.

Pip Squeak and Red Ted were each sent a “small” platmobil toy – Red Ted a pirate and treasure box and Pip Squeak 2 children and a “paddling pool”. I love that they received these individual items and that it resulted in so much excitement and play. And nothing “big” was required..

Small is beautiful and stimulates PLAY!

Materials: two mini cereal cartons (I only bought as I thought they would be great for the play kitchen) a straw, paper, tape….

We tape the straw into the first carton and Red Ted drew a “skull and cross bone!.

And then Red Ted said we need a “secret part” for the treasure. So the boat got a second “deck”….

A 5-10minute craft (if that) with hours of play!!

Pirate Ships

We had LOTS of play all afternoon.. but I caught this one on camera (I know it isn’t the most exciting video, but you “had to be there” and all that):

The story: The pirates are on the high sea and come down the waterfall. They come to an island, where they dig up some treasure. On inspecting the box they find GOLD, which then accidentally falls into the sea. Luckily, they are able to collect it all again and put it back in the treasure box and load it into the secret compartment of the pirate boat. And off they sail into the sunset (back up the waterfall).

I then went off to download the video… and told the kids to get ready for bed… when I came back, I found this:

play scene

Red Ted’s very own “play scene” ready for tomorrow!

I love how much the kids adore their Playmobil. How you they don’t need much to enjoy it and have fun and how it has created all this play and creativity!

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  1. I love that you feel you have to explain the cereal boxes, although the first thing I thought was “ooh, Playmobil sized”, and the second was “she feeds her children mini boxes of cereal?” 😀

    Great boat, and brilliant use of Jenga!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Snigger. You are quite right re the SECOND comment. So not something I normally do – I bought them as a special treat one holiday and thought they would make great additions to the toy kitchen (ahem, yes, THAT is why I bought them!). But no, they never landed in the kitchen but all over the house instead!!!

      • JayNine says:

        I am always so inspired by your ideas–is there anyway I could possibly use two of the photos above: with Obvious Links back to you and this post? I am a lonnnng time follower of all your social media and I just started blogging. I want to share your stuff with my followers please? Photos really do captivate an audience and get them listening!
        Can you email the response to my ‘hidden address’?
        TY !

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    What a fabulous boat – and so easy to make. We have some of those pirates too! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh that is so inspiring to get a few boxes, a strawberry and a piece of paper to make a boat

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