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Gorgeous Beads – What Would YOU Make?

| September 27, 2013 | 9 Comments

Well.. a few months ago now (oh the shame, the shame), I was sent these GORGEOUS Maruti beads… and ever since then, I get them out their little box… ooh and aah at them and then put them back. I am a terrible hoarder and a want the project to be “Just Write”… what would YOU make with them?! I need your advice!


lovely beads

Do I just thread them all up? Do I use one and use plane beads (but what sort?) to go with it? Do I use a leather thread and just put on one bead at the time?

What would YOU MAKE?

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  1. oh, so many things. I think I would want some hanging decoration, Maybe a heart made out of clay with these hanging off the bottom.

  2. I would get an old fashioned silver nappy pin and thread them onto there for an instant brooch or scarf pin! You could change the beads to match or contrast with what you are wearing.

    I’d also thread them onto a hair bobble or a simple hair slide to add some jazzy colours to my hair!

  3. I was going to suggest making a brooch too, I LOVE big kilt pins with beads hanging off them. I think I’d also have a bash at some window art, maybe a wire hoop with them threaded on and some hanging off it to catch the sun’s rays with their sparkly goodness.

  4. Those are so beautiful and unique, I love them! I think I would either make a shambola style bracelet with leather lace and interspercing these with plain beads or make a hair elastic with the beads dangling from it. Have fun!

  5. Clair Rigby says:

    These are so pretty that you could make something very simple and it could still look stunning. So, I’d maybe string them onto three lengths of chain and make a little bracelet?

  6. I can see them tied off on the ends of a burlap runner to decorate the table for Thanksgiving – that mix of earthy and gorgeous :)

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