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Nature Crafts: Angel

| September 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

I made this little Acorn Angel a couple of weeks ago, as part of an Autumn Nature Crafts session with the kids. The idea of crafting with nature, is that you collect everything you can find and then when you get home, see “if you can see shapes” in them. Does something remind you of a hat maybe? Or something else as a head? Acorns with their little caps are always “heads with hats” in our house. Take the hat off, and you suddenly have a little bowl or acorn teacup in your hands.

Whilst we were making and “doing”, I looked at a lone Poppy Husk we had collected. In the past, we have used these to create delicate snowflake stamps, this time, I looked at it and I saw a head with a crown!! And I thought “ooh perfect”…..

Nature Crafts Acorn AngelMaterials: One acorn, one poppy husk, 2 feathers, a ribbon, glitter glue and PVA glue

The angel was quickly and easily made. Using a skewer, I made a deep hole into the top (flat bit) of the acorn. Then adding glue to the ste of the husk, inserted it. We also found some feathers that day, which we added as wings. I glue on a piece of ribbon.

Once this was all dry. I added the face with a marker pen – black for the eyes and mouth and pink for the cheeks.

Finally, I added some silver glitter glue around the next and to the crown.

Done. Our little Nature Angel is all finished and ready to join our Christmas Decorations!

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  1. Phil says:

    Best looking acorn I have ever seen!

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