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Win this Fabulous Crafty Bundle This Christmas

| November 7, 2013 | 108 Comments

Hobbycraft and I (with the help of Kids Chaos), have teamed up this Christmas to make our Alternative Christmas Gift idea “real”… we have create a colourful and fun craft pack from Hobbycraft and added a Red Ted Art book to give to one of our lucky readers!! YAY!



Hobbycraft have handpicked many crafty goodies from their store, worth approx £60!!! (Please note: final bundle may vary slightly from the picture shown). Just add some recycled items (like loo rolls) and some nature items (like pine cones and sticks), turn to the Red Ted Art book for inspiration and you have many hours of crafty fun **sorted**.

Want to win?

For one entry, leave a comment below telling us what your favourite “child made gift is”? What will YOUR children be making for relatives this Christmas? Then visit our competition on Facebook and let us know that you have done so!

Terms & Conditions

• Open to UK residents only.

• The prize is a £60 craft starter kit from Hobbycraft (items may vary from image shown), and Red Ted Art’s book “Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids”.

• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.

• Winner will be selected from all valid and correct entries and notified by email. Winner’s details will be passed to HobbyCraft for prize fulfillment. Red Ted Art book will be dispatched separately.

• The prize will be delivered to the winner within 28 days of confirmation of delivery address.

• The Rafflecopter’s selection is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

Competition closes 7th December 2013 at 11:30pm.



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Comments (108)

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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    my 7 year old grandson is very arty and good at crafts, made us a personalised place mat for grandparent’s day lol

  2. We are doing decorated t shirts, acrylic paint designs with either stencils or masks. They look really effective.

  3. Nikki Thomas says:

    Salt dough decorations and hand print calendars

  4. Rachel Hockey says:

    My little ones love anything involving copious amounts of glitter. At the moment we have cards and salt dough ornaments on the go, but this year’s favourite is definitely the canvases they’ve been painting into fingerprint christmas trees :)

  5. The Fairy and the Frog will be making Christmas cookies

  6. Snowflakes, windows look so much better with a few snowflakes attached

  7. We made these egg box flowers a while ago and are going to attempt some Christmas coloured ones this weekend.

  8. Pinkoddy says:

    I love the Christmas bags they made last year – which was really just glueing felt but they did it all by themselves.

  9. An ornament shaped as a bauble made from a foam sheet in school where they put his photo in from the school play, it’s bright orange lots of glitter but it takes pride on the tree every year x

  10. sarah cox says:

    Just sticking, gluing, glittering and hand printing on card! my daughter loves every second of it and everything she makes is so wonderful we treasure it all!

  11. Sandy Calico says:

    We will be making Christmas cards, by cutting up some of the boys’ paintings into triangles to make trees, then adding glitter, loads of glitter.

  12. Theresa Cooke says:

    My son made a robot the other day which was fab !

    We have already made some garlands to hang up and some reindeers.

  13. kimberley lewis says:

    Any gift made by a child is my favorite as it comes from the heart :) this year we are making our own bath salts and bath bombs and arranging them in a glass jar as snowmen snow globes.

  14. Lucy Barningham says:

    Love childrens decorations for the tree and homemade cards…special!

  15. Dana Coughlan-Marsden says:

    My children like making paper mache bowls, painting and decorating them and then filling them with chocolates to give as a gift! Even the one year gets to make them!

  16. Nadine Ferris-Eamer says:

    Hi redtedart,
    MY kids and I love baking and crafting – we love making biscuits and we’re doing some this year especially for the tree and gifts we’re also trying snowflakes and bunting

  17. Sophia Payne says:

    We’ll be making our own wrapping paper by having the little one use stamps all over plain paper. Going to be fun!

  18. Eleanor says:

    This year my children are going to be making home-made truffles and rolling them in various coatings – crushed freeze dried strawberries, pistachios etc.

  19. Amanda Kittridge says:

    My 3 year old will be making a build your own snowman in a jar for his friends this christmas.

  20. Lisa says:

    Handprints or fingerprints on baubles

  21. Jen Duckett says:

    Hand print Christmas trees, they’ve been soooo much fun!

  22. fiona arnold says:

    My daughter will be making toilet roll reindeer and hand print trees and reindeer :) I’ve been saving loo roll centres for aaages!! X

  23. dawn weaver says:

    My 2 1/2 year old daughter and i will be making mini snowballs ( cake pops rolled in white chocolate and coconut) and footprint christmas tree cards x

  24. Lisa Lambert says:

    We are making clay handprint ornaments for grandparents and attempting some bauble Christmas cards…just not sure yet whether the twins will be let loose with the glitter!

  25. We are just really getting into crafting now and with my own limited skills we still keep it simple. We have been doing glitter shapes (cutting shape, gluing said shape, and sprinking glitter) after well googling glitter! We started simple with basic shapes running around the house trying to find things we could trace to using Christmas cookie cutters to make more themed ones. We are going to Italy to spend Christmas with the Nonni and I think it’s going to look great on their tree!

  26. Helen Cross says:

    My favourite child made present is canvas art. It allows lots of free expression for the child.

  27. Andrea Christian says:

    It’s a present I helped them with as they are only 4 and 2. Together we all helped to make a coaster out of clay, decorated it with stones from the garden, stamped into it it with letters (“daddy rocks”) and they put their fingerprints into the middle. Daddy loves it!

  28. Peakle Pie says:

    Peakles is making decorated boxes to keep rings or keys in. Some fridge magnet artworks and are handmade fruit & nut chocolates! :-) Merry Christmas everyone!

  29. Vicky says:

    My 3 year old made a calendar at nursery, it had a picture of him and his hand prints. It still hangs in the kitchen now.
    I try and make at least one present for the grandparents at Christmas. Last year we made cookies and fudge. This year we are making snow globes and sweets. We try to recycle as much as possible, the snow globes will be made from glass jars (jam jars/curry jars etc)
    Would love to win this bundle to have lots more crafty fun with my babies

  30. Ruth Elder says:

    This year we’re going to try our hands at paperweights and child-decorated candles :)

  31. Michelle Clark says:

    My 2.5 loved making the home made bath bombs, which we are wrapping up for relatives this year and white clay tree decorations, which we will make again this year.

  32. Lyndsay Jay says:

    We will making salt dough decorations to turn ino garland. Christmas cards and cookie cutter printed wrapping paper.

  33. We will be making Christmas cards.

  34. Joanne Brodie says:

    My little boy made me a bracelet to wear on my driving test (having previously failed :-( ) I wore it and passed :-). I still have it

  35. Louise says:

    i love their handprints and paintings -child art is so confident and very cute. x

  36. Sally Martin says:

    A gorgeous little hand or footprint turned into a tree or a reindeer!

  37. Lucy Mayer says:

    We always do various glitter-inspired Christmas cards & snowflakes, but the main thing this year will be the chocolate & edible glitter-decorated shortbread for their teachers. :)

  38. Donna Casebow says:

    Love A little hand print n poem that my daughter got my younger daughter to make for mothers day .

  39. amanda pearson says:

    I’m trying to encourage my son to be more creative and play trains less…this would really help!

  40. amanda pearson says:

    My favourite ‘gift’ is a sparkly firework with pipe cleaners and sparkly paper as we made it together 😀

  41. Cathy Mackay says:

    My boys are making mini felt christmas stockings filled with home made gingerbread men/truffles / biscuits as gifts for their teachers and friends.

  42. Vicki says:

    My son is almost 3 and the best gift he has made me so far has been the handprint cards he has done at nursery with added pom-poms and glitter!

  43. Alison Turnnidge says:

    I have many favourite items that my Daughters have made but my most treasured item is a Christmas Angel that my Daughter made, with a little help from Nursery Staff, when she was 6mths old, She is now 12yrs old and she still sits on the mantle every year. This year my youngest has made reindeer christmas cards for family members

  44. Carol Cliffe says:

    Sticking buttons onto polystyrene cones with pins to make Christmas trees has kept my boys busy for hours, but my absolute favourite gift from them is one they sneak off and make as a surprise, usually a simple picture, unguided and unprompted, and made with lots of thought and love xxx

  45. aileen mccartneu says:

    Saltdough handprints of my 2.5 year old and 6 week old we made this morning and painted as santa claus. Gorgeous :)

  46. vicky vining says:

    This year we are going to make some home made paper chains using hand & foot prints! My daughter loves anything crafty, the messier the better. We always have so much fun together.

  47. Nicola Moir says:

    It has to be the little handprint Santa I received last year :) This year we’re making Hama bead tree decorations and glittery bauble cards :))

  48. Sarah Henson says:

    We will do Christmas hand and footprints and yummy pretty tray bakes :)

  49. Lisa Bolland says:

    my 6 year son made his dad a gift, a painted rock and he wrote Dad’s Rock! it brought a tear to his daddy’s eye xxx

  50. Marie says:

    I have a 3 year old and a baby that will turn 1 on Christmas Eve. We have stated to make salt dough Santana with their hand prints (one was harder than the other) We will have one from each of the girls for us and their grandparents.
    We plan to use a nice photo of the four of us, I’ll have the 3 year old des orate the card before I mount them.
    I love the look of the loo roll reindeer. We made a wooden reindeer last year and would like another one, maybe a daddy or mummy version. Need to sort through the log pile for that one!
    Happy Christmas everyone x

  51. deb bremer says:

    We can always use more craft supplies! I love your ideas you post!

  52. Rachel says:

    We’ve made lots. My favourites so far are our jam car candle holders and our papermache bowls for nanny, and our salt dough handprints for aunties and uncles who live far away!

  53. Irfana Raza says:

    My 2&half year old already too much shows interest in art&craft,painting,colouring and drawing(like mummy :). His first painting at the age of 18th months was a fabulous gift for me. I kept that piece of art safely and will show him when he’ll get bit him so much xx Bless!

  54. Hodge Podge says:

    We are going to make sparkly clay reindeer tree ornaments (but they don’t know that yet, as it’s one of their advent activities)! :)

  55. Tracy Dixon says:

    We love making Christmas cards, I get everything out and just let their imaginations run wild!

  56. Susie Lindsay says:

    We did handprint calendars last year! The Grandparents loved them! :) x

  57. Catherina Scott-Hart says:

    We have made baubles in the past, my 5 year old daughter has a fabulous eye for art and design even at her young age

  58. Kerrie Heath says:

    My favourite child made gift is a card as they always put so much love, care and thought into it. We will be making some for their Grandparents this year.

  59. Alexa says:

    My 2 year old & I have started with cards,there is a huge list of projects I want to try with him, will see how long he can sit still for though!

  60. sharon says:

    My favourite homemade present is a painted pasta shape bracelet my daughter made.

  61. Karen Botham says:

    My 4 year old made me a fused glass pendant with help from daddy. He wore safety goggles and gloves and then chose, cut and arranged the glass. I love it more because it looks like a 4 year old made it and everyone always comments how ‘unusual’ it looks!

  62. Bev Hunt says:

    I love the Christmas ornaments made by little fingers. This year I am getting my Grandchildren to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. They love to decorate with candy and sample a little as they decorate.

  63. Kat says:

    I work in an After School Club and our children are making handprint baubles this year-amongst other things.Anything with handprints on is always a winner!This prize would be really useful in creating new crafts with the kiddies.

  64. Mel Daniels says:

    My three year old daughter and I have already made our Christmas cards together and tomorrow we’re going to decorate some snow flakes.

  65. I used to make marzipan shapes for relatives as gifts when I was a child and I’ll be getting my eldest to do the same this year

  66. sam ransom says:

    my favourite child made gift is my sons handprint in saltdough, we made one last year for christmas and have just done the same this year, love seeing how his hands have grown over the year.

  67. We are at the beginning of our crafting journey and will be starting with snowman card with cotton wool and glitter.

  68. Although not strictlt speakig presents I love getting homemade cards from the children as they put so much into the and it they are lovely to keep and see how their ideas and writing change over the years. This year we have made some sparkly clay Christmas owls and hand sewed Christmas mice for Grandma.

  69. kelly brady says:

    my gift this year from my son will be a toilet roll reindeer with a trailer so i can put his little brothers reading books in it when its story time.

    All sounded wonderful till he said for daddy i think i want to get him an i pad!

  70. Boppin says:

    My favourite home made gift is the toilet roll hair brush holder. Made with love many years ago and still standing! If it can be made then make it with love. X

  71. Culturebaby says:

    It’s still all about the cute toddler painted scribbles on cards for us…

  72. Wendy Collard says:

    My favourite gift from the kids are decorations to go on the tree – you can literally go mad and make anything – I have some weird and wonderful decoration each year adorning my tree. This year they will be making the crackers – we are gathering bits ready as I speak!

  73. Nisha Frizzell says:

    My four year old made me a good mood box the other day. She lined it with cotton wool and put in special things “to cheer me up, when I get grumpy!”. It made me laugh because, in it, there was a sweet she didn’t like, a hair clip, a rubber and a bit of scrap paper. She decorated the box and covered it in pink glittery card. It certainly does make me smile and was very inventive and thoughtful!

  74. The girls are making chocolate spoons and biscuits this year. My favourite child made gift is the box of ‘special gifts’ they make me. They take some of their own precious favourite things (feathers, stones, sparkles, pictures etc) and put them in a specially decorated box that they give to friends and family …. so cute!

  75. My daughter made me a heart-shaped box :)

  76. Emma Newton says:

    Well we make our own Christmas decorations every year :-) i have a ceiling covered in paper snowflakes but we also make salt dough decorations for relatives to go on there trees :-) kids love it and so do i x x

  77. Amy says:

    I’m a teacher and this year we will be making electronic buzzer toys – the type where you have to pass the hoop over the wire without it touching – and decorating them as presents to take home and give, as well as pompom wreaths and hanging angels. Can’t wait!

  78. Leanne says:

    My favourite prezzie was from my son a clay candel holder with lots of glitter. We have made grandparents a tea towel with all the childrens handprints on this year very colourful and unique :)

  79. Clare Michelle Collister says:

    My daughter’s painted a tea towel with fabric paints. Cheers up drying the pots :-)

  80. Leah Kelly says:

    My favourite gifts are handprint based, salt dough, baubles, painted… as you can compare them as the Christmas’ pass and be reminded of how small they were.

  81. sam blane says:

    Its got to be the creations she comes up with all by herself, so much thought goes into them and shes only three!

  82. Hadia says:

    My two year old son has loved making salt dough decorations for the Christmas tree!

  83. Vanessa Westwood says:

    Salt dough santa hand print decorations

  84. Bridget Wilson Hall says:

    With my preschool grandsons I’ll be making ornaments with handprints on again this year – each year the another precious keepsake that shows how much they’re growing

  85. Helen Pateman says:

    We’re making Christmas scenes out of toilet rolls!! Sounds strange but really cute :)

  86. Villi says:

    We will be making Christmas hand print baubles, cheats gingerbread houses and Christmas cards for our nearest and dearest.
    Would love the book I need inspiration!

  87. Rebecca Mitton says:

    My favourite is a little Mother’s Day from my son when he was only 2 and started preschool, it has lots of stickers and pva glue all over it, classic and the first gift from either of my children directly for Mothers Day!

  88. Policy Scrimgeour says:

    Our favourite craft is sticking & drawing. This Christmas the kids will decorate candles to give to relatives & friends.

  89. Jo Knutt says:

    We will be mostly making christmas cards, candy cane hearts and clay tree decorations and maybe some shabby chic style blocks!

  90. Cristina says:

    I treasure a gift made with my daughter’s handprints. This year my daughter is making fingerprint Christmas cards for everybody.

  91. Kathryn says:

    We’re making calendars for next year with a different piece of art for each month – mostly my two year old daughter’s work but we’ve let her new baby brother do some hand prints for his birth month!
    I had planned on doing one piece of art a month from last January………….we’re a little busy crafting at the moment! Best laid plans! 😉

  92. Kelly Ann Gillott says:

    When my son was little he attempted to make cardboard tube birds by gluing feathers on to the tube. These creations were supposed to be gifts for Easter, but the tubes ended up bare and my son was covered in feathers. I took photos of him instead and put them in a painted lollystick picture frame and gave them as gifts instead. Needless to say we would love to win and practise our crafting skills, who knows maybe next year all our gifts will be handmade and successful!

  93. Kate Towse says:

    We’ll be painting some plant pots this year to give as gifts.

  94. Claire says:

    We will be making toilet roll reindeer and wrapped up cosy stick men for our friends and family.

  95. Lesley says:

    My two older children made me a vase of tulips for Mother’s Day (egg box flowers and toilet roll vase)which has been on the window sill ever since. We will be decorating salt dough tree decorations soon.

  96. carla meenehan says:

    My 2 children made a clander wiv a reindeer face using my son’s footprint for the head and my little girl’s handprints for the antlers. Plenry of glitter and a red pom pom finished it off :-)

  97. Sarah Bavington-Smith says:

    My girls have made footprint butterflies on canvas for the grandparents x

  98. Sue Vaughan says:

    My favourite has to be when all 3 of my (now Grown) children helped carve and then decorated a wooden tree each. This was over 20 years ago, and I still have them, and still get them out each year.

  99. Karen says:

    This the first year my son has been into making thing , he is 4 and really loves to paint so we are making sanyasi and snowman with toilet rolls

  100. Marmitemama says:

    My favourite hand made present was a paper stocking complete with paper 2D presents tied with ribbon -very cute present from my niece. This year my son and I will be making tissue paper fairy lights for the window -a little colour amongst the snowflakes :)

  101. I have three beautiful clay pots made by each of my children but my favourite child made gift is a figure made in plasticine. It was made about 38 years ago by my husband and given to his Mum. She has had it on the shelf in her kitchen ever since. Priceless.

  102. This year our favourite project so far has been tissue paper covered tree baubles, the kids enjoyed making them, and they are bright and colourful.

  103. Gill says:

    My little one will be making pom pom snowmen, no doubt they’ll be covered in glitter. She hasn’t quite got the theory that less is more yet!!

  104. Lottie Newberry says:

    My 2 year old daughter loved baking our Christmas cake using my grandmothers recipe. She loves getting messily creative, her favourite activity has been painting her hands to create pictures for grandparents.

  105. Julie says:

    My 2 1/2 year old made a lovely star Xmas tree decoration for the tree, made out of pipe cleaners & beads. I will treasure for many years. She has also made Xmas cards to hand out to friends & family. I am not the most arty of mummies! Would love some help from your book:)

  106. Emillie Clayton says:

    We love snowflakes with coffee filters. This year the kids are a bit older we will add glitter. Fun! I love your blog! Amazing ideas.

  107. Rachel says:

    We’ve been decorating picture frames with a picture of my daughter and the recipient in it. We are also planning to make sweets and biscuits

  108. Diana Bird says:

    We made mugs for my little girls first Christmas for grandparents & mummy & daddy, it was a bit tricky getting her to uncurl her hands & let us print her hands & feet on to the mugs but they look great. Made a couple of decorations so far but have seen some baubles with white handprints that have been drawn on to turn the fingers in to snowmen. They look adorable, hope we can do a good job :) x

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