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Shopping This Christmas

| November 14, 2013 | 22 Comments

Right… I don’t know about you but I practically live IN the internet. The Internet is my home. The internet is my work. The internet, cough, is my friend. I love the internet!  And I do marvel about how we ever survived without it (I remember boring and dreary sifting through of encyclopedias to find very basic information.. going to libraries only to find they don’t have the books on just what you need.. and now… yes, all at the click of a button. Hooray).

The other GREAT thing about the internet is ONLINE SHOPPING.

My kids LOVE going to the (real) shops, basically, because it is such a novelty factor for them. We NEVER EVER go to real shops. Everything is done online: our food shopping, my craft stock piling, the kids gifts and my clothes. I just can’t stand the time it takes to go to the shops. I can’t stand the queues and I can’t stand the disappointment of not finding something. And don’t get me started on those changing cubicles. Uggh indeed.

So yes, for me, online it is. Occasionally, I will make the effort to support my local retail – put some money in a non global company, but that too is rare (I say ashamedly).

The upside of course, is that if I do have to take the kids shopping, the love it and are impeccably behaved (save for the obligatory “can I have this please”).

Christmas this year, will all be “done” online.

Are you for or against Online Shopping?

Check out this debate on Shop Talk

The other big thing for me at the moment is reward systems. There is a UK Pharmacy that I used to do very well with on rewards when the kids were small. But of course getting rewards there, was limited to using your rewards points there. I do avoid being “tricked” into buying “more than I need” based on a store card or a reward scheme. But if you shop normally and “savvily”, I think you can still collect good rewards.

The key is to finding the right reward scheme.

I like Rewards Schemes

I love the sound of Barclaycard’s Freedom Rewards scheme – I like that you collect rewards EVERY TIME you spend (irrespective of where) and that double on UK Supermarkets and petrol stations (I can still get my supermarket loyalty points and on top of those get the double Barclay card points too.. clever… like it).

The second attractive element is where I get to spend these rewards. And the Freedom Partners are quite broad – I can get free Cinema Tickets or save them up for a trip to Legoland. I can go for a simple coffee or buy vouchers on Amazon. What isn’t there to like.

What would YOU spend your Freedom Rewards on?

I love the idea on this video – of saving your rewards to pay for all those “Birthday Party presents” you have to get as your children are invited to parties throughout the year. Genius. The whole party season thing is one of my pet hates and this is a great way to manage at least the present aspect of this modern day dilemma…

If you enjoyed the Shop Talk videos, you can see all of them to date here.

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  1. Jen says:

    I totally love online shopping. In fact, I am busy compiling my shopping list and getting ready to do a whole bunch of online shopping for Christmas. And, who doesn’t love reward programs? It just makes sense to benefit from the purchases you make. Great post.

  2. I do almost 100% of my holiday shopping online. Its just SO easy. And any reward program that doesn’t require me to do anything additional is a bonus in my book! Love those!

  3. I adore online shopping – I only go into stores when I have to. And reward programs definitely get me to come back!

  4. andie jaye says:

    I don’t know what I’d do without online shopping! For me, it’s an easy way to get my birthday/holiday shopping done. I rarely have time during the day, so being able to shop from the couch in my pj’s is an awesome benefit!

  5. Jane says:

    Last Christmas I was too sick to go out shopping, so I did 100% of our Christmas shopping online – and it totally changed everything! I will definitely continue to do most of our shopping online every year, as it was *so much easier*!

  6. Emma says:

    Shopping especially at this time of year isn’t that enjoyable, and I have to say that having been thoroughly spoiled in London, I find the choice somewhat limited here, so online is where it’s at for me. I have actually just done a load this morning! 😀

  7. Totally agree, almost 100% of my shopping is done online. I don’t have a car and have a massive aversion to buses! It’s sometimes nice to do a tiny bit of actual shopping in real life, if only for the novelty of it, but I soon come home, flustered / annoyed and cold, realising why I hardly do it! Especially at this time of year, I’d rather stay at home in my pyjamas and shop 😉

  8. I am SUCH a big fan of online shopping! I love comparing different products and prices all from my laptop. Growing up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in the States where everyone bought their Christmas presents from the same place or made them, I LOVE the amazing variety of products from all over the world I now have access to!

  9. Sonya Cisco says:

    Oh gosh, online all the way for me, the toddler has an even shorter tolerance span for busy shops than I do! Love that you can hunt out a bargain from your sofa too!

  10. otilia says:

    Yes! i loooveee online shopping! It keeps my sanity so yes i am all in for online shopping!

  11. Coombemill says:

    I do very little on line shopping but reading the other comments I think I am missing out

  12. I think I live in a little corner of the internet. I do everything online and I love how easy it is to compare prices and get rewards online. Much better than traipsing round the shops and getting sore feet.

  13. Pinkoddy says:

    I’m not organised enough – we go ugh we’re out of x, y, z and need it now – so go to the shops. It’s sometimes nice as well to go for one thing and buy something you never knew existed, which may have never happened online. I don’t have to take the kids with 24 hr supermarkets either (the oldest is old enough to leave them all when the youngest is in bed).

    Saying that I shop online a lot – like I’ve just ordered some thermals for my 10 year old, because there weren’t any in the shops.

  14. Kirsty says:

    Online shopping is my life saver! I never go into actual shops anymore as usually they never have what I wamt in stock anyway! I need to be more organised and use reward schemes as they are an excellent way of getting a little something back.

  15. I love online shopping, so much easier than dragging a toddler round the shops 😉

  16. becky says:

    Yes saves carrying loads of bags home from town on the bus too!!!

  17. Trisha says:

    I, too, love online shopping especially with rewards and free shipping incentives.

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