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Giving Extra This Christmas: Handmade with Love

| December 11, 2013

This Prize Draw is now Closed. The winner is Sue Hunt and she has been contacted!

Prize Draw – win an iPad with the lovely Halifax, the people who give you extra!

Those of you who know my site, know that I put a while value on homemade gifts. “Make it”, makes it special and in my eyes is  giving extra to your loved ones. This Christmas, I am working with Halifax, the bank that gives you extra, in our campaign to inspire you to get crafty and make it Handmade and extra special for loved ones.

So to make it easier for you, I have collated a number of ideas to get you making….

Homemade Gifts For Her:

teacup candle Scottie Door Stop Pattern beginners jewellery diy

Tea cup candles are all the rage at craft markets. They look pretty and are one those great “useful gifts”… burn the candle, then reuse the cup!

How about some clever upcycling and making a Scottie Doorstop? If the that is too adventurous, there is the super easy (and delightful) Chicken Doorstop too!

Or what about this adorable Bird Nest Necklace? Isn’t it lovely (would look great as a brooch too) and is certain to wow people!

Homemade Gifts For Him:


gifts for him diy gifts for fathers day  gifts for him

Sew Your own PJs – How about making him some PJs? Sew 4 Home made some for ALL the family to enjoy! You really should go and take a peak, they are fabulous!

Super Hero Coasters – Mmmmh, I think I rather like these coasters for myself… but if you have a “for him” gift to make, why not make a batch of these? All you need is to rustle up some lovely old comics! Shared by the Mod Podge Rocks Blog (and yes, Mod Podge really does rock!)

Wine Bottle to Drinking Glass – I ADORE this upcycled craft ideas from over at Scissors and Steam – fabulous way to upcycle old wine bottles and would look really great. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make some of these. I need TOOLS.

Homemade Gifts For the Kids

crochet pattern hobby horse black apple doll

Ladybird Beanie hat – such a cute little hat to keep the kids in your life snug and cozy.

Or what about a Hobby Horse? Have the galloping around the garden, pretending to be knights in shining armour or at the latest pony club.

Or how about making one of these adorable dolls (you can turn the same pattern into a teddy for boys!). We used the kids old clothes to make them into real keepsakes!

Halifax partnership

win an ipadFeeling inspired yet to make Give extra this Christmas? What will you make for your loved ones? Whilst you ponder that oh so important question, you can win an IPAD (a 16gb Air Wi-Fi version  – worth approx. £400) with Halifax this Christmas!

For your chance to win an iPad please enter the prize draw by submitting examples of some great homemade Christmas gifts you have given or received in the past in a comment below.

Terms & Conditions:

1) Open to UK entrants only.

2) One entry per person.

3) Winner will be selected at random.

4) Competition closes at 11:30pm on 18th December 2013 and a winner will be selected and contacted on 19th December 2014.

5) Delivery of the prize is the responsibility of MEC and Halifax and not Red Ted Art.

For a COMPLETE set of Terms & Conditions, please click here.



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  1. Carolin says:

    I’ve made my nan a nail cushion when I was younger, a painted silk tie for my dad (you must really love your child to wear that), a silk scarf for my nan which she still wears now and handmade calendars have been a bit for almost 20 years now x

  2. The first Christmas my husband and I were together we were skint – it was 2008 and the financial problems had led to us both losing our jobs, and I was already pregnant. We had zero money and were living back at his Mum’s. I had a huge bag of wool from previous craft projects and I knit teddy bears and toys for everyone, and still now everyone talks about what lovely gifts they were and asks for more of the same for Christmas!

  3. Sonya Cisco says:

    I have made bunting and strings of padded hearts, with felt letters on spelling out the names of the small children they were gifts for – didn’t cost much-except time- and looks so pretty in their bedrooms!

  4. Steve Thomas says:

    i received a hand made gonk years ago and I still have it in the roof somewhere. It was so special to me and always will be.

  5. KAREN HAWKINS says:

    Homemade gift show that you care and are great for children to make.

  6. Frances hopkins says:

    When I was about 13 years old my neighbour taught me to crochet, it didn’t take for me long to get into it, it wasn’t long until my mum had weekly presents from me – things that I had made!

  7. tracey ryder says:

    I received a nice needlework picture off my neighbour

  8. Clare Freeman says:

    A good friend made a lovely knitted tea cosy for us 20+ years ago. It’s looking a little tired now but we still use it every day and every time I look at it I think of Penny and it makes me smile.

  9. Sarah Smith says:

    I do homemade hampers with fudge, chutneys, favoured oils and vodka.

  10. Mr Rob Cox says:

    My cousin once made me an amazing metal candle holder. He is a professional sculpture so his skills came in very handy! Ive made my sister in law a sweet tree for this year, she will love it!

  11. Suzanne Cooke says:

    This year we have sent absent friends homemade scrapbooks full of photos, little notes and pictures drawn by my daughter.

  12. Anna says:

    Whilst at university many, many years ago we decided to exchange home-made goods. My best friend made me a beautiful green velvet scarf which 30 years on I still have and use.

  13. David Ashby says:

    Having made a wooden reindeer to stand outside my door, a friend of mine commented on how good it was and how garden centres sell them for around £20.I made her one while she was at work and put it by her door. She was over the moon and I must say I was too at her joy. Merry Christmas everyone.

  14. LIZ ALEXANDER says:

    This year I have made christmas chutney & chilli jam for my family and a personalised crossword for my lovely husband.

  15. Susan P says:

    A few years ago I made hand quilted hot water bottle covers, I’ve also embroidered pictures for people. This year I’m planning on giving bags of decorated biscuits.

  16. Jodie C says:

    One of my great aunts used to make us bears and dolls every year. They were so sweet! She made me a paddington bear one year :)

  17. Joseph Watson says:

    I once received a beautiful hand knitted winter jumper as a Christmas present – it was a real work of art and I wore it every winter for many years before it finally was past its best.

  18. Gabrielle Evans says:

    i make my own jams usually spicy ones

  19. Donna Evans says:

    I made a pottery ashtray at school and gave it to my mum – she doesn’t smoke! Bless her – she somehow managed to look delighted when I gave it to her xxx

  20. Shelley Hawkins says:

    my sister-in-law made up her own cheese & wine hamper to give me one year, in a christmas paper wrapped box, i loved it

  21. The best homemade gift I ever received was when my mum made a load of dresses for my Sindy Doll as a child!

  22. Amelia Kennedy says:

    As a young child (many years ago!), my sister and I used to receive a box full of separately wrapped parcels every Christmas from our granny – full of home-made knitted goodies like jumpers, scarves and gloves! We used to get so excited opening all the lovely presents.

  23. Damian says:

    I received a homemade scrapbook from my fiancee, of all the great trips holidays that we had done over the years.

  24. Louise Lloyd says:

    We always make homemade calendars every year with all our pictures from the previous year. I love the start of December as its such a great excuse to go through all our photos from that year, we then get to put special photos on the dates that mean something to us – so birthday’s, anniversary, exciting dates that sort of thing! Our family love them so much we have been given orders for them this year!!!!

  25. kathleen hooper says:

    My grandmother used to knit me and my sister gloves every year for xmas! We used to look forward to our xmas jumpers every year!

  26. Martin OReilly says:

    Just a handmade Christmas card.

  27. David Vessey says:

    As kids my Dad made my brother and myself a big model railway layout. I think it was actually on two old doors that he had hinged together, but it was fantastic! Almost every year it took up permanent residence in the living room!

  28. Rebecca says:

    We make food gifts like sweets and cookies as well as photo frames and boxes of sweets. I think it’s lovely for kids to make things for their family.

  29. Every year I make homemade puff pastry mince pies and chocolate truffles to give as gifts to teachers and family. This children are still young but they enjoy making things for others. This year they have drawn pictures for their godfather that we have framed and they have also made hand drawn cards for grandparents

  30. Tony says:

    When I wa s a child my grandad made loads of presents, including a wooden fort, a cassette rack etc

  31. Gavin says:

    This year I’m doing a gourmet hamper for my mates who are all getting their families together on Christmas day. Everything you need to keep you going for Christmas evening.

  32. Susan James says:

    In the past, I’ve sent my friends some photo collages in nice frames. It sounds really simple and well, it is, but they’ve actually become very popular. Nowadays we’re so quick to tag people on Facebook that we’re in danger of forgetting the beauty of seeing photos, of being able to hold them and take them in without having to lean into a computer screen.

  33. My mam made Too some new clothes for her favourite teddy bear the year before last and she still enjoys dressing her teddy up in them.

  34. Alana Walker says:

    Last Christmas I made some home-made biscuits which went down really well, and my grandma used to make my children knitted items for Christmas like cardigans and hats. They were lovely and I still have them as keepsakes.x

  35. dfcman says:

    Do we have to wait a whole year to find out the winner? :)

    “Competition closes at 11:30pm on 18th December 2013 and a winner will be selected and contacted on 19th December 2014”

  36. Alexia Kate E says:

    I’m not particularly skilled in crafts but like to make the effort with homemade cards as I enjoy personalising to each recipient. I also like to bake so usually cook a batch of cinnamon star biscuits with chocolate tips, and string them with ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree; they are always a firm favourite with the kids!

  37. Rosalind Sargent says:

    Every year I make Home made Christmas Cards, Crackers and soft toys Its a Lovely Hobby and it keeps me busy :)

  38. caroline pritchard says:

    Home made cookies were a lovely gift and very tasty. I used to make chocolate chip muffins to give to family and friends.

  39. Lisa Everaert says:

    Each year my nan would sit with me and my brother and help us create a gift completely from spare bits left lying around the house (boxes, paper, cartons etc) for each member of the family. I still do this with my children now and everyone really appreciated the fact they spent their time creating them.

  40. Mummy Barrow says:

    I am the least “crafty” person I know but one year I did buy big Kilner jars and make “bake your own cake” sets for people. All the dry ingredients in layers, and then a piece of material over the lid and a piece of string with a tag made from brown card.

    People were so surprised that I had actually made something they still talk about it now!!

  41. matt says:

    me and my family have started making beeswax candles to giveaway as gifts.

  42. Astrid James says:

    My daughter made me a beautiful ring from paper when whe was 5, its a long time ago and I still have it :)

  43. Rebecca D says:

    We made paper chains every year as a child at Christmas, now I have my daughter and she is 3, she will be old enough to help me make them this year! Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  44. Fiona K says:

    I made homemade decorations for the Christmas trees at my mother’s place which gave the room a new modern look and a smile to mum’s face.

  45. David Tyler says:

    My dad used to make houses for myAction Man and my sister’s Sindy: they were rubbish but we loved them.

  46. Jo Richards says:

    I’ve not received any homemade gifts from friends, however I love it when my 2 youngest children make a card or a Christmas decoration at school as its been made with their love

  47. David Sweet says:

    Home made christmas crackers

  48. Ali Campbell says:

    Every Christmas my Mum sings a song called ‘I Fell Out of a Christmas Tree’ which was released in the 50’s. I trawled the internet to find a recording and could only get one from an archived broadcast from a Canadian radio station. I compiled a DVD with family photos and every time it sang ‘I fell out of a Christmas tree’ it was accompanied by a Christmas photo. She was in tears and it was worth all the hours of work to put it together.

  49. Margaret Dunlop says:

    My Auntie would always knit me dolls clothes for Christmas

  50. This year I have taught myself to crochet so I could make a baby blanket for my friends new baby. It took me a while but I’m glad I persevered.

  51. Lynne OConnor says:

    A few years ago a couple of skint friends got together to make me a special birthday present. One was a talented artist and painted a beautiful watercolour for me. The other made a frame for the picture using scraps of wood.

  52. joanne spencer says:

    For my Mum and Dads 60th birthdays i did them an oil painting each, Dad on his goldwing motorcycle and the year after i did Mum with her horse. They take pride of place hanging in their livingroom.

  53. For the first time EVER I have managed to start and finish a crochet project. I made a lovely mixed yarn purple throw for my Nan who is 90 on Christmas Eve. I just hope you likes it now!!

  54. Kerry Dobson says:

    I made a white chocolate snowman for my daughter with a dark chocolate hat and jelly tot face and buttons. Looked a bit weird but she loved it so it all turned out well :-)

  55. Lesley says:

    made a homemade diary one year. with home made paper. it took a very very long time to do :)

  56. Joanne Hughes says:

    I’m making Christmas themed cupcakes for all my family. Got some cupcakes boxes and some festive ribbon to decorate.

  57. Lauren Pilkington says:

    Ive made a cross stitch picture of a saluki dog. it was my most challenging but most rewarding. its for my mums friend whos saluki has just been put to sleep. with how rewarding it is im definately going to be doing more as presents

  58. Christina Massue says:

    I once made home made truffle chocolates for my mum for christmas x

  59. Adele Leek says:

    I love all things foodie and so tend to make food gifts –
    I have made three Christmas puddings, two are gifts for friends which I will wrap in gingham and ribbon.
    I have made my own mincemeat and put in jars as presents and lastly I have done an extra Christmas cake which has sugar models on top which is for a dear old friend at church.

  60. Allan Mees says:

    I knitted my mum a doormat with very chunky wool

  61. kerry says:

    me and my son made handmade cards for the family and a lovely little knitted bear my nan taught my son how to knit which he gave to me

  62. Mammasaurus says:

    My nan knitted me a Christmas tank top once with a snowman on – I completely hated it at the time (those were the days of shellsuits and stone washed denim!) but now I am older I appreciate the time that must have gone into it x

  63. Rebecca Oldham says:

    I buy my 7 year old canvas’s and she creates her own master pieces then we give them out as gifts to her grandparents and other family members who cherishs them more then any other gift !

  64. Steven Coleman says:

    A friend made me a hat once, it was the first time I received a homemade present so I’ve kept it ever since!

  65. Bex Allum says:

    Homemade Christmas cards & decorations.

  66. Tanbir Jalil says:

    Last christmas I sent my close family and friends handmade christmas cards. I embossed a tree design onto the card and made it look really nice and professional. I’m a guy aswell so that makes it even more surprising. Got a lot of stick from my friends for making these cards though it was worth it.

  67. Karen Chaloner says:

    I made my 2 daughter’s a scrapbook each with photos of their special events.

  68. kayleigh bates says:

    My daughter has made me a card in nursery this year, best thing ever!

  69. Bernie says:

    I’ve made chutney and pickles this year for friends, and knitted hats and scarf sets for family. tonight my daughter has been making salt dough decorations for the tree to give to her school friends as gifts – tomorrow she will be painting them! We have also made all the special people cards.

  70. Vanessa Miller says:

    My family have made xmas crackers for years since grandparents time

  71. Simon Moulding says:

    My mate once gave me a bottle of homemade sloe gin. Excellent…

  72. Amy halliday says:

    A selection of home made jams I make each year x

  73. Tracey Pender says:

    I made a keyring for my sister with her child’s name on to hang on her baby bag or handbag. It was a small circle of memory wire with pretty pink and lilac beads and “Grace” in alphabet beads. I added a little silver heart on the end to dangle in the hoop.

  74. Nikki Thomas says:

    My son always makes me a little statue out of Lego and I have kept them all

  75. Mr Mark Johnston says:

    Jams and chutneys are always a hit, and it’s good getting the kids involved in making them.

  76. Ellie M says:

    I handpainted plates for my family one year when I was a bit skint. Everyone loved them though

  77. Harry says:

    I have made my own birthday cards to give to my parents when I was little and made a tye die pillow for my god daughter :)

  78. Mark Pitchers says:

    I am going to make some reindeer cookies with the kids

  79. Alex Smith says:

    My daughter always wanted a furry dice to hang in her car – so I made her one

  80. Lorraine Johnson says:

    Every Christmas, my son & I make home made gifts for him to give to family members. Last year we made shortbread & choc chip cookies & wrapped them in cellophane tied with a bow, they were very gratefully received. This year we are making chocolate truffles & coconut ice sweets. They will be popped into cute mini jars I got hold of.

  81. rachel m says:

    I love the knotted scarves etc from my grandma.

  82. Vicki Storey says:

    My son is a Minecraft fanatic so I made him a Minecraft jumper and matching bob-hat

  83. Emily says:

    A great big box of homemade truffles – heaven!

  84. Ebor says:

    The best homemade present I ever received were some chocolate truffles that my 12 year old daughter made for me. It wasnt just the truffles but the elaborate box they came in – she must have spent hours on it!
    The truffles were delicious as well.

  85. Ian Tyreman says:

    My wife has got really into making her own jewellery this year. This makes a fantastic gift.

  86. Phil Easdown says:

    I made a pottery …. well pot …. when I was 5 and I gave it to my sister for Christmas and she still has it on her sideboard 38 years later!!!

  87. Lisa Sands says:

    My children make lovely items at home and school, tree decorations, cakes, angels :) I keep them all, (other than the things we eat) xx

  88. Alison M says:

    When I was nearly 5 I made a mud house for my mum and dad while playing out in the garden – needless to say that one didn’t go under the tree lol! Also painted a silk tie for my brother (never worn).

    Best make received – a fair isle jumper hand knitted b my Gran when I was about 12. It was a gorgeous sky blue colour and was so warm. I really wish she were alive to knit my 3 yr old daughter one as if I started knitting one, she’d maybe get it for her graduation….from Uni or college if she goes!!!

  89. varsha says:

    My daughter made me xmas stocking to hang up as I did not have one for Santa to put my presents in.

  90. Simone says:

    My sister and I made calendar from Oz trip for our parents with photos from trip.

  91. laura goulding says:

    i recently taught myself to knit and instead of scarves i’ve knitted wraps for people. my brother works in a glass factory and ‘melted’ a gin bottle for me to use as a cutting board too :-) fab gift!!

  92. Rachael G says:

    For the past 3 years instead of giving presents to my sister and her family, I bake them a hamper full of goodies. Homemade bread, cakes, biscuits etc. I enjoy making it and they enjoy the food!

  93. Paul Cooper says:

    from bogof and 3 for 2 I make hampers for friends and family

  94. sylvia says:

    I made a few home made Christmas wreaths for my friends and my own front door .I collect the moss from the woods use a old coat hanger twist it into a round shape. My friend gives me holly from her garden the rest of foliage comes from my garden. .Its a lovely festive gift to give ,cost nothing to make .Just a bit of time and love.

  95. S.Gunn says:

    a nice little teddy I got the other year from my grandads girlfriend :) It was of a rat :)

  96. Victoria says:

    When I was a skint student at uni I made brownies for all my friends for Christmas, I even made vegan ones for my vegan friend who was always left out of brownie time 😀

  97. Ricky says:

    I love the home makes jams I get from a friend each year, so much better than shop bought x

  98. Vakhida says:

    Really lovely Christmas card, with photos and hand drawn pictures..x

  99. Jilly p says:

    My little girl made a Diva at nursery to celebrate Diwali, a pottery tea light holder with sequins and sparkles, I’m sure her gran will love it for Christmas, so unique and made with love.

  100. EMMA WALTERS says:

    my brother mad a fantastic chopping board for me

  101. Laura Symons says:

    basket full of ginger cookies! mmmm

  102. Sarah says:

    I received some lovely home made fudge wrapped up all lovely last Xmas from my sister in law.

  103. Helen says:

    Home made xmas card from my little girl xx

  104. Catherine Warburton says:

    My husband carved me a gorgeous wooden ornament which still is my favourite

  105. laura banks says:

    my son decorated a picture frames that he had collected with his dad

  106. steven young says:

    A few years ago my sister made me lot of Christmas decorations. Still using them!

  107. Karen Slight says:

    I quite often make up photo books for people, i love seeing the smiles on their faces when they see some of the things from the past

  108. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    Everyone gets a box of homemade gingerbread men at Christmas.

  109. Deborah Munn says:

    My wedding present from some of my husbands friends was a old cheese dome with some dried flowers stuck on the marble plate. It was unique and awful. x

  110. Paul H says:

    The best thing i’ve made is baked cookies and christmas cake, from scratch. for someone who can burn toast by looking at it. The mother in law absolutely loved them, inspiring us to do similar this year too.


  111. Jan says:

    A nice bobbly hat for my little grandson :)

  112. Sally Carter says:

    My friend gave me some soap that she had made and some home-made chutney – lovely gifts.

  113. Steph says:

    When our son was a toddler my husband made him a small wooden garage as we obviously were struggling financially and could not afford to buy anything fancy. It proved to be one of the best presents ever making for an excellent Christmas and proved to us that expensive gifts are not needed for a happy time at this beautiful time of the year.

  114. Marycarol says:

    My friend made me a lovely colourful snood which is really warm and brightens up a winter day.

  115. L Davies says:

    I’m making a homemade Christmas cake for my family this year.

  116. David Carroll says:

    When I was 8 I made an elf at school out of pipe cleaners, baubles & felt which was put on the tree every year….until this when I went and dropped it and broke the bauble was I ever more popular not, didn’t speak to me for 2 days.

  117. My and my sister did a pick and mix bag full of homemade sweets, fudge, coconut ice, truffles and peppermint creams. It was yummy!!! x

  118. Alan Chung says:

    I make almond cookies for friends and they love them as they cannot get the cookies in the shops

  119. Mary Keynko says:

    We give a hamper of homemade chutneys and jams every year and my niece always does the same so we swap jars! i love it – her recipes are always more adventerous than mine!

  120. Penny Carr says:

    I once made a book of promises for my husband as money was so tight that I couldn’t afford to buy him a birthday present. It was very well received and really helped me focus on the fact that you don’t need oodles of money for nice gifts.

  121. Sophie Roberts says:

    Last year we made draught excluders for our grandparents (one reindeer and one giraffe).

  122. Sarah Morris says:

    Both myself and my 6 year old son try to make christmas biscuits that we can put in some nice packaging and tie with a pretty ribbon and give to members of the family.

  123. sarah birkett says:

    homemade chutney,

  124. Hannah S says:

    Homemade decorations out of christmas fabric and hung over the fireplace :)

  125. Glenn Edwards says:

    My friend has taken up knitting and has sent me some great warm woolly socks and scarves to keep me wrapped up warm during these cold winter months. Just need her to sort me out a few jumpers now!

  126. Angela Walker says:

    Christmas cake

  127. A friend of mine crochets blankets as a hobby and she crocheted the most beautiful blanket for me when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and ironically, it is the one she still prefers to sleep with now, 2 years later x

  128. Joanne Lyles says:

    My favourite home made gift I was ever given was a little Christmas tree decoration my daughter made me.

  129. N barker says:

    Salt dough tree decorations made with children’s handprint painted to look like Santa x

  130. Jay Scales says:

    I enjoy baking, so my favourite homemade gifts are something like chocolate brownies, or mini iced Christmas cakes.

    I also did a cross stitch picture taken from a photo of my mum’s and had it framed for a Christmas present one year – it was a picture of the trees in full colour in Autumn :)

  131. Paul Wilson says:

    Homemade Pear Chutney from pears from the tree in my garden.

  132. Louise Dodson says:

    Last Christmas my dad gave me and my sisters bottles of homemade drink – cherry brandy, sloe gin, strawberry vodka etc. yummy!! In fact, they were so yummy I took my bottles back for a summer refill!!

  133. Paul says:

    I got a homemade hat and scarf from my Mum. Lovely and warm!

  134. Darren Abbott says:

    Once nade a duvet cover out of old cushions and clothes

  135. juliette says:

    we decorate tea light holders and put scented candles in them and personalise mugs with pictures and messagesto give that personalised cup of tea

  136. Paul Kendall says:

    My sister sends homemade cards for Christmas and Birthdays… have to say she has surpassed herself this year.. they are looking really good, she should look at selling them… Merry Christmas

  137. Aly says:

    I make lots of things fr hampers each year.Christmas cards, little Christmas puddings, after 8 mints, coconut ice, sugar plum fairies, jams, chutney and lemon curd.

  138. Julie kenny says:

    My children always make me a wish pot …a jam jar with little pieces of paper in with wishes on ….that I can claim whenever I want – examples are “cup of tea” , “give us a cuddle” etc etc

  139. toni quandt says:

    I’ve made personalised tree decswith pics of family for each family member, tied them to their gift bags x

  140. David Holland says:

    Does Christmas dinner count? Because that is always the best!!!

  141. Sarahann Tonner says:

    I use hama beads to make napkin rings. Can make them in any colour and design – butterfly, holly, bows. I attach them beside the gift tag to my gifts and people love them :) x

  142. Helen inns says:

    Homemade limoncello… Yummy

  143. rosie d says:

    A crocheted bed spread… It has taken 10 years to make! I started when my grandmother was alive- she taught me how. Now that it is finally complete I plan to gift it to my parents in memory of my grandmother- They will be so proud

  144. Rachel Ray says:

    I make chutney and cordial using home grown fruit – delicious, fun to make and uses masses of fruit we’d never get through otherwise.

  145. It’s very simple and small, but we make the prettiest ‘stained glass’ cookies every Christmas, that we hang on the tree, and give out to visitors when they leave.

  146. Zoe Hermitage says:

    I have given all sorts of handmade stuff over the years from dried artificial flower arrangements to homemade cakes, preserves and biscuits but this year I am giving the gift of time. All too often all a love one wants its time either to themselves or with you so I ma giving each family whatever they want be it time off from their kids or time spent with a cuppa and a friendly ear

  147. glenn hutton says:

    I get my daughter, who loves drawing, to do lots of Christmas scenes. Friends and family just love their present wrapped up in them… ;0)

  148. vanessa gannon says:

    I always make my own christmas gifts,usually home made wine and jams or chutneys.ho ho ho.

  149. william nicholls says:

    home made xmas mince pies

  150. tina Hewitt says:

    I’ve been making Christmas decorations with my 3 year old granddaughter this year and its brought back happy memories of doing the same with my son’s and daughter years ago

  151. Jenny says:

    I love making blankies for my children as gifts, this year I have run out of time so I should probably get started now for next year!

  152. christine shelley says:

    Every other year my sister-in-law creates beautifulxmas cards for all the family

  153. jane says:

    I made home made decorations for our tree using a receipe for doh. my daughter loves painting them.

  154. kelly harper says:

    My dad made me a music box out of mathsicks when i was 6 years old. I still have it and im 33

  155. Svetlana Lemantovic says:

    a sock monkey was lovely

  156. laylat says:

    Was really broke years ago and told my boyfriend on the phone that I was going to have garlic sandwiches for dinner. An hour later he was at my door with bags of groceries. Best and most thoughtful (and useful) gift Ever!

  157. Rich Barker says:

    Home-made fudge to my nan when I was young :-)

  158. Andy Hayes says:

    My daughter makes everything. We call her the shredder because of the amount of paper she gets through. So invariably she has always made the present and the card. Last Christmas she made me a knife block … inovative.

  159. Lindsey Morris says:

    I long for the patience, as I love the idea of home made regretfully I lack the patience. However,saying that I made two lovely baby shawls one for my best friend and one for myself. I did need the help of my nanna to start it though lol. I was ever so proud of them, especially when it was the only two projects I have completed in my whole life.

  160. belinda porter says:

    my mum makes beautiful patchwork cushions which turn into blankets for our christmas and on the christmas of 1999 she had made me a winnie the pooh and all the characters celebrating the year 2000 in cross stitch.

  161. Richard Burwood says:

    paper chain men to my parents when I was about 6!

  162. sofia s. says:

    many handmade cards

  163. Julia Gray says:

    A gorgeous drawing in a picture frame by my friend’s little girl

  164. Sean says:

    Every year my Dad does hand-made cards by printing out some pictures on plain paper. They’re terrible, but still have more personality than bought ones or even crafted ones coated with felt and glitter.

  165. Azzer Cronin says:

    Home-made decorative bottles of olive oil with whole chillies and garlic cloves stuffed inside, quick easy and nice.

  166. caroline says:

    Christmas has been quite tight for us the last few years & with so many nieces & nephews. I decided to take up jewellery making (not very good at it)so I decided to paint their favourite characters from moshi monsters to thomas the tank engine onto mugs with their names on them, filled them with marshmallows & a sachet of hot chocolate, they went down a treat & now they have been asking me what im doing this year for them…..HELP lol xx

  167. Joanne Mapp says:

    I have made a few gifts in my time, but the best one was the year my son asked for a trench for his soldiers. I made the trench from papier mache and covered it with mud mixed with PVA glue. The boards were made from lolly sticks and I cut up an old dust sheet, soaked it in tea, then made little sandbags. It turned out better than I imagined and my son was thrilled with it.

  168. Sean says:

    A homemade Xmas card from bits and pieces I had lying around the house.

  169. Nika says:

    nothing special, I rather give vouchers

  170. Rachel James says:

    My sister had an obsession with Sock Monkeys a few years ago. We’d both tried to buy each other a kit the previous year but had found them sold out everywhere. I remembered however and made us both a kit with socks and instructions for the following Christmas. I gave her kit to her on Christmas Day….and then presented her with a calendar of Sock Monkey too. I’d made up my own monkey and, with the help of her husband, taken photos of the monkey all around her house and turned it into a calendar! The monkey was on her husband’s motorbike, doing her ironing, peering around her shower curtain with a mini showercap on and even sat on her toilet reading a mini newspaper! It went down a storm but I don’t think I’ve thought of anything as good ever since! x

  171. Phil Darling says:

    I make a huge batch of clotted cream fudge, wrap in individual size pieces,put in Kilmer jars and give them to friends and neighbours

  172. Toni Arnott says:

    i love upcycling with previously loved clothes

  173. Alix Johnson says:

    Salted caramel truffles

  174. Claire Smith says:

    Homemade soaps – really tricky to make but well worth it!

  175. Elaine muir says:

    I like to make Xmas cookies in Christmassy shapes (trees, stars etc) then wrap in cellophane, then using ribbon attach them into a couple of candy canes…and there you go-a Santa’s sleigh of sweetie loveliness!

  176. Kate Marsden says:

    One year my husband couldn’t think what to give me so instead wrapped £100 into a large homemade cracker made out of painted cardboard. It made my day

  177. Lisa Anderson says:

    I made my little girl a wardrobe for her fancy dress outfits,very easy.I took a really big box,turned it upside down and cut out a door,pained it bright pink and put a little rail in it,she loved it!

  178. Julie says:

    My mum was really into “salt dough” (Salzteig!) when I was young, even selling home made decorations at school fetes and craft fairs. She used to get us kids to give people Christmas tree decorations. I still have a little angel hanging on my tree every year.

  179. simone lee says:

    have made lots gift labels and crackers they always look great

  180. anthony harrington says:

    our Memory Frame.

    We took a photo of our baby Grandson on the 15th of each month for his first 12 months.

    We then printed and put all 12 photos in a frame for his Mum and Dad, it was an inexpensive gift showing their baby son growing through his first year all in one frame.

  181. Hele R says:

    My nan made me a beautiful hand made quilt one year and to return the favour, I crocheted her a blanket. Hand made is definitely better in my opinion :)

  182. Elaine says:

    Knitting a scarf is the easiest way to start giving homemade presents

  183. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    one of my friends has made my youngest daughter a gorgeous heart plaque fro her first christmas this year , i had a sneaky peak and its beautiful . Made of wood and all hand painted

  184. Claire Jenkins says:

    When I was small my aunt made me a cuddly hippo.

  185. Michelle Bamber says:

    We made bake your own christmas cookies kits with all the dry ingredients in a glass jar and a beautiful ribbon tied around

  186. Kazza Ham says:

    When I was off work sick I made some felt xmas tree decorations for my mum.

  187. Larry H says:

    My Daughters still make every year new calenders using Family photo’s and make a collage….they are stunning and the Family love them.

  188. Mary says:

    A knitted cushion with the Welsh flag for a friend

  189. Tammy Tudor says:

    I recieved some gorgeous homemade food gifts ll wrapped in a basket :) yummy and thoughtful

  190. Phill Williams says:

    Me and my wife make hampers for the grandparents and parents within our family. Starting from scratch too we make the baskets as well. These are always well received as most of the food we put is homemade by ourselves too along with a few favourites

  191. Gemma says:

    I made my nan a patchwork quilt for christmas with family photos, she loves it

  192. Douglas Millard says:

    When I was a kid oh this was about 60 years ago I remember we were we very poor and I wanted a fishing rod and my dad made me one which I had and used for many years until it broke.

  193. Nikki Clark says:

    Homemade foodie gifts always go down well with me – giving and receiving – it’s fun and easy to make things like fudge, truffles, biscuits and peppermint creams with the kids and then wrap them and present them in recycled boxes decorated with Christmas wrapping.

  194. Jason Lowe says:

    My parents gift carved wooden reliefs of nature/lakeland scenes to everybody in the family at this time of year – They spend all year carving them just to start again for the following Christmas!

  195. Graeme Johnston says:

    I used to always get a home knitted jumper for Christmas

  196. dave johnston says:

    gift of togertherness

  197. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    My daughters have been making spicy Christmas biscuits, in festive shapes and iced with sparkly white icing every year since they were ayr playgroup. They’re both through Uni now and established in their careers, but the biscuits are sill an essential gift for the whole family.

  198. Mrs Angela POOK says:

    I love to give my family and friends my famously light Victoria sandwich, but with cream instead of buttercream!

  199. Terry Graham says:

    My kids will be making me their special shortbread.

  200. Kate Peterson says:

    I made my husband a scrapbook with tickets, leaflets and photos from the first year we were married. He keeps it in his desk.

  201. Gavin says:

    A friend knitted me and my wife hats with an owl on them – always fun to wear!

  202. Jen English says:

    I’ve knitted stuffed hearts for my friends and I’ve knitted a pair of boot cuffs for my Daughter in Law. I did those without a pattern so I’m hoping they’ll fit ok.

  203. Kate says:

    I made my mum a silver necklace :)

  204. Susie M says:

    I try to make something every year. This year I’ve been picking up little pressies all year and I’m making my own crackers, tailored to the recipient. I’m also making Christmas cakes and marmalade for a couple of people and a memory box.

  205. Tasha Corder says:

    We are making and giving homemade peppermint creams this year :)

  206. Sarah Rachel Wray says:

    I knitted a dalek and a tardis for my brother in law who is a big Dr Who fan!

  207. Janice says:

    i haven’t been given handmade xmas gifts since my nephews were small.

  208. janet e says:

    embroidered the flying scotsman in cross stitch one year for my daad, must admit it put me off cross stitching for life as i was so fed up with it trying to get it finished on time, but worth it in the end

  209. Louise Smith says:

    I was given a knitted snowman, robin and father christmas when I was a little girl by the elderly lady who lived next door, I thought they were brilliant at the time

  210. Bob Clark says:

    My mum used to make little rag dolls with one leg to put over toilet rolls – very attractive but an awful lot of work.

  211. karim khimji says:

    little rag dolls

  212. Marilyn Wilkinson says:

    I made a up a photo album for my sister by scanning and enhancing all the old family photos I could find going aback as far as our great grandma so she and my nieces will have a lovely family record

  213. david runcie says:

    I have made xmas wreaths in the past

  214. Stephen leach says:

    we made home made pickles for ever one and biscuits

  215. Joanne Baldwin says:

    One year I dug the sewing machine out and made microwaveable lavender wheat pillows for everyone – they were such a success as good for aches and pains, or just as a hot water bottle. Cost about £2.50 each to make!

  216. Marc Chivers says:

    A card

  217. Ane S says:

    Home made crackers, they’re much better than shop brought ones!

  218. Steven Appleton says:

    Last year my kids made Christmas Tree shaped Ginger Biscuits and wrote names on them in icing to use as gift tags – they had a ribbon attached so they could also be used as tree decorations :)

  219. kathleen waite says:

    I made hampers for my friend and family last year. Homemade food and drinks such as flavoured vodka, jams and jelly’s, homemade sweets. I made toys for the children.

  220. Ritakd says:

    I try to make some presents every year as we have over 40 to give each year ( I work in a high school.
    I make chutney, jams & marmalade yearly to give to adults. Last year I made LP bowls, the vinyls were bought from local charity shops & were choosen with each young person in mind. I filled them with sweets & have been asked to make more this year Great fun!

  221. Last year all the girls got fabric notebook covers made by me. This year they are all getting crocheted cowls. Next year… Who knows! But the men have so far been spared my crafting gifts. That is until I saw your ideas :-)

  222. WENDY says:

    i always make cinnamon biscuit stars and dispense into little bags with bows for folk at work. but the best gift i ever made was a snood and hat made from my favourite jumper – unravelled and re-knitted and given to an old friend. she loved it!

    this year, i’m not making stuff, but i am distributing my phd study books to new phd students.

  223. Debbie Bird says:

    I make doorstops in various shapes for friends and family

  224. Kathryn Hill says:

    I’ve been making rag wreaths for everyone this year out of wire coat hangers. :-) They look beautiful!

  225. David Paterson says:

    Always make Christmas cards for wife and kids

  226. Make do mum says:

    My talented cousin has crocheted all sorts of gifts for the kids, my favourite is a pair of ladybird mittens (must ask her to do some adult sizes!) anything hand knitted is fab too :)

  227. Emma Holness says:

    My Best friend Jem drives round on Christmas eve and brings us hampers full of home made sweets and biscuits. It’s the gift I like best every year.

  228. I always make personalised Christmas cards normally with a picture of the kids on to send to friends and family we dont see often.

  229. Lucy Goodwin says:

    This year I have made patchwork blankets as presents, I can’t wait to hand them over :)

  230. I bought a plain Xmas jumper and then pimped it up with some lights…was very young at the time!

  231. Tim says:

    A hand made teddy I had when I was 1 – I still have it 50 years later

  232. marie watson says:

    Received handmade felt desk buddy

  233. Aaron Byrne says:

    I made a homemade ring out of a silver coin (90% silver) by holding it on its edge, tapping it with a hammer whilst rolling it along a hard surface. After ALOT of rolling and tapping the edges of the coin are nicely flared then you can just bore out the middle with a cordless drill and file out the sharp bits on the inside. You get the engraving that was originally on the outside of the coin on the inside. Once you’ve polished it like mad it comes up looking very nice. Although it is a lot of work it is a nice original idea and it’s something that will last.

  234. foz says:

    Food related gift items always go down a storm. My favourite is home made fudge, packaged in a nice glass jar with a simple tag attached.

  235. RitaR says:

    Peppermint creams are really easy for children to make as gifts for grandparents. You can make in festive shapes and decorate with chocolate or sweets and decorations.

  236. Tracey Poulter says:

    best homemade present was when my daughter learned how to make me a cup of tea!

  237. Simon Harris says:

    I would love to win

  238. Kris Kirkbride says:

    I don’t think you can have any better than create a personal photo album or photo montage in a lovely picture frame.

    Having family that live in far flung places in the world – and even closer to home – an album or wall art that depicts family over the last year at a very family time when not all can be together is not only a wonderful gift, but can build a year upon year parade (A bit like the Gigg sports teams mug shots eh?!)

    Also – if you’re a bit of a geek – you can easily whizz up a screensaver install package that can pop the pics on you home/work machines!

    It may all sound a tad cliche – but family are the most important people in all our lives, not just Christmas!

  239. Carl Bishop says:

    My favourite was a Christmas Stocking made from felt and glue I made with a little help from the teachers which was a;ways hung on our tree. Unfortunately time took its toll and was no longer fit to hang but is something I always remember and try to look our for something similar when I see trees decorated.

  240. Louise Hart says:

    Each christmas I enjoy making a collection of sweets for family and friends. They go down a storm

  241. Ashley Bissett says:

    I once recieved a ceramic candle holder from a friend who was trying her hand at pottery for the first time.

  242. Kate says:

    A handmade present from my children!

  243. Tracy Newton says:

    When I was about eight I made my dad a snoopy out of plaster of Paris and a mould. He still as it on the wall unit thirty odd years later

  244. Becky R says:

    I made necklaces for my friends the year before last. Easy to do, and they loved them.

  245. David Rodgers says:

    Homemade cards

  246. emma hunt says:

    I made a plum vodka one year, although it didnt actually save me any pennies making my own presents, it was so strong we has a cracking xmas that yer! lol

  247. H Steynor says:

    I made some homemade chilli oil for everyone a couple of years ago! Great festive red colour and helped use up the leftovers in a more exciting way!

  248. Annie H says:

    I’m going to be making gluten-free Christmas treats – mince pies, cake, stollen and more – for my sister who has been ill from gluten intolerance. I’ll handpaint a tin to put them in so they are even more beautiful than the shop-bought versions we’ve had in previous years.

  249. STACEY WEBB says:

    my sister makes jams & made some lovely christmas jams last year & she wrapped lovely chrismas themed ribbon around them

  250. Carol Bell says:

    Made my man some aftershave one year. It smelt awful

  251. Michelle Williams says:

    nothing too elaborate, just hand made card and gift tags

  252. Claire Tucker says:

    I was given homemade jams, curd and chutney, loved the thought behind it.

  253. Hazel Wright says:

    I’ve just made a hamper for my grandad full of goodies that have a ‘laxative effect’ as he’s always complaining! He has a good sense of humour! I like putting together hampers, nice to pick out things especially for the recipient!

  254. Matthew Collins says:

    Scarfs and patchworks

  255. Claire Long says:

    Flavoured vodkas for all my family…..they ask for them now!
    Years ago I made a toffee vodka and everyone loved it so I started making bottles of it to give as Christmas gifts.
    Well I got more creative and tried more flavours and my family now always want a little hamper of mixed flavour vodkas :)

  256. Liane says:

    Christmas cookies!!

  257. Hannah ONeill says:

    I’m making some rocky road fudge and Lemon Curd!

  258. Rhydian P says:

    I love home made jumpers from my mum as they keep me warm. I’m just about capable of making a scarf, but one day I will make a jumper for her.

  259. Natalia S says:

    When I was 5-8, I used to attend piano classes and as a present give a Christmas concert for my parents. God knows, how they survived

  260. Natalie Warne says:

    Homemade cupcakes which are decorated in a theme that the person will love

  261. reuben says:

    A fruit tree grown by my dad

  262. Clint Howat says:


  263. Sara Bagley says:


    My friends and I do home made gifts every year. Last year I received a jam jar with home made salted caramel (with glitter) and I gave home made christmas tree decorations (dried orange slices covered in glitter and threaded with gold string).


  264. Rebecca I says:

    I have made everybody Christmas pudding vodka this year, I sampled it first. It is delicious

  265. Melissa Peakman says:

    I’ve been attending a jewellery making class in the evenings, working with silver, copper and brass. I’ve made some bracelets and rings with lettering on (mostly in brass tbh!) – I think they look fab, I’m hoping my friends do too!

  266. Rachel W says:

    A few years ago I made my mum a zen garden. I got a small wooden tray, coloured sand, coloured stones of different sizes and a mini rake. It was simple but I was quite pleased with myself!

  267. natalie fairhurst says:

    the thing i can remember the most was my first son 18 months (now 7) and my husband made me a reindeer card out of sticks and needles off the christmas tree, there was a hand print and a foot print on one side of the card, it was his real.

  268. Caroline Scott says:

    The last few years I have given home-made edible gifts such a vanilla sugar, garlic infused olive oil and even homemade limoncello liqueur. It always goes down really well (especially the limoncello!) because they are items that you wouldn’t normally splash out on buying but feel like lovely little treats to receive

  269. Emma Jackson says:

    I love home-made presents. I made my sister an apron for Christmas this year x

  270. I made a “family album” when I was probably 7 or 8, all done by me with no one knowing and stealing photos (this was in 1980 or so) and then using a sarcastic tone to describe my family… I particularly chose carefully my mother’s photos to show how her hair changed regularly… Perm anyone? The whole family has a copy to this day, apparently it was hilarious.

  271. Steven K says:

    Made a clay Dinosaur when a child. My Mum has still got it 40 years on!

  272. Nicola Lynch says:

    I’ve never been all that creative but my favourite gift I made for Christmas was a stocking for my little sister when I was younger. It was red and white with a felt robin on it :-)

  273. I love giving homemade treats that the children can help make: Reindeer Chocolate Treats, Edible Sparkles, Peppermint Creams. All so easy and neighbours, godparents and friends love that we have gone that extra step with our giving.

  274. jane greenfield says:

    my little girl made a cross stitch

  275. Rebecca Pharo says:

    I’ve made a calendar of my baby who was born in Jan 2013. There is a photo of her from each month of 2013, put onto the respective months of 2014.

  276. Joshna says:

    I love knitting so scarves and jumpers is what I give.

  277. Claire Appleton says:

    Me and my children bake buns to give to friends and relatives as Christmas presents :)

  278. Jon Bell says:

    I made a website for a friend once

  279. Liz Burton says:

    I’ve been making my own wine this year. I’ve collected empties from friends and family so now I have lots of lovely bottle of wine to give as presents. I’ll be designing my own labels!

  280. I make gift tags from felt and embroider the names on then. looks like it took ages but only really takes 15 minute

  281. Last year all the teachers and those support little got a little hamper full of homemade goodies, Chocolate stirrer’s, marshmallow snowmen, chocolate dipped biscuits and fudge.

    this year its a selection of homemade Syrups

  282. Mari says:

    We’re making heat resistant mats for the table out of wooden pegs this year by taking the spring off, cluing them back to back and then making snowflakes out of them and spraying them white and gold – the grandmas are going to LOVE them :)

  283. kat keane says:

    I make with my daughters knowledge giant snow flakes, so impressed was I, We put them all over the house.

  284. Jayne says:

    Back when Husband and I were young and had no kids, I made him a collage of loads of photos from our first year together and framed it. It was wonderful personal and really made a lovely gift and he still has it up in his office all these years later.

  285. Adam Wright says:

    Last year when my wife and I were totally skint after getting married on the 8th December we made ‘make your own Christmas cookie jars’ I have to say they were so well received that we are tempted to do it again and save a few £! :)

  286. caroline lyons says:

    I have made homemade cakes, cushion covers, scarves :) Quite a few things. It’s good fun x

  287. Melanie C says:

    We make Pots of Gold – werthers, ferrero rochers, shiny pound coins, scratch cards and any other gold we find in a jar tied up with gold ribbon :) x

  288. Patricia Prismick says:

    I just love to hang on the Christmas tree the nativity story that my younger son wrote in infant school and the Christmas stocking that my elder son also made in infant school. Both sons are now in their 30’s and look out for these each year.

  289. Ann-Marie Chandler says:

    I always make homemade hand/foot/finger print cards with my little boy plus this year we made white clay tree decorations for family gifts too.

  290. suzanne Sendell says:

    Homemade decorations that I have had for years,they take pride of place on my christmas tree year after year

  291. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    I like making cards, have also made cross stitch pictures. Most recently I have been making bath bombs as gifts :) and chocolate truffles.

  292. Shona J says:

    I got some homemade fudges and chocolates last year which I thought was a great gift (and they were delicious too :P)

  293. Keith C says:

    I alsway make homemade Crunchie’s for Christmas, they tast just like the real thing but because they’re homemade they can be made MASSIVE :)

  294. Jemma Scott says:

    I love to fill up old Jam jars with layers of the dry ingredients for cookies topped up with green and red M&M’s and put a pretty label on the front for Christmas Cookies in a jar

  295. Luisa Lauren says:

    I made my daughter a scrapbook / journal of her life (so far) with parts for her to fill in and add to. She absolutely loves it and spends a lot of time putting photos in and scribbling notes etc

  296. cheryl lovell says:

    Homemade body scrub :)

  297. Helen Swales says:

    Last year, me and my granddaughter (aged 5) made some home made sweet mince pies for the family. They looked great, unfortunately we put no sugar in the pastry so they did not taste as they should, though we soon livened them up with a dollop of custard or cream and no-one noticed!

  298. Rhoda K says:

    I’ve made a “crayon roll” for my best friend and her kiddies this year. It means they will all be in once place and neatly in her bag instead of randomly thrown in. Should help keep the kids entertained when they are out :)

  299. Stephen scott says:

    I make handmade chocolates and put them in nice boxes.

  300. kathleen hooper says:

    I made my mother a dvd containing all the best of her (90 years worth of) photos. She adores watching it on her TV and reminiscing

  301. Kate Donnellan says:

    I have been inspired by red ted art to make up a craft box for my nephew for Christmas this year. I always have been quite creative and have made family members many things over the years, for Christmas, christenings, birthdays, new arrivals keepsakes. Most of my homemade gifts are sewn – pictures, cushions, hearts etc. However, I have made lots of things with different mediums over the years. My sister-in-law loves to receive handmade gifts and always says how excited she is to find put what I have made for her. She has asked for something educational for my 3 year old nephew this Christmas, so when I came across your website and reviews about the red ted art book I was delighted! What is more educational than craft?! It helps with creativity, learning about shapes, colours, dexterity need I go on?
    I have really enjoyed putting together a lovely art box for him with of course a red ted art book!! I’m very excited that hopefully I will have inspired both his mum and him to get crafting. I hope that I’ll have a homemade gift from him one day! Thank you for trying to educate and involve children in such a fun activity, much better than sitting in front of a computer tablet any day!!!

  302. Isabelle Smith says:

    homemade scrapbooks :)

  303. sarah fleck says:

    chocolate marzipan sweeties 😀

  304. Heli Jones says:

    Definitely my most prized possessions are homemade gifts the children have made x

  305. Tim Bain says:

    My Aunt used to knit me a foul jumper every Xmas..then everyone would sit silently sniggering as I had to try it on.

  306. Annette Hanley says:


  307. Annette Hanley says:

    We always have a baking day when my children make mince pies and cupcakes and i make sausage rolls which we give out when family call around

  308. Daniel Coles says:

    My wife received some lovely home crafted earrings.

  309. Michael Clarke says:

    Home made jumper from my mum.

  310. Aurelia Fredon says:

    Clear lollipops with christmassy sprinkles

  311. Kimmie Alex says:

    Gingerbread for all my friends and family, wrapped in a beautiful box

  312. kate andrews says:

    Buy some tea cups with saucers from a charity shop and either fill with chocolates or turn into a candle by melting a candle in a pan, put the wick in the cup using skewers to hold in place and pour in the wax, once set wrap them in cellophane

  313. Ros Marshall says:

    One of my best friends makes crochet gifts – not just blankets etc but also very cute teddies and animals, doorstops and baby toys. I like that her gifts show that she has taken her time and care to produce something special just for you. x

  314. Kim Howard says:

    My two children and I make little decorated sachets of oats and edible glitter and give them out as little presents to the young children in our family to use as ‘Reindeer Trails’, which can be sprinkled along the pathway to the home so the Reindeer can follow it and have a tasty treat ^_^

  315. Patrick Covernton says:

    My wife and I made some decorated mirrors for her sisters. They were dreadful and probably went straight to the back of the cupboard (or the bin), but we had fun making them.

  316. linda wiles says:

    homemade chutney goes down a treat

  317. Helen Stott says:

    Chilli oil

  318. Jenny Rogers says:

    My sister makes lovely chocolate truffles and I have knitted scarves as gifts.

  319. Mary-Ann Pollard says:

    i have a friend who always make homemade bits for christmas so far i have received, apple and cranberry chutneys and a spiced limoncello. Me and the fella normally make some home brewed beer to give as gifts at chrismas but haven’t had the time this year!

  320. Scuttlebutter says:

    My favourite home made gifts have been a box of baked gingerbread hearts and reindeer to go on granny’s Christmas tree!

  321. SHAZZ says:

    I made cute little tags for everyone’s presents.

  322. elisa wright says:

    I’ve made tags out of last years xmas cards

  323. Julie Howarth says:

    When it was the Teletubbies craze a few years ago my daughter loved them but it was impossible to get one at Christmas, so I can knit I knitted her a Poo Teletubby and she was over the moon with it.

  324. Rebecca Shelton says:

    i made my mum when i was a child a holey scarf lol she loved that scarf needless to say i dont knit now ,my boys love making home made cards for family members you cant beat the personal touch:)

  325. leanne williams says:

    homemade mice pies…mmm

  326. Donna says:

    Being in Scotland, I generally like to give my family in England a basket of homemade shortbread – although I do cheat and buy some whisky miniatures to go with it! I remember when I was a kid me and my friends would give each other homemade perfume – basically a bottle of water with crushed flower petals in it!

  327. Chris McKendrick says:

    My friend made ‘spoon people’ version of me and her out of wooden spoons, googly eyes and pipe cleaners and such. Very cute!

  328. Cathie Hunter says:

    I always give home made jams and chutneys but to bulk up the ‘hamper’ I often add some home made peppermint crisp.

  329. Paul Witney says:

    I’m not very creative, but my wife has knitted various scarves, etc. for friends / family.

  330. Ann Robinson says:

    One of the best gifts i was given was last year when i was given home made fudge and mince pies amongst other things, apart from the fact they tasted delicious you appreciate the fact that someone has taken the time to make something instead of just going out and buying something.

  331. Sue Dorking says:

    I’ve knitted fingerless gloves for my daughter in her favourite colour

  332. Holly Detre says:

    My sister made me homemade chutneys a few years ago; they made such a lovely present.

  333. Helen says:

    Sloe gin

  334. Kelly Brooks says:

    I made a puppet show fo xmas for children one year out of socks and buttons, they loved it!

  335. Donna Davies says:

    Ooh I’ve received lots of lovely homemade edible presents – peanut butter balls, kir royale, meringues, mince pies, & chutneys! Mmm…

  336. Sue Hunt says:

    I’m a big fan of marzipan, so last year I made marzipan fruits for some of my neighbours. I coloured the marzipan and made oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries and bananas, by the end of it I couldn’t have ate any marzipan if you’d paid me, but they went down a storm with the people that received them.

  337. Neil Hutchings says:

    I like making christmas cards. I really don’t like the store bought ones very much and they are not too hard to make or expensive..

  338. barbara s says:

    I have made peppermint creams and put them in boxes my friends and family love them

  339. Haley Redshaw says:

    Made Christmas decoration for the tree

  340. AP says:

    My wife makes the best shortbread ever! I love it!! Yum

  341. Chantel says:

    The nearest I’ve got to giving ‘homemade’ is a photo collage, framed, for my grandparents. I was also a big fan of the mixtape gift – getting somebody’s fav’ songs together for them!

  342. niccola taylor says:

    home made jumpers, love them!

  343. Marrian says:

    I made my mum some nail polish jewellery. She loved it!

  344. Kelly Hooper says:

    when I was little my sisters and I each took turns in knitting rows of a scarf for my great nana, it wasnt completely straight and some of the loops were bigger than others, but it was made with love by a 6 yr, 9 yr and 12 yr old and my nana loved it 😀

  345. Kate ONeill says:

    My friend sewed me a snail and mounted it on driftwood – it was so thoughtful, my best ever handamde gift :)

  346. Jay Hill says:

    I received a fantastic hamper of homemade shortbread, scones & jam.

  347. Paula Phillips says:

    I have made sweets and biscuits for my family.
    They had fudge, toffee and fondant sweets and shortbread and choc chip cookies.

  348. Fiona R-P says:

    I spent 10 months knitting a fair isle jumper for my husband – finished just in time for Christmas, sadly it was a little on the large side, the sleeves were about six inches too long :)

  349. Michael Flieger says:

    I learnt to knit and knitted my girlfriend a scarf

  350. JP Holroyd says:

    A wooly hat

  351. Jeremy Hards says:

    I make my own cards for family and friends. Last year I gave my sister a painting I had done.

    Best present I ever received as a child was a wooden green truck. Much bigger and sturdier than Tonka Toys. I wish I still had as I now appreciate the effort my dad put into it much more than I would have then.

  352. Maggie Coates says:

    When Mr Blobby was popular, I knitted a Mr Blobby for my daughter and another for my niece.

  353. Ben Blaney says:

    a home made scratch card :\ i won!

  354. Nicola Reynolds says:

    I always like to received homemade baked goodies at christmas, it’s much nicer that someone has taken the time to bake for you rather then buying shop bought items.

  355. Kamla Thakrar says:

    I always give home made cookies

  356. Phil Gilbert says:

    I received a homemade Christmas cake and a bottle of homemade wine to go with it. Great idea!

  357. Ellie Peabody says:

    I have made knitted scarfs with that lovely soft wool for friends and family.

  358. Rachel Bonness says:

    I love knitting presents as much more time & love have been put into them :)

  359. Jamie says:

    Chocolate dipped fruits :)

  360. Tracey Boswell says:

    I make up gift hampers and baskets and they are always well received.

  361. Clare F Wood says:

    I loved a box of biscuits that my girls had made for me

  362. Michelle Ptak says:

    A few year ago I bought some old wooden candlesticks and using decoupage decorated them to match my friends new kitchen … she was well impressed and very happy with them.

  363. Sarah Fawcett says:

    This year as things have been a bit tight we have made hampers for everyone – we’ve included things that we’ve made throughout the year – jam from Blackberries collected at the end of the summer, Beetroot and Horseradish chutney from beetroots grown in our garden, a bottle of sloe gin. This weekend we will make fudge and mince pies to complete the hampers ready for the big day next week :)

  364. Beth says:

    Bracelets and earrings, really pretty and everyone loves them

  365. Carla Morris says:

    We love to make homemade cakes for family.

    It teaches my daughter the value and art of giving and also it gives me the chance to spend quality time with her.

    This year it’s “homemade Malteser Puds” :)

  366. Hazel Rush says:

    Homemade flavoured vodka and gin always goes down well

  367. Rachael Jones says:

    i pick a colour scheme and pick up small gifts weekly to make up large fancy hampers :)

  368. Peter Gilby says:

    We always make our own cards its so much fun

  369. rachael marsden says:

    Last year, my little boy said he wanted biscuits from Father Christmas, so I made him a gingerbread house and decorated with his favourite sweets. I left it under the tree and it looked and tasted amazing, hoping to do another this year.

  370. jo says:

    I put loads of sweets into jars. They make gifts and the whole family love them

  371. Kimberley Burton says:

    I think photo albums/scrapbooks always make lovely personalised gifts!

  372. angela sandhu says:

    I often make chocolate truffles at Christmas time and give them in little giftbags. Everyone likes them and appreciates the effort that goes into it.

  373. Lila B Taylor says:

    About 15 years ago, i had a nervous breakdown in october and as part of my recovery I began to make dough dollies. I got really good at them as they gave me something to concentrate on too and everyone who received one as a gift loved them :-)

  374. Cheryll H says:

    I love gifting cakes, especially when visiting older relatives :)

  375. Leigh Larkin says:

    My little girl is 2 this year and so we have gone all ‘home made’ with gifts for close friends and family! We made our cards and handed out star shaped biscuits at the pre-Xmas get together last weekend.

  376. Rosalind blight says:

    Last year i made sock monkeys and peppermint creams for my daughters teacher and TAs. I also like to buy plain notebooks and make up pretty covers for them using nice fabric.

  377. SARAH rees says:

    we always embroidered teatowels and hankies for my grandmas when we were little, they treasured them and still have a few!

  378. Ellen Stafford says:

    My sister made a great picture out of buttons. She also made great cards too. I love my big heart picture she made.

  379. Elizabeth says:

    I made a book.

  380. Cathy O says:

    We always made homemade presents when we were kids: sweets or decorated plant pots with daffodils or hyacinths but our best ones were paperweights – collected large pebbles from the beach and cut out animals from wrapping paper and then spent many sessions covering in a varnish and building up the layers – they are still in use today some 40 years later!

  381. stephanie Campbell says:

    we attempt to make something handmade each year. plain woodenframes decorated in beads and glitter and pictures of my son, this year decorated plates wrapped in paper with a gift tag which is a pictures of my son in his chirstmas jumper again, message on the back, saves on cristmas cards too.

  382. Theresa M says:

    When I was a girl I made my baby brother an amazing lime green crochet cowboy suit. He loved it.

  383. gemma aktekin says:

    I made my daughter a character teddy from a TV program that she loved, I had no choice they didn’t sell them in the shops, it was pretty impressive as well.

  384. kerry sullivan says:

    My favourite gifts to make are cakes and chutneys

  385. Trudi Walsh says:

    I made a green plastic ‘MUM’ keyring in design & tech at school 22 years ago and my mum STILL has it on her keys

  386. Lynsey Ward says:

    We make handprint Christmas tree’s for grandparents. Made them last year and they loved them.

  387. Sarah Mcknight says:

    I’ve made a handmade picture frame for my nana, made with old buttons and sequins. She loved it.

  388. Tanya Vincent says:

    Make presents for the childrens’ teachers every year- stained glass, gingerbread christmas tree decorations… always very gratefully received.

  389. Karen R says:

    My daughter is only 8 so is restricted in the amount of money she can spend on presents, but she seems to plan really well for Christmas, making presents at her after school club and holiday club, like felt stockings, hamma bead pictures and shapes, tiny cushions, etc. throughout the year, and hiding them in her room until Christmas :)

  390. Diana says:

    Box of very tasty homemade biscuits! :)

  391. Helen Porter says:

    my mum has given me some awesome Pinflair Christmas gifts and my sliming world consultant gave me a baubal with a huge smiling mouth to remind us not to eat everything over christmas for the sake of it which is fab I think

    Happy Christmas x

  392. Joanne Blunt says:

    I layer the dry ingredients to make cookies into a jar and attach a hand made label with instructions to make them.

  393. sue Norminton says:

    Making homemade sweets for friends and family and the kids are making bracelets for their friends to save their pennies

  394. phillippa lee says:

    My dad made a wonderful dolls house for me when I was young. I wish I still had it…

  395. abby carroll says:

    Ive made sweet trees and hampers for my children and school/nursery teachers. Makes lovely gifts and so much more appreciated than a box of chocolates

  396. Lani Nash says:

    I once received a lovely mini hamper filled with homemade goodies including choccies, biscuits and soap :)

  397. Allan says:

    We make our own family Christmas cards with the children we sent out to friends and family.

  398. Jane Middleton says:

    I make my own Christmas decorations

  399. vandervaulk says:

    I Knitted a pin cushion with love on one side and peace on the other side for my mum for christmas 44 years ago. my mum is 82 now and still uses it.

  400. Louise Allen says:

    I made mum a very poorly sewn purse when I was little (which she still has, aww). More recently I gave dad a cross stitch that I took 3 years to finish…oops…

  401. Sophia Kearney says:

    i always make boxes of homemade christmas cookies for friends and family – they are a lovely touch and with some careful decoration are really lovely!! xx

  402. Jun Mo says:

    A knitted jumper, which was very warm

  403. Farhana says:

    My sister made some hand stitched personalised cushions which I love

  404. faye huntington says:

    i once made a framed collage of photos for my friend from all of our favourite memories together! xx

  405. sam bailey says:

    I always make something at xmas for the neighbours thats home made, whether its jam in the slow cooker or a special cracker or some napkin rings, they always say its much more special… even if it does look a bit naff

  406. sian hallewell says:

    I’m going back about 20 years now, but I was absolutly broke. I lived near a market and I just happened to be there when a trader had a temporary stall with rolls of towelling fabric in dark blue, light blue and white. Every man in my family had a homemade dressing gown. In order to make the fabric go as far as possible, my young sons was made with bits leftover so was multi coloured.
    My mum and Nana had skirts made with material from the same market, but not towelling I am pleased to say. Everyone was very pleased with their presents.
    Took me ages, but was much cheaper than buying presents.

  407. Ruth Hedges says:

    I love to do photo collages for my family & could spend hours putting photos together in one big frame of all their family memories – better than being stuck in a photo album collecting dust where you don’t see them everyday.

  408. I’ve made my son a set of bean bags with applique numbers on from 1-20, all in rainbow colours. Hoping to make him a Christmas outfit but I’m not sure if I’ll have time.

  409. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    When my children were younger, we made each of them craft boxes. We bought different things to put in them but just got wooden boxes with lids and then painted and stencilled them to make them individual. It kept all their craft together and now they are teenagers, they use the boxes to store other things in.

  410. Teresa Barnard says:

    I am so busy working up until Christmas Eve that I won’t have time to make anything but I will make sure that my family has a fantastic Christmas!

  411. lyn burgess says:

    A group of us girls and moms in the family get together about a fortnight before christmas, to make wreaths and table decorations, we chat, catch up on the family gossip, have fun and make lots of decorations, some of which will go onto family graves. Its a lovely way of us all having fun and remembering loved ones.

  412. Inga Andersen says:

    My aunt makes some fab glass jewellery and she gave me a necklace and ring, they’re turquoise in colour and beautiful

  413. Katy spence says:

    My hubby is a sign maker and so every year he gives me something wonderful and personal

  414. Paul Chadwick says:

    we always recieve loads of homemade baking,pickles and chutney,from family members they look great in little jars, with their fancy little labels.

  415. Mark Whittaker says:

    Every year I make homemade truffles ( in homemade boxes ), they always seem to impress, which is quite handy as they are so simple to make , though as I don’t drive and we don’t have a local craft shop, cutting out the boxes from card using a template and gluing them together takes a blooming age !

  416. sherri fordham says:

    I make green and white peppermint creams and put them in little decorative boxes for each of my family. This year i’m thinking about making cinammon cookies with my children

  417. Debbie M says:

    Me and my mum make handmade decorations, and “glitter-globes”, as presents. We make the glitter globes with glitter (of course) and baby oil. Super simple – very effective.

  418. Dee says:

    I make up boxes of extra-special hand made cards as gifts, then the recipient will never have to dash out for a last minute card again! x

  419. Shazia Khan says:

    Personalised homade chocolates.

  420. Sam Furniss says:

    My nan made me a stool when she was in hospital years ago in the 80s, I still have it in my bedroom.

  421. Andrea K says:

    homemade baked goodies

  422. Alison says:

    Home made sweets and cookies

  423. Dawn Canning says:

    A long, woolly handmade knitted scarf-lovely.

  424. Joanne Griffiths says:

    We like carving with wood so for Christmas, have made a birdbox, a side table and a jewellery box for presents.

  425. Gwen Thomas says:

    I crochet my kids a character hat each year, this year it’s Minions!

  426. ruth says:

    Knitting christmas jumpers :) very popular

  427. Valerie Kay says:

    Homemade cookies :-)

  428. Kirsty Norton says:

    Chocolate gift tags are always a success and really simple! Just melt some chocolate, pour into a mould, leave to set before piping the recipient’s name on. Then I wrap in cellophane and tie to the gift with ribbon!

  429. David Freeman says:

    I once received a knitted scarf and matching socks from my Nan, when I asked her why she had knitted me socks, (which were far too big)she said she had wanted to use up the wool she had bought for the scarf ! Just love Nan’s logic.

  430. Laura W says:

    A huge picture collage filled with family, friends and love :)

  431. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    We make homemade gingerbread men and the kids decorate them every year for our family members. They love them, especially as the kids are getting older and better with their designs.

  432. Heidi Brown says:

    Home made Festive Vodka!! Blend up candy cane, infuse with the vodka, add some edible glitter for extra sparkle and decorate with festive ribbons and a candy cane!

  433. Tam Payne says:

    Last Christmas I made some homemade chocolate truffles flavoured with rum. Everyone is asking for some more this year.

  434. Amanda Aiton says:

    My daughter (10) and I have made Christmas Crackers for the tree/table. Cakes for the school and some hanging decorations as per your facebook page. :-)

  435. Rory Campion says:

    We make a batch of christmas puddings as gifts

  436. Lorna says:

    I wanted to post a picture of it but I made a Tea Cosy for my brother in law and his wife when they got their new house. I cross stitched a tea related design on aida and then patched that onto fabric I’d chosen to match the tea pot & mugs we bought them and made up a large padded cosy.

  437. Holly Boyd says:

    I make homemade snowflake decorations for the tree. My SIL once made me a lovely tablecloth for our dining room table. She had come round and measured so that it fit perfectly it was my favourite pattern too which she has sneakily bought.

  438. Becky says:

    I have given my Daugters friends bunting with their name on. They seem to love t xx

  439. Jackie ONeill says:

    I buy a huge bag of cheap hyacinths every October and I plant up maybe to 50 containers which I pick up throughout the year at car boots or charity shops or donations from friends/family. They make fabulous christmas presents and I also enjoy doing.


    my loved ones get all my love infused in my homemade food

  441. Sally Lea says:

    When I was a student I always used to make hand made truffles for Christmas presents using an old Good Housekeeping recipe. Prettied up boxes and really cheap petit four papers made them super presents.

  442. Harry Letham says:

    Homemade Elderberry wine with personalised labels is always well received.

  443. Natalia says:

    A set of hand made vouchers for me to redeem with things I really love. What a thoughtful husband!

  444. Keeley Atkinson says:

    I have made lots of blackberry vodka this year, and just filtered it into pretty bottles for people :)

  445. John Gunn says:

    We always get our kids a personalised bauble for their first Christmas, they are amazing!

  446. C Parkin says:

    I received some home made wine once, delicious. I like any food or drink products, home made jam, buns anything!

  447. Kathryn Griffin says:

    Homemade edible treats are lovely!

  448. Katrina Foley says:

    This year I have made homemade jams, chutney’s and sloe gin from ingredients I have foraged from the hedgerows. I have also reused bottles and jars and handmade labels. When my children were small we used to enjoy making lots of different sweets to give as gifts too. My son still makes his own Christmas gifts now he is an adult and I’m sure he will do the same with his children.

  449. Louise A says:

    ne year I was quite broke so decided to make all my Christmas presents. I made some oven gloves, pomanders (oranges stuck with cloves). Gingerbread men, shortbread and numerous sweets and chocolates. I already had chocolate moulds and a sugar thermometer so was able to make hand made chocolates, nougat, turkish delight etc. I’m a bit of a hoarder as well so had lots of bits and pieces of ribbon, cord, cellophane, small boxes etc so was able to dress up the presents and I was so pleased with the result as they looked so professional. The presents went down well as well as many people thought the foodie presents were bought. I also hand stitched some Christmas tags to attach to the presents.

  450. mayur koya says:

    I made some home made christmas lights once they only lasted a year :(

  451. Sarah Robertson says:

    I made my mum some diabetic friendly goodies to eat, as she gets left out over Xmas not being able to indulge in the choccies :)

  452. linda curtis says:

    hamma beads you can make so much wth them me and my daughter have made coasters for you tea cup starts and angels for the christmas tree and lovley hanig irnamants and gave them to family and friends for christmas you get hours of fun with them and can do so much

  453. Portia Mattinson says:

    My grandfather made me a wooden rocking horse when was 5, I loved it. I had it in my hallway for years couldn’t bear to part with it. Now I’ve got 2 little boys, and it’s in their nursery. Played with on almost a daily basis. It’s a wonderful item, I’m sure my grandfather would love knowing my boys use it now.

  454. Vicky-Louise Robinson says:

    I like to take a picture (or sometimes use school pictures) of the kids & then hand decorate a frame, to give the photos to inlaws & my parents. Other times we have made a printed copy of a photo of the kids & put it onto coloured A4 card with decorations, laminated it & then added a tiny calendar bit to the bottom so that we can give personal calendars out to aunts, uncles & parents for Christmas. That way they get to see a picture of the kids all year & it’s nice to compare with the last years calendar to see how much the kids have grown!

  455. Rachel J says:

    The children always make Christmas cards for the grandparents, us and each other. So much more personal and gives them a chance to be creative.

  456. Alyn Carrahar says:

    I make my own christmas beer with some fancy labels and nice wrapping they are the prefect stocking filler

  457. Ali Thorpe says:

    I like to make 6″ cakes for people, in their favourite flavours as I love baking and the cakes are not too big. The best I received was homemade chocolates which were absolutely delicious!

  458. Hannah Whitling says:

    I made a crochet throw for a close fiends bed, she saw the one I made for myself and liked it so I did one for her.

  459. chirag patel says:

    Italian neighbours gave a traditional homemade Panettone cake. Absolutely delicious and gone before the big day couldn’t be helped

  460. Paul Kay says:

    Home made mincemeat jars

  461. Helen Plant says:

    My friend gave me some lovely ceramic heart shaped Christmas tree decorations last year, that she made in her kiln.

  462. Gillian Hutchison says:

    In the past I have made homemade chocs and put them in old jam jars and decorated. Have made dolls clothes from offcuts. Toothfairy cushions with a little pocket for the tooth.

  463. Deborah J says:

    I am into aromatherapy, so made pamper baskets containing massage oils, bath oils, creams, baths salts that I had made for family members

  464. Darren Turner says:

    Recieved a lovely homemade christmas wreath.

  465. Duncan Campbell says:

    When my late Gran was ill, I made some homemade sweets, put them in little bags, wrapped them in tissue paper and filled a small hamper. All the carers who came in were asked to please take one as a small Christmas gift.

  466. Karen Lawrinson says:

    When my niece was little, I made a huge origami ball from, I think, 64 separate pieces of coloured paper and then filled it full of sweets. I gave it to her and said “I bet you can’t work out how to open that!” With a cheeky grin, she dug her fingers into it and pulled it apart with one big twist, and all the sweets fell out onto the floor. She grabbed a few sweets and then set to putting the ball back together again. I’m not sure which delighted her the most, the sweets or the ball.

  467. Lucy Dorrington says:

    I made a picture for my husband by mounting our son’s first outfit in a 3D picture frame, along with his hospital band and a photo.

  468. Yvette D says:

    My son and I used to make all our own cards. It’s really personal and makes for a great crafty day together

  469. lisa williams says:

    I made a lovely shabby chic picture from broken costume jewellery and pretty wallpaper and framed it in a pretty hand painted frame. Looks fab and is always a talking point and my mother in law loves it.

  470. Loretta Cerioli says:

    Have hand made and decorated Christmas cakes every year for Mum and Aunt. Also make decorative bows for the presents for friends and family, which add a more personal touch.

  471. sheila says:

    as a child I sat up all night secretly embroidering a belt for my Mum. I rememer oranges , reds and greens in the colour sheme. Needless to say i never saw her wear it!
    later I knitted gloves and tea cosies when I was broke.Now i am almost retired i might start again!

  472. susan willshee says:

    Over the years I’ve baked a lot of presents, such as christmas tree shaped biscuits, gingerbread snowmen, etc.
    I’ve also sewn presents. A favourite is Christmas bunting made with alternate flags of gingham and red felt – on the red felt I attach white felt lettering saying Merry Christmas. I made some for my Mum a few years ago and all her friends started asking for it so I ended up making loads of them!

  473. Patricia Ormerod says:

    A jewellery basket woven by my daughter when she was in primary school. I use it every day.

  474. Sophie Foulds says:

    I have received a nice homemade Christmas glass candle holder, I use it every year with my Christmas scents :)

  475. Teresa Lee says:

    I used to have a neighbour, he was an elderly man whose hobby it was to make things from matchsticks. Several years ago he gave me a dolls house he had made to give to my daughter as a Christmas present.
    Its incredibly beautiful, must of taken alot of time and skill to make, every part is completely handmade, even all the little pieces of furniture. It also has little LEDs so of a night it can be switched on and all the rooms light up.
    It goes without saying my daughter absolutely loved it and still keeps it safe in her room to this day.

  476. Natalie D says:

    I received some homemade fudge – was great as meant I didn’t receive something that I felt I had to keep for ages but didn’t want and it was yummy!

  477. Martin Evans says:

    I have made ginger bread men and women for family and friends as additional Christmas presents

  478. Simon Earles says:

    I like to give homemade cards that my daughter’s helped with. We also painted some mugs with their favourite things on for the grandparents this year.

  479. Pat Waldron says:

    I have had many a fabulous knitted Christmas jumper from my Mother-in-law over the years. I can’t believe how they have made a come back.

  480. san says:

    I get the kidsto make pet toys out of all socks every christmas

  481. Georgia Keogh says:

    In the past we’ve brewed our own wine with fruit we’ve foraged, like blackberries and elderberries.

    This year we’ve infusing vokda and gin with fruit and putting our own home-made labels onto the bottles :)

  482. Ges Southwood says:

    Our home made stone men that we made for Christmas from real stones glued together & painted. Sadly I no longer have mine.

  483. S McNally says:

    I always get some lovely home made fudge and peppermints from my Aunt and I look forward to them every year :)

  484. Christian Donnellan says:

    My wife has made me many Christmas cards and gifts over the years. With two new additions to the family over the last two years, I am sure that I will be getting many more hand made Christmas gifts in the future.

  485. Victoria Cunniff says:

    I collect items my daughter has done throughout the year like drawings, poems etc and date them all then the go in a lovely gift wrapped box for Granny.

  486. Jayne B says:

    I’ve had fun making bath bombs and massage bars

  487. suzanne Sendell says:

    Crackers and decorations

  488. Alisa Moore says:

    homemade sloe gin

  489. Hannah P says:

    I think my favourite one that I made was a lined craft bag for my mum, with a variety of stitches (like a sampler) on the outside. One of the best I’ve received was a pirate ship made out of wood, with some little peg pirates.

  490. Sue Brett says:

    I once made clutch bags for 3 of my friends, they took ages to make and I sat up most of Christmas eve trying to finish them – they did look good though

  491. Marjoleine Kok says:

    I have bought plain wine glasses, and a glass painting kit and made personalized glasses for people.

  492. Anne Fraser says:

    I made several gift baskets, lining cheap wicker baskets with material and filling with toiletries and make up I had bought , won or got as freebies

  493. Amy Ripley says:

    Painting stain glass onto glass panels

  494. Rachel M says:

    I made chocolate fudge with my children and made decorated boxes.

  495. Natasha M says:

    We gave ‘snowman soup’ to the teachers this year. We bought some celephane cones off the internet & filled them with hot chocolate, chocolate drops & marshmallows & tied a candy cane for stiring :)

  496. Peter says:

    I made a couple of coffee mats at school a long time ago! Sadly they were not that great!

  497. Kelly LIttlewood says:

    Last year, my partner and I made chutneys, liqueurs, biscuits, truffles, and more to create luxury hampers for all our family and friends.

  498. caroline pritchard says:

    My mum makes great cakes for Christmas, Husband makes cider and my Nan snits gloves.

  499. Linda Revell says:

    I’m not working at the moment so have made hampers of Christmas cakes , damson vodka, jams and chutneys for nearest and dearest this year