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Valentine’s Decoration: Paper Heart Garland

| January 30, 2014 | 4 Comments

Valentines Day Decoration

31 Days of Love

Welcome to Kate from  The Craft Train shares a beatiful Heart Garland for our Valentine’s Day Decorations week! Only 2 days left of the 31 Days of Love series! This month has been simply amazing. With so many wonderful and different Valentine’s Day posts! We have had gorgeous Valentine’s Day CardsValentine’s Gifts and Valentine’s Day Treats. So many ideas to keep you all very busy!

Here is a simple Paper Heart Beaded Ornament I made for Valentines day. You can make it in any coloured or patterned paper you like but personally I think it looks pretty good in rainbow. Small pre-school aged kids (like my own) will probably find folding the paper fan a bit too fiddly and will need help from mum with that part, but they can easily do the threading if you use beads with large holes and older kids should be able make this by themselves.

Valentine’s Day Decorations: Here’s how…

Valentines Day Decoration - Materials

  • Coloured construction paper A5 size (If you have standard A4 size just cut it in half)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Beads with a wide hole for easy threading
  • String
  • A hole punch

Valentines Day Decoration 1

1. Fold an A5 sized piece of paper into quarters

2. Cut a rounded corner shape like you can see in the picture

3. Unfold

4. Fold in a concertina fan style length ways

Valentines Day Decoration 2

5. Punch a hole in the centre right in the middle of the fold and stick a piece of double sided tape on one half of the inside of the ‘fan’

6. To attach the heart to the string, thread it through the hole and stick the paper together with the string in the centre.

7. Thread wooden beads on the string. It’s best to thread one bead on and tie the string around it, then string a section of beads followed by a paper heart for as long as you want the ornament to be. It helps to wrap a piece of tape around the end of the string to stop it from fraying (like a shoelace end).

8. Once you’re done secure the top bead with a knot and tie a little loop so you can hang it up.


Valentines Day Decoration - Heart Garland

Thank you to Red Ted Art for hosting this guest post. For more fun ideas like this visit my kids craft blog, The Craft Train. You can also find us on facebookPinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Jeanine says:

    this is absolutely beautiful! pinning now, and creating later ;D
    thank you so much for this piece! it’s great exercise for the childrens wee fingers, & looks to fit in any sort of decor! plus, my LO loves everything rainbow: ours might look more like a beaded curtain or two, or three 😉

  2. mummymoo says:

    Love these. Just loved making them with my 3 year old and 6 year old and a friend. They look really pretty – might make them with my class at school for Mother’s Day! Thank you x

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