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Drawing Comp Entries

The Wickedly Wicked Drawing Competition:

*The Winner is Niamh (with “Wicked”)*

Ruby Slippers, by DD from Thinly Spread

Wicked, by Zack, 7yrs

By Anoushka, 2yrs

By Annalise, 4yrs

Watercolour Witch, by Francesca, aged 7

Pop-Up Glitter Witch, by India Gandy, 4 yrs

Wicked, by Dulcie, aged 5

By DD, aged 3

Unicorn, by DD, aged 3

Gran, by DD, aged 3

Mommy, by DD, aged 3

Witches bySydney, aged 4

Dragon, by Zak, aged 4

Wicked, by Niamh, aged 9

Winning Entry!

Wicked, by Ava, aged 2 (BLESS!!!)

Witch, by Molly, aged 4

Green Witch, by Ruby, aged 3

Where is my Broom? by Kitty, aged 3

And in the age of Digital Media…. “Wicked” by Emily, aged 9

Goblin, by SR, aged 8

Wizard with Exploding Wand, by RR, aged 7

Wizard, by Lucas, aged 9


The winners of the Chatter pants competition are:

  • Robbie the robot, by Thomas 7
  • Insects by Millie Webb, 6
  • Erin’s fully decorated pjs, aged 8
  • Becky’s fully decorated pjs, aged 7

Their parents and teachers have been contacted!

Drawing Competition with Chatterpants is now closed, however, here are all the WONDERFUL entries received. I love every single one of them and am SOOOOO proud of your children’s work! Thank you so much for taking part! Chatterpants will now review them all closely and announce a winner *soon*! In the meantime,hang on to all those drawings so they don’t get lost… Chatterpants will need the winners’ orginals!

Good Luck every one and Well Done!

Robots Isabella, aged 6

Flowers Isabella, aged 6

Car Isabella, aged 6

Butterfly Isabella, aged 6

Erin, aged 8

Robot William, aged 7

Cars Thomas, aged 7

Butterflies, Megan aged 8

Joshua, aged 8

Red Car Harry, aged 7

Butterfly Eva, aged 7

Robot Ellen, aged 7

Car Elizbeth, aged 8

Flowers Becky, aged 8

Car Amy, Aged 8

Butterfly Amelia, Age 8

Flower Luca, age 7

Car Luca, age 7

Butterfly Luca, age 7

Butterflies by Defne, Aged 4yrs

Ava Butterfly, aged 4.5yrs

Robot by Danny, aged 6yrs

Frankie’s Robot, Aged 6

Frankie’s Butterfly, Aged 6

Frankie’s Flower, Aged 6

Frankie’s Car, Aged 6

Viking Car,  Boy Next Door Aged 6

Millie Webb, aged 6

Robbie The Robot, by Thomas Aged 7

Amy’s Flower Garden, by Amy aged 5