10 Fun Water Balloon Ideas


So… FINALLY School is Out (here in the UK), as some of you prepare to go BACK to School. Either way, for those of us who are still experiencing or about to experience HOT SUMMER DAYS, here are some great and fun Water Balloon games. My kids loving nothing better than playing with WATER when it is hot hot hot. And the thing they love playing most with is Water Balloons. I have a BIG pack on order and will also take another with us when we go on our Summer holiday later in this year. Nothing quite like playing with Water Balloons and Water. (then once you have finished playing.. move over to some bubble play with our easy and best DIY Bubble Recipe)!

NOTE Remember to pick up ALL broken bits to keep wildlife safe

So I thought I would collect some ideas from around the web of great and fun Water Balloon Games that they can play.. and found these 10 different ideas. Of course, the best one (NOT listed below), is to simply have a Water Balloon fight. Sometimes back to basics is best. But if you want more great ideas for playing with Water Balloons, read on and above all ENJOY!

10 Super Fun Water Balloon Games - this is what SUMMER FUN is all about. The kids will have a blast and cool down at the same time!

First published in Summer 2015

Top Tip.. use these to fill your balloons more quickly:

water balloon games

If you are fed up, with fiddling with filling them up.. check out this clever device!!
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Here we go… lots of fun with Water Balloons:

Summer fun - water balloon pinata game

Water Balloon Pinata

(or watch the Water Balloon Pinata VIDEO!)

water balloon gamesWater Balloon Towel Toss Game

Water balloon toss 4

Water Balloon Toss (similar, more people, no towel!)

water balloon target practice game

Water Balloon Target Practice

water balloon baseball batting practice

Water Balloon Batting Practice


Battle of the Balloons

water balloon ideas - ice dinosaur eggsWater Balloon Ice Dinosaurs!

water balloon painting art

Water Balloon Painting!

water balloon games - egg and spoon race

Water Balloon Egg & Spoon Race

water baloon games - jousting

Water Balloon Jousting