20 TP Roll Crafts (yes, even more!)

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HOORAY we love Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.. and just when I think I have seen them all.. I clearly haven’t … I keep stumbling across more and more lovely loo roll craft ideas and the world wide web – and as toilet paper rolls are so plentiful and can be use in SO MANY DIFFERENT ways, I thought I would share yet more with you here today!! It really does surprise me how many things you can turn them into with just a little bit of imagination!!

20 TP Roll Crafts

So, without further ado, I share with you some more wonderful TP Roll crafts

TP Roll Crafts Pinata

Adorable TP Roll Pinatas

Adorable Padding Bear Goodie Bag Set - make your own TP Roll Paddington Bear, perfect for that Paddington Bear Party!

Adorable TP Roll Padding Bears (great party favours)

tp roll love bugs for valentines day

Cute TP Roll Love Bugs

Little Red Riding Hood Craft - DIY Play Set or Story Telling Props

Red Riding Hood Play set

TP Roll Crafts Teacups

 We LOVE these TP Roll Teacups. So fun!

TP Roll Unicorn Crafts

Get whimsical with our TP Roll Unicorn Marionette

TP Roll Monster Crafts halloween

Fantastic Monster Loo Rolls.


 So bright and cheery are these Koinobori Wind Sock Fish

TP Roll Crafts

 TP Roll Racing Cars

TP Roll Owl

 Simple Doodle Owl – a great 5 minute craft

TP Roll strong man

I adore this Circus Strong Man

TP Roll Crafts - wig costume

 Love this Wig made from TP Rolls.. any barristers out there?

Desk Tidy TP Roll Craft

Colourful TP Roll Desk Tidy


Or alternatively, make a Cardboard Tube CASTLE Desk Tidy!

tp roll puppets

 Cut little Princess and Dragon Puppets

Minion Crafts

TP Roll Minions

tp roll soldiersAdorable British Soldiers made from TP Rolls.

TP Roll Cat in the Hat crafts

Pop Up Cat in the Hat Craft (what a great idea for Loo rolls!)

Cardboard Tube Mini Beasts

TP Roll Mini Beasts

7 Make Cardboard Toilet Roll Planes Dusty Crophopper SkipperTP Roll Disney Planes. Wonderful!

4th July confetti rockets tp rolls

4th of July – Confetti Rocket Poppers (what fun!) 

TP Roll Ideas

A pragmatic TP Roll Cable Tidy

TP Roll Binoculars Craft

Simple TP Roll Binoculars, easy to make, hours of fun!


Adorable Butterflies

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Recipe how to

And last but not least (which I think means we have well OVER 20 TP Roll crafts), use the TP Roll as a receptical to form your DIY Sidewalk chalk.

Still after MORE TP Roll Crafts? I have a WHOLE TP ROLL Category dedicated to the subject. Click the link and keep browsing for more ideas!