25 Hanukkah (Chanukah) Crafts – The Festival of Lights

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Calling all crafters looking forward to the Festival of Lights! Need some cute and quirky Hanukkah crafts? Looking for Hanukkah crafts for kids? Or more Hanukkah decorating ideas or gift ideas?

Hopefully, the ideas I share with you today will give you a great source of inspiration to get you started. There are all the main themes to be found here from Dreidels, to Menorah crafts, David’s star and Gelt Bags. Hopefullys something for everyone (personally, my favourite are the super colourful Dreidel Mobils and the adorable Menorah Handprints).

25 Craft Ideas for Hanukkah - something for children and grown ups alike. So many fabulous and fun ideas to explore and check out!
First published in 2015, but annually updated for your fabulous Chanukah celebrations!

Also remember, we have a great set of STAR CRAFTS – many of which you can adapt to make the Star of David and which would make wonderful decorating ideas!

When is Hanukkah in 2021?

In 2021 Hanukkah falls on the 6th December.

How do you make Hanukkah special for Kids?

As with many celebrations, I feel you can make Hanukkah special for kids by INVOLVING them. This why I love crafting so much. It is a great way for children to get involved, for you to talk about the celebration whilst craft and for them to learn!

What are some activities to do on Hanukkah? What are special traditions for Hanukkah?

  • Lighting the Menorah Candles every night
  • Playing the dreidel game (make your own dreidels too!) and use Chocolat Coins as Gelt
  • Telling stories and reading lovely books about Hanukkah (there are some lovely books linked at the end of this article)
  • Exchanging gifts – give one present a night for 8 nights
  • Enjoying traditional food (we have some cute Hanukkah treats for you in this article, including traditional potato latkes and matzah ball soup)
  • Make Hanukkah crafts and decorations (we got you covered for this one!!!)

Hanukkah DIY Decoration Ideas , Garlands and More for your Festivities!

We have a nice range of Hanukkah crafts for you try out with the kids. I have tried to grouup them into topics.. but many of these can overlap a little – especially when decorating for Hanukkah!

Menorah Crafts for Kids to Make/ How to make a menorah

As you may have guessed, there are LOTS and LOTS of wonderful ways for you to learn how to make a menorah today. We have selected a few of the most popular ones out there, that you may also enjoy making! What ever your festivities include, make sure you have some Menorah crafts as part of them!


Wonderful recycled Hanukkah Menorah from Inna’s Creations– what a clever construction using old Kinder Surprise Capsules and spent felt tip pens. A lovely way to count the days of hanukkah with the kids.

TP Roll Hanukkah crafts for kids

Wonderful TP Roll Menorah decoration! You know that we adore all things Toilet Paper Rolls, they are so fun and easy to craft with. Amazing what a little cutting of cardboard and glue can do to transform them!

yarn wrapped menorah

Happy Toddler Play Time, has this amazing Yarn wrapped Menorah Craft! All you need is some yarn, popsicle sticks, cardbaord and a little glue. The kids can all make their own menorah, perfect for the chanukah season ahead. As she says in her own words: It is an adorable way to create a Hanukkah decor with your kids this Hanukkah!! It makes a wonderful fine motor activity for preschoolers and older kids and creates a beautiful piece of art that your kids can display in their room or gift to a friend or grandparent.


Colourful Menorah Tape Craft – this is a super simple Menorah Craft kids will enjoy – you can make it simply as an Art project or wall decoration, or why not send it as a greeting card this Hanukkah?

nature menorah

How lovely is this Nature Menorah from Barley & Birch?

sweet handprint menorah activity

Almost a “classic now”, but do adore the “Handprint Menorah” art. I do love how handprints are simply prefect for representing the Menorah candles. So sweet and the prefect Hanukkah keepsakes for little ones to make!

Dreidel Crafts for Kids and Adults

Many of these Dreidal crafts work really well as pretty Hanukkah decorations too – especially the Dreidel inspired garlands! There is a fun mix for you to explore!

What is the dreidel game?

Playing dreidel is a game of chance – you spin the dreidel and follow the instructions from the hebrew letters shown… you can download full instructions with this hand printable from Scholastic!

What do the 4 Hebrew letters on a dreidel mean?

The hebrew letters on the dreidel mean:

  • Nun = nothing
  • Gimel = entire/ whole
  • Hey = half
  • Shin = put in

These are instructions of how many of your tokens to put into the game. Find out more about the dreidel and rules here.

On to the dreidel crafts for you to make!

paper spinner with penny

Here is a “take” on the traditional dreidel craft, by making penny spinners. Be sure to add the Dreidel Symbols to four sides and have yourself a simple and easy to make dreidel made from a cereal box, paper and pennies… so fun and easy!

dreidel corner bookmarks for hanukkah

We do love a corner bookmark craft for ANY occassion… and had a go at making some simple Dreidel Corner Bookmarks. Aren’t they cute.


Light up Dreidel Garland for Hanukkah by Style At Home – remember to add the hebrew letters to your dreidel.

paper dreidel template for hanukkah

Paper Dreidel Template – use these a favour boxes, string them up as garlands or from the ceiling. So many uses!


ADORE this Dreidel Mobile – love how colourful it is and can just see it spinning! So pretty!

dreidel wallart for Hanukkah

Gorgeous Dreidel Wall Art – great for younger kids to help make!

How to make a Dreidel/ Spinning tops!

Though of course the traditional dreidel shape is a great theme and inspiration for decorations and card making etc.. you can also get crafty and make your very own spinning tops. Learn how to make a dreidel with these fab ideas today!

acorn dreidel for hanukkah how to

Acorn Dreidels (a long standing favourite of mine!)


Hama Bead Dreidels

paper strip dreidels for hanukkah crafts for kids

Paper Strip Dreidels


Grab some cardstock and make yourself these fun Card and Pencil Dreidels

Star of David Crafts Kids and Adults will love!

Star of David suncatcher

Super simple but fun Paper Plate Star of David suncatchers that even little ones can make! This comes with a free template should you wish to choose one!

Star of David Garland for Hanukkah

Crochet Star Garland – my 11yrs old learn to crochet relatively recently. This little Star of David crochet pattern, would be a wonderful “together” project for people in your home. You can all make a certain amount, string up and you have yourself a beautiful Hanukkah garland to keep and remember!

craft stick star of david garland an easy hanukkah craft project for kids

Easy Star of David Stars made from craft stick. Crafts sticks really are such a wonderful craft material for kids. We in fact, keep all our ice lolly sticks over the summer and come Autumn/ Winter, we usually have enough to do lots of crafts with! The symmetry of the Star Of David really is a perfect for using some of these up. And I love the clever way of stringing these up!


Wonderful Star of David Craft for Hanukkah!


Pretty tissue paper sun catchers (love the beads for hanging!)


Masking Tape Resist Hanukkah Art for Toddlers

hanukkah decorations - tin can lanterns

Star of David Tin Can Lanterns – this Hanukkah decoration is a great activity to involve teens or for adults to make. The tin cans look fabulous.

More fun Hanukkah DIY Activities

cardboard-latkes-in-pans hannukah crafts

Flip your own Latke Craft

Hanukkah - Flame Head pieces

Make Flame Head Pieces with the Kids and let them tell the story of Menorah from Martha Stewart.

Hanukkah and Gift Ideas

This is where our craft categories overlap a little. I shared some little Dreidel Boxes further up in this post. They are of course perfect for gift giving in this section too!

hanukkah gift ideas

Dreidel Gift Card Holders

hanukkah craft ideas- crochet gelt bags

Crochet Gelt Bags

hanukkah gift tags crafts for kids

Washi Tape Gift Tags

hanukkah gift box and decorating DIY ideas

More creative fun via the amazing Creative Jewish Mom with these Cereal Box (!!) gift boxes!

Hanukkah Card Making Ideas

I mentioned earlier the washi tape menorah, would make a lovely Greeting Card for Hanukkah. Here are some more ideas!


Spinning Dreidel Cards are simply fabulous! But probably a craft for a grown up or teen as will require some cutting patience!


Coffee and Carpool has this super cute sewing activity for kids. Not only is it a great way to practice those sewing skills but these would also look really cute on the front of a greeting card, don’t you think?

5 Hanukkah Treats to make with kids

I do love to sneak in the odd treat.. and these marshmallow dreidels caught my eye, so I simply had to share them! And then I simply had to add some more cute and fun Hanukkah treat ideas!

Of course you need to include Potato Latkes and Matzo Ball Soup.. but here are some more tasty treats too!

edible dreidel hanukkah food for kids

Edible Marshmallow Dreidel (these look so fab!)

Star of david treats

These Star of David’s Pretzels are super cute! Fork and Beans shows you how to make these and shares more yummy treats too!

hanukkah cookies

Ever Mine keeps things simple with these Dreidel Sugar Cookies. A lovely gift to make and give at any Hanukkah Celebration!

Hanukkah snacks

Fork and Bean also makes these cutest little Dreidel Sandwiches! So fun!

gelt cookies

Love the simplicity of these Gelt Cookies from Over Time Cook too!

More Hanukkah DIY Ideas using moulds and cookier cutters

Note: the following contains amazon affiliate links – should you choose to purchase via these links, I will make a small comission that will go towards the upkeep of this website!

Here are some fabulous silicon molds and cookie cutter sets – great for cookies, jellies, ice cubes, chocolates, etc, but can also be used for making shaped crayons and gifts!


Silicon Star of David Ice Mold (US / UK) – use the molds to make crayons

dreidel ice cube mold

Dreidel Mold (US)

jewish holiday cookie cutter set

Jewish Holiday Cookie Cutter Set (US / UK)

Some lovely Hanukkah Books for Kids/ Explaining the Festival of Lights

hanukkah books for children

Also check out this great set of books on Hanukkah for children! (US/ UK)

So to summarize your Hanukkah activities:

  1. Play: a dreidel game with Gelt (chocolate coins)
  2. Gifts: 1 present a night for 8 nights
  3. Food: Make traditional potato latkes & matzah ball soup.
  4. Light: Light the Menorah
  5. Read: Stories of Hanukkah

Hope you enjoyed this crafty resource!! Wishing you happy Hanukkah festivities and celebrations with your family and friends.