25 Newspaper Craft Ideas

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Today we look at our favourite NEWSPAPER CRAFT IDEAS. The most obvious use for old newspapers, is to use it for paper mache, but the ideas here today are more about newspaper in it’s natural state… so if you do not like papier mache.. do not fear….. these are all “normal” newspaper craft ideas (apart from a couple of papier mache ideas I popped at the bottom of the post!).

Newspaper Craft Ideas
These DIY Newspaper Craft Ideas were first shared (as part of a Google+ Hangout) in Oct 2014. The post has been updated and republished for your convenience!

Also, newspapers are DIFFERENT to book page crafts , as book pages are usually more durable and easier to craft with. Many crafts on the internet are meant for book pages and not newspapers specifically, but as we don’t all have “old books” to use for crafting, I think newspaper are far more suitable! We have also created a special collection of Easter Crafts From Newspaper, if you are looking for something more seasonal!

How to make creative things with newspaper.. read on to find out!

Making Newspaper Straws & Coils

A great activity for newspapers, is making newspaper straws, which you can then turn into coils. This is a super quick way to turn what is quite fragile paper, into something strong and more versatile!

Newspaper Craft Ideas - paper straws

So to begin, learn how to make Paper Straws – a quick DIY that leads to all sorts of new Straw DIYs for kids. LOVE Newspaper Straws! The video tutorial is also on “auto play” on this post. So you can watch that if you wish.

Once you have made a whole bunch of diy paper straws, you can get crafty, e.g. turn them into these fabulous Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments and cards!

…or Newspaper Stars – love how simple these paper stars are to make! They would look great at both Christmas or 4th July!

Newspaper Craft Ideas - newspaper coil frames

If you take your paper straws and then FLATTEN them and curl them up, you can make a series of gorgeous Newspaper Coil Crafts. I have some in this section and then further blow… For example, this seriously adorable and gorgeous Newspaper Swirl Frames! These make great gifts!

newspaper spiral cards

Newspaper Spiral Cards (see video for below for the spiral how to!)

Recycled Newspaper Craft Ideas - newspaper bracelet

Recycled newspaper craft ideas can be really innovative, like these Newspaper bracelets – uses the curls that we demo in the video – but the link only shows photos, no instructions.

Newspaper Craft Ideas for decoration

Another great newspaper craft idea for decoration is this fun Newspaper coil wall mirror!

More easy Newspaper Craft Ideas for Kids

There are lots of fabulous kids crafts to make from newspapers. We love some simple newspaper orgamie (like the evelopes first up), but also newspapers crafts that you can wear (hats!) or decorate with (flowers!).

Halloween wreath recycled

Learn how to make a Newspaper Monster Wreath! A frugal wreath idea for kids to help make! And doesn’t it look effective?!

Newspaper Craft Ideas - Newspaper Origami Envelopes

Fun with DIY Newspaper Origami Envelopes. Easy and fun (oh and useful!!). These are really handy if you need “randomm sized” envelopes and just don’t have any “in”. I made some to distribute some school photos I printed off for local mums last year.

Newspaper Craft Ideas - newspaper hats

Newspaper Bonnets these make a great Easter Craft with newspaper too! These Easter Bonnets have been a LONG term favourite of mine. Though we did indeed make them for Easter (spot, the tissue paper chicks on top of one of the eggs), you can decorate them to suit any dress up occasion. They even featured in my first Kids’ Crafts Book!

newspaper hats

Or you can keep it simple, with these Newspaper Hats!

Newspaper Love Bugs - Valentines Crafts for Preschool

This is a fun guest post for Valentine’s Day a friend created – make some Newspaper Fridge Magnet Love Bugs! Aren’t they adorable? And so happy!

I mentioned, decorating with Newspapers, and these Gorgeous Newspaper Flowers are just the ticket! They, I promise, so so soooo easy to make and love the gorgeous colours. So easy to personalise to suit any occassion!


We have also used old newspapers to mkae cute Newspaper Gift Bags – easy and quick! Just get a pen out, and add some “house” details for extra fun (and still keeping it simple!).

Newspaper Seedling pots

It is great to get kids excited about gardening and growing things. Making Newspaper Seedling pots allows you to get garden active, in an eco friendly but also thrifty way. Newspaper plant pots are really easy to make and virtually free!

Paper Boat How To

Take your favourite origami pattern and give it another go, as we did here with these fun Newspaper Paper Boats!

Recycled Newspaper Craft Ideas to decorate with

We have already looked at the newspaper flowers above, but you can also make whole newspaper garlands! Another thrifty way, to help decorate “large” areas! My favourite ones (I am bias) are the Autumn Leave Newspaper garlands.. but the Valentine’s Day garlands are gorgeous too:

Newspaper Craft Ideas for decoration: Make Autumn Leaf Garlands

Wonderful Newspaper Leaf Garland! This combines looking for leaves, watercolours and crayons. A really fun arty project that the kids can get really excited about!

A bit of pretty shabby chique, when decorating with this Newspaper Shabby Chic Heart Garland!

Or why not go 3d, with yet more Newspaper Bunting – 3D Heart Newspaper Bunting?

More amazing Newspaper Crafting inspiration

newspaper bracelet (2)

Woven Newspaper Bracelets


Make newspaper forts and use newspapers as life sized building materials!

newspaper mats

Newspaper Mats (no instructions, but see our newspaper coil video and I think you can work out the rest)

Newspaper Craft Ideas - Newspaper Bowls and mats

Again no instructions (but inspiration) Laquered Newspaper Mats

newspaper envelopes

Newspaper envelopes

newspaper leaves

Newspaper leaves

newspaper heart garland

Newspaper Heart Garland

Newspaper Craft Ideas - newspaper roses bouquet

Newspaper Roses

Newspaper furniture

Wow.. you can even make Newspaper Furniture!! (Sorry no link, website no longer “safe”).

How to Weave a Newspaper Basket

Newspaper Basket

Newspaper gift bags

Newspaper Treat Bags

Newspaper Craft Ideas - newspaper-gift-bag-tutorial

Another Gift Bag Idea

newspaper crafts (2)

Newspaper Wallpaper

newspaper crafts - newspaper yarn

My goodness, did you know you could spin your own NEWSPAPER YARN? Cool Bananas!

Newspaper Wreath

Newspaper Wreath

Newspaper Craft Ideas - Newspaper Ornament Crafts

Love these Newspaper Coiled ornaments (see our video above to see how to make the “swirls”)

newspaper crafts ornaments

More cute Newspaper Ornaments (no instructions, but you can see what they did..)

Some of our papier mache projects

Finally, though I didn’t want to make this DIY Newspaper Round Up about paper mache.. I did want to quickly share a few “random ideas”, to show how fun papier mache can be…

If you do make some papier mache.. here is our favourite Papier Mache recipe

Paper Baubles

One of my crazier experiments, I wanted to see if we could make papier mache baubles. For a first try these are not too bad!


A similar experiment shows that you can make Newspaper Papier Mache BEADS too. Mmmh, I may need to practice these some more!

cardboard pirate ship

 Cardboard box pirate ship

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful Newspaper DIY ideas!!

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