DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Tra-la-la-la-laaaaaa. As I type this, I am actually listening to some wonderful Christmas music. I do love the festive season and it is my favourite time of year to get crafty with and without the kids. We love making Edible Christmas Ornaments,  Christmas Cards, fun Christmas Crafts (lots of Christmas TP Roll Ideas!!) and of course Christmas Ornaments. I have to say, that I think the Christmas Ornaments are my favourite (probably also why we have so many on this blog!!!). I love because they are –

  • well Christmassy…
  • they are also great little gifts to give to relatives…
  • they make wonderful keepsakes….
  • you can make them out of anything – nature, recycled or your favouirte craft materials…
  • great for schools fairs…
  • usually inexpensive…
  • small (great for storage and keeping forever)…

Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers (also suitable for older kids)

  1. Reindeer Corks – Ornament – it literally takes 3 minutes to make 
  2. Cork Mushrooms
  3. Stunning Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments
  4. Super simple Bead Wreaths (great for keeping young hands busy whilst you do other things)
  5. Stick Santa (you know how we love Sticks!!)
  6. Button Snowflakes (who can resist a button)
  7. Pom Pom Pine Cones Trees (fabulously  tactile for small hands)
  8. Red Saltdough Hearts (such a classic!)
  9. Similarly, adding a button, makes them extra cute: Button Saltdough Hearts
  10. I LOVE this variation on salt dough.. and adding sea glass or lots of buttons to make Christmas Trees!
  11. Or make them any shape – like these Salt Dough Golden Stars (Garland)
  12. Ice Ornaments (why not decorate the great outdoors too?)
  13. Edible Ornaments
  14. Walnut Babies
  15. Hama Bead Stars
  16. Colourful Yarn Wrapped Stars

Christmas Ornaments for School Aged Children

  1. Fun with Pipecleaners – make these cute Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments
  2. Stunning Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments (I also added these to the other sections as they are great for all ages!)
  3. Olaf – who doesn’t love Olaf?! A great craft for Champagne Corks!
  4. Similar theme – you can also make these little Rainbow Snowmen Corks
  5. Adorable Gingerbread Man Corks
  6. Or Ugly Sweater Polar Bear Ornaments
  7. Santa Corks (I love these little guys. Great for a game of “Santa Bowling” too!)
  8. And because we can’t get enough of corks, we also made ADORABLE Cork Penguin Ornaments!
  9. Pringle Lid Stained Glass Effect Ornament
  10. Felt Hearts (teach kids to sew)
  11. Felt Button Stars (more kids learn to sew)
  12. Snowflake Ornament (use up those old puzzles)
  13. Papier Mache Baubles (yes, a bit random, but wanted to see if it would work!)
  14. DIY White Clay Hearts
  15. Similarly, get the felt tips out, make your basic Salt Dough Recipe and create some of these fabulous Santa Star Ornaments. Just so fun!
  16. Mini Presents
  17. Fabric Keepsake Bauble
  18. Art Paper Baubles & Trees
  19. Photo Paper Baubles (a variation on the art bauble)
  20. We now also have a super cute Paper Snowman Ornament made from the simple paper baubles!
  21. Cookie Cutter Card & Ornament in One (more Edible Christmas Ornaments here)
  22. Scrap Fabric Angel (designed and blogged by a teen)
  23. Austrian Paper Angel
  24. Pom Pom Peg Fairies
  25. Pom Pom Fairies (wooden beads)
  26. Melted Hama Bead Cookie Cutter Ornaments
  27. Paper Fan Angels
  28. Try your hand at these lovely little Origami Christmas Trees 
  29. More confident child sewers can have a go at these darling Felt Reindeer Ornaments
  30. Cutest Felt Penguin Ornaments – Red Ted Art
  31. Finger Knitting Heart Ornament
  32. Paper Snowman Ornament
  33. 3D Paper Unicorn Ornament (oh man, just too cute!)
  34. Gorgeous Paper Fan Birds – make these stunning Paper Cardinal Ornaments
  35. Fun with Neon Paints and Newspapers – learn to make Paper Straws and turn them into Christmas Tree Ornaments
  36. Simple Newspaper Stars
  37. Magical Clay Unicorn Ornaments
  38. Dried Orange Slice Reindeers (to go with our foxes!)

Christmas Ornaments (Older Kids & Grown Ups)

A wonderful inspirational set of Christmas Ornaments to make and treasure. Over 49 ideas to choose from! #Ornaments #Christmas #ChristmasOrnaments #Christmasdecorations #kids
  1. Walnut Reindeers
  2. Walnut Fox
  3. Walnut Penguins, AND…
  4. Walnut Bears
  5. Newspaper Yarn Wrapped Ornaments for Knitters!
  6. Gorgeous Paper Quilled Snowflakes ornaments
  7. Stunning Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments (also added to the other sections as these are fabulous for all ages!)
  8. Light up penguins
  9. Light up snowman
  10. Felt Robin
  11. Felt Christmas Pudding
  12. Adorable felt Reindeer Ornament (based on circle shapes)
  13. Angel Cork Ornament
  14. Nature Crafts Angel (made purely from things found in nature – more lovely nature crafts for kids here!)
  15. Walnut Owls
  16. Keepsake Ornaments (aka recycled cardigans)
  17. Felt Heart & Star Ornaments
  18. Pine Cone Elves
  19. Swedish Hearts
  20. Crochet Snowflakes
  21. Red Knitted Hearts
  22. Orange Slices
  23. And if you love Orange Slices.. you may ADORE these Orange Slice Foxes
  24. Physalis Elves
  25. Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments
  26. Edible “Bauble Ornaments
  27. Traditional Straw Stars! So very pretty
  28. Fabulous Pokemon Ornaments – gotta catch them all!
  29. Gorgeous Nordic Pixies

Check out all our Christmas Ornament Crochet patterns

  1. Cutest Crochet Fox Ornament
  2. And similarly adorable Snowman Crochet Ornament!
  3. Santa Mickey Mouse Ornament 1
  4. Santa Belt Mickey Mouse Ornament 2
  5. Mini Stocking Crochet
  6. Coastal Crochet Patterns
  7. Crochet Snowflakes

So.. clearly, I told a small fib.. I said “49” Christmas Oraments.. but clearly there are many many more!! So I hope you enjoy them all and find plenty of inspiration this season.

Christmas Ornaments eBook

And though I have shared many ideas before, I really wanted to bring our Christmas ornaments together in one place. I also thought it would be useful to group them a little by age – young children, school aged children and “older kids”/ grown ups.

Now our FAVOURITE 30 DIY Christmas Ornament are now available in this handy download – browse it as an ebook or print and turn into worksheets:

more info here

Only $7.99

Looking for more ideas? We have a great set of Angel Ornament Crafts here:

See a sample of our Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments here – we have a whole playlist over on youtube. or browse them below article by article!! Enjoy!


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