ABC Animal Crafts Printables for Classroom Use

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We have explored MANY Animal Crafts over the years.. and have some great ABC Crafts too – from the complete handprint Animal ABC, to crafting a Toilet Roll Animal ABC set.. today, we have a wonderful ABC Animal Crafts PRINTABLE set! Not only are you getting letter animals… but quirky animal words to print, color, cut and assemble. Lots of wonderful learning opportunities!

ABC Word Animal Crafts PRINTABLE

ABC Animal Crafts Printables

Animal Letter Crafts are of course super popular! To expend on this theme, we have created this super special and fun Animal Word Craft Set! All As coloring pages or in full color – depending on your time and resources. Both preschoolers and kids will LOVE to color these in, cut out the individual letters and assemble the Animal Words!

Such a fun way to explore each letter of the alphabet with your young chargers! You could combine these with some sight word coloring pages too.

Benefits or making your Animal Word Craft:

So, when you are working on your letter of the week activity with your kindergarten kids or preschoolers, why not up the game and check out these benefits of using our Animal Word Craft printables:

  • exploring the letters of the alphabet (of course!)
  • taking your letter crafts that next step to include a full word
  • improve fine motor skills with not just coloring skills, but also scissor handling skills
  • learning about new animals (e.g. the Xerus and the Vole)
  • just having a little bit of fun!

Note: these animal words use lowercase letters only. No uppercase letter exploration.

What do our Letter Animals Look like?

owl word

Each animal has two printable versions – a full color version adn a coloring page version. HEre you can see the OWL word printable. As you can see the owl is made from the letters O, W and L (in lower case) with some additional owl specific features, such as the owl eyes and wing feathers!

cat word

Here for example is C for cat!

p is for pig

Or P is for Pig!

Aren’t they fun?!

What animals are included in this ABC?

tricky abc letter animals x v u and i

Well, before you go further, you may want to see which animals are included in this ABC Animal printable pack. Especially the “tricky” animal letters, such as X, U, V and I! What animal starts with an X (other than the X-ray fish), what animal starts with a U (other than the mythical unicorn..). The complete list of animals is (there are 52 pages, as there is the full color set and the black & white set):

  1. A is for Ant (need an alligator? our Handprint ABC has one)
  2. B is for Bee
  3. C is for Cat
  4. D is for Dog
  5. E is for Eel (Need an Elephant? Fear not.. the Handprint ABC or the Paper Roll ABC have some)
  6. F is for Frog
  7. G is for Goat
  8. H is for Hawk (Need a Hippo? Check out our Handprint ABC)
  9. I is for Ibis (prefer and Iguana? We have you covered over with our cardboard tube animals)
  10. J is for Jaguar (Need a Jellyfish? The Handprint ABC has you covered, as does the Toilet Paper Roll ABC)
  11. K is for Koala (want a Kangaroo instead? SORRY! We don’t currently have one.. but watch this space for future kids’ crafts!)
  12. L is for Lion
  13. M is for Mole
  14. N is for Newt (yes.. our handprint animals AND our Cardboard Tube Animals have a Narwhal if you prefer).
  15. O is for Owl
  16. P is for Pig
  17. Q is for Quail
  18. R is for Rat
  19. S is for Shark
  20. T is for Tiger
  21. U is for Urial
  22. V is for Vole (need a vulture? Both our Handprint Animals and the Toilet Roll Animals have one!).
  23. W is for Wolf
  24. X is for Xerus
  25. Y is Yak
  26. Z is for Zebra

To make your alphabet animals… you will need the following supplies:

  • printer paper or light cardstock (we love using card for these)
  • coloring pencils or crayons (if using the coloring pages vs the full color printables)
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • the animal crafts PDF file currently in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store

Expansion idea: you can create habitat collages and add your letter craft animals to them!

After asking you, my readers, which resource to make freely available, I have added the O is for Owl Printables for you. Simply click on “Single Freebie Printable” and add $0 at check out. Alternatively, get the full set on either Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s or my Gumroad store!

full set of printables

Hope you enjoy this printable craft set!I hope these adorable animal words, make you and your toddlers and young children smile!

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