Adventure Time Craft – Desk Tidy & Money Box

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Adventure Time Craft – Money Box and Pen Pot Holder

Adventure Time Beemo Craft - make your own easy money box and desk tidy

As the kids grow older, they are enjoying crafts relating to their “interest” more and more.. so every so often I “relent” and we make something from one of their favourite shows. Adventure Time is currently big among our friends, so we thought an Adventure Time Craft would be super fun. Here we made a Beemo Money Box and a Finn Pen Pot holder from small cereal boxes. I think they turned out super cute and would be great Adventure Time Desk Tidy craft! Hope you like them too.. here is how we made them!

Adventure Time Finn & BMO Desk Tidy and Money Box - a fabulous fun and easy craft for kids

Adventure Time Craft – Materials:

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  • a small box (variety pack cereal packets are great)
  • acrylic paints – experiment with the colours you have, but we used these colours
    • Cadmium Yellow Light Hue US / UK
    • Ultramarine US/UK
    • Coeruleum Blue US (similar)/ UK
    • Pink Blush US/ UK
    • Titanium White
  • craft foam – you can use cardboard instead or paint them on, but if you want to buy some, you can get craft foam here – US/ UK
  • glue stick (this one is the best as always US/ UK)

Adventure Time Craft – How To:

You can either watch the video or follow the written instructions below!

1) We started by carefully breaking our box open and turning it inside out and glueing it back in place again. This is because the INSIDE of a cereal box is much easier to paint. The outside of a cereal box has a plastic varnish on it, which doesn’t allow you to use all of the paint.

2) For Adventure Time Finn – we pushed down the two large flaps, but kept the short ones pokin up as his “ears”. We then painted the top white (including a bit of the inside), followed by a broad light blue bit and a thin dark blue strip and let it dry.

3) For our Adventure Time BMO Moneybox, we mixed our light blue, yellow and white acrylic paints to make our own turquoise. We then painted the whole box and let it dry.

4) In the meantime we painted some pink on some paper, and also a lighter version of the turquoise (by adding more white). And let this dry too.

5) Once all dry. Draw and oval in a black marker pen on the pink paper for Finn’s face and a rectangle on the light turquoise for Beemo’s Face. When cutting it out DO leave a black outline, this gives it a nice and neat cartoony feeling. Add eyes and mouth.

6) Glue the faces on. For the Finn Desk Tidy, we then added some black lines to separate out the white/ light blue and dark blue.

7) For the BMO Money Box Craft, we added some button shapes out of craft foam. If you don’t have any craft foam, you can cut out card or paper or paint it on in acrylics.

8) The rest of Beemo details were added in black or dark blue marker pen.

9) Finally. We cut a slot out of the back of our Beem Money Box DIY to allow for the coins and notes to go in. We secured the bottom of the Cereal box with a paper clip to allow the removal of the money if and when needed.

DONE! We think our little Adventure Time Craft is simply ADORABLE! And so so easy to make. Hope you like it too!