Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids

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I am very excited about today’s collection of kids craft ideas – it is all about Air Dry Clay Projects for Kids (well for kids and big kids… ). We love using air dry clay, but find it is something that many people shy away from.

Air Dry Clay Projects - we LOVE working with air dry clay and there are many fabulous air dry clay projects for kids out there to inspire. Here are some the best we have made and found, and hope you like these clay projects too. Perfect for Art Lesson Plans, but also for working with clay at home.
Image annotation: crafts shared above from top to bottom:  Clay Birds,  DIY Letter BowlsDIY Clay BeadsAir Plant PotsColorful Heart OrnamentsHedgehog Pen Holder“Faces” Pinch Pots

Yet air dry clay is inexpensive (when not buying branded clay) and versatile and there are so many wonderful tutorials you can have a go at. From jewelry, to clay decor, clay planters, to gorgeous clay bowls. Clay crafts for all ages groups and abilities – from beginners to advanced!

You mainly get air drying clay in brown or grey. But there are also some great (but more expensive) white clay versions. I highly recommend going back to basics and learning to use traditional grey or brown clay with the kids. It is indeed a learning process, and no doubt mistakes (and falling apart) projects will be made, but that is what art projects are all about, right? Learning!

Ary Dry Clay Resources

First off, we have two great “general” resources here on Red Ted Art – an article about How to soften Air Dry Clay (it is super easy, but you need time), as well as a great introduction to working with clay!

There are different types of clay, but we like to go for the most natural as possible. You can avoid expensive brands when buying air dry clay in bulk and go back to basics.

We like to buy clay in bulk – and usually get clay like this:

  • grey clay (US/ UK) (the best for buying in bulk)
  • terracotta clay (US / UK) (great for earthy projects)

But this white clay is also popular

  • white air drying clay (US/ UK) (Crayola air Dry Clay is super popular, a lovely clay for when you want that clean white finish without painting, however it is MUCH more expensive and therefor best for small projects such as ornaments)

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Generally speaking, we like using acrylic paint to decorate our clay projects, as acrylic paint also acts a little bit like a varnish and can seal your projects off!

So.. and now over to some projects!

Air Dry Clay Ideas

Air Dry Clay Bowls & Pinch Pot Ideas

Super popular clay projects are of course air drying clay bowls. They are usually quite easy to make and are practical gifts that the kids can make and give!

Other Air Dry Clay Tutorials & Projects

Air Dry Clay isn’t just for pinch pots and clay bowls of course. There are so many more DIYs and crafts you can make – from Christmas Tree Ornaments, to beads and decorated Pen Pots! Let’s take a look at these wonderful craft projects and tutorials:

And in addition, if you are working with Polymer Clay, you may like:

For those of you looking for some POLYMER Clay inspiration, I have put together a small collection of crafts too. Polymer Clay is more durable than air dry clay (which can crumble if not sealed properly) and is also great for smaller, finder projetcs – such as pendants, bracelets or charms.

Watch this space fore more air dry clay crafts coming soon! We are looking at experimenting with oven bake clay (will report back), so that we can see how waterproof it is and may have a go at some vases or even mugs! But we certainly have some candle holders coming (great Christmas gifts) and maybe a diy incense holder or two. I am also keen on making some cute clay gnomes for Christmas!! But watch this space.. more coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of air dry clay projects and that it has given you inspiratio to get crafty!