An Ordinary Day? No Sweat

Image tag Well.. as you know, I have already reported back on how the new Nivea Stress Protector did indeed “protect me” in extenuating circumstances. There was a rather too tricky cake to bake, I went crafting with 28 4 year olds and I went on my much dislike shopping trip.

But what about “every day”? And an “every day” that includes two young children and the running of a “normal” house?

I don’t know about you, though of course my kids are 110% adorable and lovely and wonderful, we do of course have our moments… like when..

1) You are trying to get everyone on of the door in the morning and to school – you still have to collect the neighbour’s child, and they are simply not getting ready. Then you go to the neighbour’s house and said child, is standing at the door, crying and screaming and saying “I am not going to nursery”. You have your own kids to get to school on time and now someone else’s is having a tantrum as well and you are in charge…? You have 3 school bags to carry, a parcel for the post office and now a 3yrs old (that isn’t yours) to drag to school.. as well as your own two…

Yep. That. We got there. And only about 3 min late… and luckily I had used the Stress Protector in the morning!

And what about, when…

2) … the downstairs loo won’t flush and you call out the first best “loo repair man” and he arrives telling you that he charges £59.99 PER HALF HOUR (+ VAT) and the proceeds to work VERY SLOWLY….. and eventually you have to tell him to “just go”, because you can literally here the clock ticking…..

Yep. That. I chucked him out and “luckily” only paid for an hour (ouch), the loo kind of works, but it isn’t ideal.

Bring me that stress protector…

And what about, when…..

3) Your child falls over at school and cuts his chin. You get a call from a panicking and flapping school office and you end up having to go to Accident & Emergency with a sobbing poor boy, whilst sorting out “emergency” childcare for the sibling. Then keeping a young boy calm and entertained whilst waiting to be seen at the hospital…

Yep… THAT!

Anyway.. having been using the new deodorant from Nivea these past weeks, I can safely say, that it is indeed very good and has left me feeling a lot fresher than other brands I have used in the past.

Hooray for Nivea!