30 Art Projects for Kids – Exploring the Great Artists

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We have been running a Kids Get Arty challenge now for well over a year. Every couple of months, we challenge you to look at a real artist with your child, discuss their work and then be inspired by their technique or inspiration to create your Art Projects for Kids. It has been a wonderful journey of art exploration for us. We have found many Art Books for kids to help us along the way and we have enjoyed learning about  KlimtDavid HockneyAndy GoldsworthyAndy Warhol and many more artists ourselves.. and we have enjoyed reading about your chosen artists and art projects that you have come up with. Such a fantastic set of art ideas! Recently, I shared our favourite 25 Toddler Art Projects from our Kids Get Arty challenge, and now I would like to share well over 30 Art Projects for kids aimed roughly at Kindergarden/ Reception age and up – i.e. 4yrs plus. Though the children may have been 4yrs and up, this does not mean that these projects are restrained to this age group. I think all ages would enjoy these.

Unashamedly, I bring you our projects first, followed by some of my favourite great artists projects from fellow bloggers!

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These fantastic Great Artist Projects for Kids where first published in Sept 2013 and have been updated and republished for your convenience!

Art Projects for Kids

Collage of Handprint Pop Art for Father's Day

Easy HAndy Warhol


Printing & layering – Klimt

Photo Montage – David Hockney

Street Art – Stencils and Spray Paint –Banksy

Explorig Andy Goldsworthy with kids Andy Warhols for Kids (2) Karel-Appel-inspired-Junk-Collage

Andy Goldsworthy – Land Art

Andy Warhol – Flowers

Karel Appel – Junk Collages

Lichtenstein-Art-Project-for-Kids Colour-theory-with-preschoolers QuiltArt4-001

Tracing and dot art – Lichtenstein

Colour Theory – Paul Klee

Cloth – Molly Upton

Easy Pointillism for Kids - a cute heart project (perfect for Valentines Day projects too!) Valentines Crafts for Kids - Resist Art (7) Mike Kelley - Memory Ware Flat 18

 Seurat: Pointillism for Kids Heart Project

Robert Indiana Pop Art Project for Kids

Mike Kelly for Kids

kandinsky for kids  Giacometti for kids motoi yamamoto for kids

Paper Kandinsky

Aluminium Foil Giacometti

Salt Art – Motoi Yamamoto

kids-cloisonne-craft alma-thomas-snoopy-making-3-610x610 Collage Art The Band

Crayon Cloisonne

Sweetie Wrapper Alma Thomas

Collage Art – Romare Bearden 

picasso for kids Gerhard Richter for Kids margaret Preston for kids

Portraits Picasso

Layering & Plexiglass – Gerhard Richter

Monoprints – Margaret Preston

Rauschenberg for kids Seurat for Kids 

Mixed Media – Rauschenberg

Q-Tips Seurat

Painting – Paul Klee

Modigliani for kids Jasper Johns for kids dali for kids

Oval Face – Modigliani

Paint Chip Jasper Johns

Clock – Dali

Chargall for Kids dubuffet for kids george rodrigue for kids

Multiple Amazing Chagall’s

Texture Painting – Jean Dubuffet

Painting in Abstract and 2D- George Rodrigue

Jasper Johns for kids Frank Stella for kids title9

Collage – Jasper Johns

Collage – Frank Stella

Chapel Painting – Michelangelo

pollock painting Collage Klimt for kids Franz Kline

Splat Art – Jackson Pollock

Collage – Klimt

Newspaper Painting – Franz Kline

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