15 Bird Feeder Crafts

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This week I am back looking at Bird Feeder Crafts for you! And looking after birds this Winter. The majority of the Bird Feeder Ideas shared are quite simple and need little explanation.

15 Wonderful Bird Feeder Crafts and Ideas - a great way to look after our feather friends this Winter. We love DIY Bird Feeder Ideas.

There are few things to consider when looking after Birds this Winter and making sure that you feed them the RIGHT sort of food. If you have the right basics, it is up to you how creative you get with your DIY Bird Feeders. We have a number of “5 minute bird feeder craft” ideas, as well as some more elaborate ones too!

Making birdfeeders is a wonderful way to decorate your backyard but also attract wildlife! You will see that there are lots of ways to make birdfeeders, from using recycled milk jugs to more elaborate teacup and saucer affairs! There is a tutorial for each one!

What to put in your DIY Bird Feeders:

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Bird Feeder Ideas:

tea pot bird feeder

Teapot and Teacup Birdfeeders– Shappy Chic – this is a great one for mixing birdseed with lard.

DIY Cheerios Bird Feeders - fine motor skill activity for kids

UPDATE: There is some controversy around using cheerios as a birdfeeder. I would suggest using only unsweetened, no addtive products! Super Simple Cheerio Bird Feeders – the kids love doing this one and it is great for their fine motor skills

DIY Bird Feeders
A pinecone bird feeder is a simple craft to make

Pine Cone Bird Feeders – a great “natural” looking bird feeder that the birds will find irristible. This is a classic one using peanut butter, but can also be made with lard.

Juice Carton Crafts Bird Feeder
Our favourite juice carton birdfeeder

One of our favouirte homemade bird feeders and one for those of us, that love to upcycle – from Milk Carton to Milk Carton Bird Feeder. You will need a milk carton, some bottle tops and hot glue. Definitely up in the list of fun bird feeders.


Love this DIY Suet Ball Bird Food Recipe!

Orange Half Bird Feeders – this orange bird feeder idea is popular as they look pretty in the gloomy winter months. Such a simple DIY using bird feed, orange halves and some twine.

tin can birdfeeder

A nice tin can & sisal bird feeder idea


Bird feeder “necklaces”


“Bird Cake” a great recipe via the RSPB

bird feeder ideas

Snowman Bird Feeder (what a fab idea!)

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders – these make fantastic birdseed ornaments to decorate your back yard.


Craft Stick Bird Feeder – a wonderful one for beginners and kids of all ages!


Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder – love the wooden Spoon perches – a clever way to use an empty plastic bottle and wooden dowel.


Be inspired by “your junk”

bird feeder collage birds1

Probably my favourite idea – teacup bird feeder. I am unlikely to make it.. but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at it, right?!

So.. which bird feeder craft will you do first? Will it be the simple Cheerio Bird Feeder? Or are you inspired to have have a rummage around your junk box and make a Junk Bird Feeder? Would love to hear what you get up to! Hope you liked these Bird Feeder Ideas and that you are now inspired to get crafty and look after our feathered friends this Winter! Happy Making from Red Ted Art!