Book & Cook – Rainbow Cookies (Duckies Rainbow)


It is RAINBOW time in our house. Red Ted has shown an interest in colours for a while. He has a tendency to call EVERYTHING blue, but I do believe (!) he knows his colours. Or at least is starting to. A few weeks back I saw these awesome Rainbow Cookies over at Views from my Window. I knew we would be making some very soon. These rainbow coookies would make a lovely St Patrick’s Day Activity, don’t you think!?

Rainbow cookies

I have some amazing natural (!) food dies from the states (look here for more info): they come in basic colours, red, blue and yellow, so basic colour chart theory comes into play. But I am ahead of myself. First the story.

It is rainbow week here at Red Ted Art. And the book we chose to keep for today, was Duckie’s Rainbow.

Duckie’s Rainbow, by Frances Barry
. We were already predetermined to like Duckie’s Rainbow: we order one book and 3 arrived + some flashcards (yes, yes evil flashcards, but Red Ted adored them). The publishers must have sent us a promotional pack! Yipee for us! So, Are they any good? We have to say yes. Duckie is hurrying home to avoid the coming rain, he passes through red poppy fields, orange bridges and yellow cornfields. Simply illustrated, with simple text. Great for reading allowed (even Pip Squeak was enthralled). The rainbow takes shape (i.e. the book is rainbow shaped!). We like. The two “free” books are lovely too. Duckie’s Splash and Duckie’s Wish. Both with the same simple illustrations and text. Both picking on an educational them (the first on opposites, the second that everyone has something that makes them special). We like indeed! Definitely for the younger age range though – judging by my children 6mths – 3.5yrs?

We actually made the cookies on the spur of the moment and decided to eat them whilst reading the book. As I used the same recipe as in the last cookie baking session (sorry), I borrowed the ingredients photo.

Rainbow Cookies Recipe :

  • 300g flour (2 cups)
  • 200g butter (a bit less than 1 cup)
  • 100g sugar (1/2 cup)
  • vanilla essence (optional),
  • food dies, red, yellow, blue

We love this food colouring – US/ UK (affiliate links)

This recipe is in fact very similar to your classic and Easy Shortbread Recipe.

We have a video How To for you… or follow the photo instructions below!

Step by step photo how to make Rainbow Cookies

2) Mix ingredients, devide into 6 balls

3) Mix food colurs – yellow, red, blue. and then yellow & red for orange, red & blue for purple and blue & yellow for green. Older children will enjoy learning about how colours come together! The wonderful about these natural food dies, is that your hands don’t get stained a horrible colour. Also when your baby is “accidently fed” some by the toddler, it isn’t tragic. If you can’t find any,  then maybe place dough in freezer bags and mix colours by “bashing/kneading the dough in the bags”. Red Ted had a good go at mixing, but mummy had to finish it off!

4) Cool in fridge for approx 1hr

5) Roll out and stack. Squish stack to make it longer and slice with knife.

6) Place on tray (Red Ted LOVED this step for some reason). Bake at 180 til cooked.

7) Eat & Read. Offer to Opapa, Granny and neighbours!

I hope you will make some and enjoy them too!!!

rainbow cookies

rainbow cookies

Fancy making some rainbow cookies yourself? Certainly would cheer up a rainy day!

rainbow cookies

Rainbow cookies

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