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Welcome to our special collection of Crafts for Boys! This is a collection of the best crafts especially for boys. So many people tell me that their “boys just aren’t that interested” or that they “wished they had a girl to sew for” or “what on earth to give hubby for Christmas”… So I thought a Boys Crafts round up may be a good idea. Though this post ostensibly is about boys, it doesn’t mean that girls would not enjoy some of these activities too of course they are for any little hands to have a go at!

40 Craft Ideas Especially for Boys. Best Crafts for Boys - crafting with boys can be tricky at times. Here are some fantastic Boys Crafts to make all ages
Crafting for boys and with boys since 2010!

I have one of each – 11yrs old boy and a 9yrs old girl and we do all our crafts together. The kids share their toys and they have had no particular gender bias upbring. And yet… they are different! And like different things. I think it is just the way it is. It is all about personal preference of course!

I created this list to help parents who feel that their “boy” may enjoy crafts more if the crafts were more gender specific and who fancy a change of “just” building with Legos or gaming. 

In a similar way, if you are looking for boy themed craft projects, you may also love our Shark Crafts round up as well as our special Corner Bookmarks for Boys round up!

Boys Crafts – Craft Ideas for Boys to Make

boy crafts

Our first tutorial is our super simple  Solar System and learn about the planets with this paper mache solar system craft. Boys Crafts are out of this world!

Take your Papier Mache skills a step further and make a Death Star Pinata! Star Wars always makes a fun craft theme for boys! And older kids will LOVE to work ont his with you!

where the wild things are costumes

I Will Eat You Up!! If you have a Wild Thing in your house.. you may love making these Where the Wild Things Are Masks. Or these boys and girls really are little rascals! This is a particularly handy one for Mom on world book day!


Easy DIY Superhero Masks part of our Superhero themed Birthday Party!

treasure bogs from egg cartons

If recycling is your thing, you will love this Egg Carton Treasure box. My, it is so so so simple to make, looks fabulous and is great for all those little boyhood keepsakes. Somewhere to put those rubber bands and rocks found on your walk to school! They would also make fantastic party favour boxes at any Pirate Party!

boy crafts

Balloon Car Racing this was an activity for my son’s 3rd Birthday Party themes as a “Cars Party


 TP Roll Robots – this littel guy ALWAYS makes me smile. He is so easy to make and you can add sequins or beads as Robot buttons. So cute!

TP Roll Monsters

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters are also always super fun to make – basically, you can’t go wrong! You simply go wild with your fun craft supplies – I do love all the googly eyes! And the best bit? Paper rolls are plentiful, so you can make as many crazy creations as you want and let their creativity go wild.!

toilet roll snakes

Toilet Paper Rolls also make surprisingly good snakes! Aren’t these fun?! And super easy to make too (of course!). Here is how to make a paper tube snake.

Whilst on the topic of snakes. Why not give finger knitting a go! I am sure your boys and grils will love love love these colourful Finger Knitted Snakes!

cute paper spider printable

If cute creepy crawlies are your thing. Give this printable 3d Spider Coloring Page a go too! This is part of a wider set of 10 cute insects to color and make! Such a fun and simple craft for a rainy day afternoon!

Feeling more ambitious? This Boy Craft will be super popular with both boys and girls. Recycle old cardboard and turn it into this AMAZING cardboard Pirate Ship. Many years later and we still have ours!! Fabulous!

crafts with sticks

Boys love sticks. It is a fact. Actually all boys and girls love sticks. Mine kids have collected SO MANY sticks over the years, that I couldn’t even count them anymore. So rather than stop them collecting sticks, we decided to EMBRACE our stick collection my turning them into a Stick Man Craft!

diy marble run

We had tons of fun learning about gravity whilst making this cardboard box Marble Run! Super simple upcycle and a fantastic craft for boys

Knights Costume DIY from Cardboard

Cardboard Box Knight’s Shield (includes printable designs)

Turn a straw into a glider

Have a straw? Make some paper straw gliders! A fun little craft that will keep them busy having much fun playing with these afterwards! Such an easy craft AND STEAM project in one!

Another great upcycle and craft for Boy Tweens or teens are these Ring Pull Tab Bracelets! Clever. It was actually a 20yrs old who showed me how to make these.. so hopefully they will enjoy crafting and wearing these for a while!

Time to blast off! Super cute and easy Rocket Wall Hangings – these are a Valentine’s Day Version, but you can make one for all year round too!

mini skatedboard with beads
The beads make such cute wheels!

Mini Skateboard Craft

As you may already know, I love se7en’s website. Not only does she come up with beautifully colourful crafts and ideas, but she usually makes them with ALL seven or her children! Now there is a challenge for you… crafting with seven kids, keeping your hair on and having fun. Check out these adorable mini Skateboards. Love them!

boy craft ideas

Monster Shooting

Now come on.. which boy would not LOVE this craft and activity? I know my neighbours boys (6yrs & 8yrs) as well as Red Ted (3.5yrs) and Pip Squeak (21mths) would love love love these: Make some monsters, then get our your squirty gun for some monster shooting by What I Live For! What a great activity for a party of playdate too. These, are SO on our to do list!


Here is a super fun craft and science project in one. Get your engineering skills tingling with a fun popsicle stick catapult! We combined ours with some pom pom angry birds, but of course you can turn it into marshmallow shooters too. So fun!

Parents shows us how to make this fabulous clothes peg airplane!Airplane Printable

A wonderful Cardboard Airplane model to make with kids. Turn a humble box into this lovely Airplane model – this one is a “Love is in the Air” Airplane for a fun boy’s valentine’s idea.. however you can make it all year round and decorate it whichever way you want!

I Kat Bag shows how to turn buttons and clothes pins into these seriously cute Button Car Races. What boy isn’t going to love this?! Love Crafts for Boys & Girls.

Or how about some NINJA men made from pipe cleaners? A super fun boys craft from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls!x

Knights Costume DIY from Cardboard

Cardboard Box Knight’s Shield (includes printable designs)

ice boats

Ice Boats

Another lovely idea I first saw on My Oat Meal Kisses are these Ice Boats. They combine science with fun fun fun, whilst being kind to the environment! Make your boughts, float them on the lake and all that remains is a little wood and paper! Hooray!x

crafts for boys colour theory

Ice Experiment Colours

I absolutely ADORE this very simple and yet clever “ice experiment” and colour theory – you freeze some ice cubes (and get to talk about freezing water” and then you pop them into a glass and see what happens as they melt. Science and colour theory in one from The Preschool Experiment!x

crafts for boys

Planet Picture

Aaaah what a lovely way to explore the universe – by making your own! I love how I Heart Crafty Things started off with a fun “splat painting” and then added the details. Perfect for all solar enthusiasts!x

Crafts for boys footprint rockets

Footprint Rocket

Whilst on the topic of space, why not make one of these BRILLIANT footprint rockets – I love the fact that you have a footprint for the rocket itself AND that you add your children’s pictures in the peep holes. So cute and so fun! A fabulous keepsake. Fun Handprint Art shares their idea!

fire truck crafts for boys

Footprint Fire Engine

Or… you could make a Footprint Fire Engine? What a great craft to go with any lovely fire engine book. A brilliant one for little boys (and girls). Sweet and Lovely Crafts share their crafts.

Pirate Handprint Craft

Fun Handprint Art Blog has another great idea – make some fun handprint pirates.x

blue truck crafts for boys

Little Blue Truck

Or… if foot print craft isn’t quite your thing, check out this lovely Little Blue Truck book and craft post by I Heart Crafty Things (again). Isn’t it cute and fun??x

bathtub fishing activity for kids

Bathtub Fishing

Now, if you have had enough of all that mess… why not head for some clean crafty fun and make you own Bathtub Fishing craft. Crafts and Art For Children share a lovely lovely post!x

crafts for boys

Stacking Cups

Or why not keep things simple, whilst still having lots of fun – Little Wonder Days shows us exactly what you can do with stacking cups!x

Cardboard Box Vehicles and Box Cars

Keriene innocently started off with making a simple Cardboard Box Car.. then here son asked for a cardboard box turck.. THEN.. a fire engine… and and and… the collection is fabulous and the first two have more detailed instructions for you to follow!

We also have this quick and easy Hospital Play Set made with boxes and TP Rolls.

playdough monsters crafts for boys

Playdough Monsters

Now I love Monster crafts for any age groups – as you can really let your imagination run wild and littliest can have a go without worrying about where the “correct parts” go… just fun. Happy Home Fairy had just that fun with their Playdough Monsters. Aren’t they cute?x

Loo Roll Monsters

Or.. if you want them slightly more permanent, why not try our own Loo Roll Monsters? We had lots of fun making ours and it was a great way of using up bits and pieces from around your craft boxs! Lovely!x

crafts for boys robots

Recycled Robots

Another one of our favourite crafts on Red Ted Art are our Recycled Robots! We took our recycling box peared inside and took a good look about what we could make. Use some bubble bottles from arms and legs.. and you are on your way.x Lids make great robot buttons, and you can use as many as you like!

crafts for boys dinosaurs

Saltdough Dinosaurs

We also love making things out of Saltdough – had some colour and it is magically transformed… so we made our saltdough and then got crafty with these little dinosaurs. Aren’t they cute?x We love working with salt dough and have a great recipe with simple ingredients for you try! We originally added paint to our salt dough, but with some experimenting found that a good quality food coloring is even better to use (and a little less messy). Once made, pop them in the oven and preserve for some play time!

crafts for boys

Lacing Cards

Recently we gave sewing a go sewing with Red Ted and he loved it! However the best way to get really young kids sewing is to start with lacing cards. I love how What I Live For made their own lacing cards – check out how!

Crafts for Boys – Tweens

Learn how to make a battery powered Mini Robot – you may still be able to get Teen boys interested in this one toO!

Monster Corner Bookmark part of our collection of extensive Corner Bookmark Designs – lots more “boy” themed bookmarks here – from Pokemon to Ninja Turtles and more! Find more Corner Bookmarks for Boys here!

Similarly we have a YETI Corner Bookmark too! Find more Corner Bookmarks for Boys here!

Fantastic DIY Fidget Spinners with free templates.. part of a wider Fidget Spinner DIY collection!

Similarly learn how to make a Paper Ninja Star and then turn it into a Fidget Spinner too!

Super popular among my Tween Boy YouTube viewers is this Origami Boomerang – it takes some concentration to make.. but once you have it is a fantastic paper toy!

Crafts for Boys for grown ups to make

easy soap making

Not only is this Dino Egg Soap relatively easy and thirfty to make, but it may persuade your boys and girls to wash their hands a little more. This craft for boys is just squeaky clean! 

craft ideas for boys

Story Stones

I love crafts that involve stones – they are so beautifully tactile and when you store them in  bag, make a great clinking sound too. I also love storytelling and what better than to combine the two. He is a clever “applique” stone story telling craft by Pre School Play. Beautiful and fun!


Story Cubes

Or if you fancy something “less heavy” and that you can also stack…check out our wooden story cubes. You can even get a copy of my pdf for ideas of what to draw on them. Make them wonderfully personal and encourage imagination, talking and story telling in your house!x

crafts for boys

Boy Pegs

I absolutely ADORE these “boy pegs” – how cute cute cute are they? Here you can see “Harry Potter Pegs”, but the wonderful Simple Simon and Co made a whole range of “boy pegs”. Really worth a look and having a go!


crafts for boys

Shark Towelling Hoodie

I love this “Towelling Hoodie” – a wonderful towel for going to the beach or the pool. Your boys (or girls) will most certainly be the envy of the other kids. Check out Kissed by A Frog to see how they are made!


crafts for boys monster tee

Monster Tee

I hear so many people say “aaah but what clothes can you make for a boy”? Look no further! This T-shirt for a preschooler, is soooo simple in design and yet sooooo effective. I love it. Fun fun fun all round. I Heart My Glue Gun shows us her Monster Tee!x

Learn how to convert a  black hoodie into a TOOTHLESS Dragon Costume! Such a cool craft for How to Train a Dragon fan!

batman how to

Batman Costume for boys

Use an old pair of Men’s Trousers to make this cute and fun Batman Costume! Your kids will love it…x

crafts for boys dino tee

Dino Tee

And if monsters are not quite your thing… why not try out this adorable Dino Tee… you could always use Bondaweb, if sewing isn’t quite what you like doing either… Roca And Company share her post! I love it!x

craft for boys sewings

Onesie Baseball Cap

Now here is a different way to reuse those Onesies.. you know I am a great fan of making dolls or bunnies out of baby clothes, how about a baseball cap? The idea is from Me Sew Crazy. Go check it out!x


craft for boys sewings

Upcycle Shorts

Or recycle those old boy clothes and make some fun shorts? You cannot go wrong with these! Scattered Thoughts of A SAHM, came up with this How To.

crafts for boys

Nautical Banner

I have to say, I rather like this nautical banner. It looks so effective! And you know, the individual flags are PAINTED on. Don’t they look great? Three Scoops Of Love shows us their process and idea.x


crafts for boys

Bug Book

Bugs are sure something that my son adores.. actually so does my little girl, but I digress.. Not sure whether I could manage this, but isn’t Grandma fab? And it is her first try! Easy Peasy Grandma shows us her post!x

Super cute and tasty treats that boys will love!

How about some “cool crafts” that you can eat? Maybe the reward of a tasty treat will make your reluctant crafter for more interested?

monster cookies

Both Boys and Girls, will love to make these super easy Monster Cookies!

Simple MINION Cupcakes for boys to help make!

boy crafts food

Crab Snack

Oooh these little crab snacks are cute cute cute! The Seven Year Cottage came up with the idea. Nom nom nom.


shark melon

Shark Melon

And I have seen a number of shark melons on the web this summer… the websites that this originated from, no longer seems to be available. Boooo.. but hopefully it will serve as inspiration regardless!


crafts for boys

Apple Frogs

What are little boys made of? Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.. well in that case how about a froggy apple for supper? Cute and fun by Clean And Scentsible.x

crafts for boys

Shark Attack Snack

And more sharks to get your boys excited. This time by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sonsx

craft ideas for boys party

Monster Cupcakes

I also LOVE these simple and fun Monster Cupcakes. Brilliant. Its Talor Made these fun monsters as part of a whole Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Crafts for Boys! And that you didn’t get offended by the “for boys” title. It is a touchy subject this day and age. But as a parent of both genders, I do believe that boys and girls are different… so long as you give equal opportunities and choices to both children, it is ok, to recognise their differences!x

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transport crafts

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40 Craft Ideas Especially for Boys. Best Crafts for Boys - crafting with boys can be tricky at times. Here are some fantastic Boys Crafts to make all ages
boy craft ideas