Cardboard Tube Crafts – Easy, Fun, Cheap. Perfect!

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As some of you know, I love love love crafting with cardboard tubes – also known as “loo rolls” here in the UK and have a great selection of Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids for you to browse – 12 of which I am sharing here with you today! It is one of those materials that “everyone has”, is free and is there in abundance. So I thought I would do a quick round up of Loo Roll crafts you can find here on Red Ted Art! Long live the loo roll!

cardboard tube crafts

Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids

cardboard-tube   cardboard-tube   cardboard-tube

1. Robot

2. Loo Roll Zoo inspired by “Who is Hiding”

3. Pirates inspired by “The Troll”

cardboard-tube   cardboard-tube   cardboard-tube

4. Castles & Men

5. Crowns for Prince & Princesses

6. Friendly Monsters 

Marionettes cardboard tube   cardboard tube birds   cardboard tube crafts

7. Giraffes

8. Birds

9. Victor van Krumm Dog

cardboard tube watch     cardboard-tube-crafts

10. Watch

11. Owl 

12. And finally, I give you – Captain Jack Sparrow!

Over 10 Fabulous Cardboard Tube Craft Ideas

cardboard tube roll

We love you, TP roll!