Super Simple Christmas Wreath Craft


The idea behind these DIY Christmas Ornament is to give the kids a range of activities to keep them happy and busy, whilst you get on with the last minute Christmas preparations.  So today, I would love to share these super cute and yet very simple Christmas Wreaths with you.

They are easy and colourful and would make great little Christmas tree decorations, additions to Christmas presents, fix to the front of a card for Christmas card making or just because. Oh and if you children decide to wear them as bracelets,  well then that is ok too. SO long as everyone is happy!

These cute little Christmas Wearths are also included in our practical, easy to download and print out Christmas Ornament Book. Each craft is shared on one page – making the perfect worksheet print outs. Lovely to have them all in one place too!

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DIY Christmas Wreath for Preschoolers – materials

  •  1 Pipecleaner per wreather,
  • approx. 14-18 pony beads(though any beads will do),
  • optional – a ribbon for hanging

Messiness rank: 1 out of 5 (the only disaster I can envisage is that the beads may spill on the floor)

Entertainment factor: anything from 10-30minutes depending on child and number of beads

DIY Christmas Wreath for Preschoolers – How To

1)      Start threading

2)      When you have enough beads on your pipe cleaner, bend your pipe cleaner up

3)      Add a little twist to secure

4)      And then form a bow and twist in place!

All done. You can now add a ribbon, thread or ornament hook to hang your creation up. We also like adding little ornaments to packets of home made biscuits as sweet little gifts – take a peak at these homemade Christmas cookies here.. or just use these to decorate “normal” presents.

Lovely! Hope you liked this simple Christmas craft ideal for preschoolers and young children (well, not the really little ones that like eating beads of course).

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