You may have noticed that we have a “thing” about DIY Corner Bookmarks recently.. since making the leap to YouTube almost 2 years ago now, the kids watching the channel have been challenging me to more and more and more Corner Bookmark designs. These handmade bookmarks are based on a very Easy Origami Bookmark, but then, I do cut and embellish. Technically NOT making it an Origami Bookmark. We LOVE these cute corner bookmarks and are totally hooked on making with the kids!  It is so fun to rise to the crafty challenge and come up with new designs for my viewers.

These handmade bookmarks make great little gift ideas and I have had feedback from many readers that they are great fundraiser at school fairs! Or maybe have a go at making some of these bookmark designs for World Bookday? Enjoy!!

The best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Based on an EASY Origami Bookmark design, this is a great introduction to paper crafts for kids! #bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #bookmarkcorner #diybookmarks #bookmarkdesigns #handmade #homemade #backtoschool #supplies #organization #kids #middleschool
There are so many fabulous Corner Bookmark Designs to choose from!

Corner Bookmarks Designs

Corner Bookmark Making Ideas by Season and Topic

To help you find favourite Corner Bookmark Designs, we have put together some topic posts:

If you would like to see other collections of these bookmarks (e.g. animal corner bookmarks), please do leave me a comment with suggestions!

Every time I think.. right I have made as many bookmarks as I possibly can.. I get challenge to a new one! So I thought I would bring them all together for you in one place.. and I will keep updating this page as and when new designs come in. So please do pop back in every so often and see what new designs we have made for you!

Materials needed for Corner Bookmark Designs:

You basically need just paper! And a combination of pens or coloured paper and glue.. here is a basic list that will allow you to make all our designs!

  • White printer paper (yep! Just plain old printer paper – US/ UK)
  • A pad of coloured paper (I buy pretty paper in a local store, but this looks good US/ UK)
  • Coloring Pens (we always stock up on these US/ UK)
  • Scissors (these are super good and work for left and right handed US/ UK)
  • Glue Stick (good quality! US/ UK)

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NOTE: THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATE – the formatting may be a little off, but it will be fixed ASAP!

Animal Handmade Bookmark Ideas

Let’s begin with our animal crafts… I have repeated some of these animal bookmarks in other sections, as they also go well with say Halloween or Christmas! And by animals… I mean animals AND insects! We have a Chinese Zodiac Bookmark collection, as well as a Farmyard Bookmark collection (the latter coming soon!). But in the meantime.. check these cute animal corner bookmarks out!

emoji dog - bookmark making ideas for kids

emoji dog/ puppy

panda bookmarks - bookmark making ideas

Panda Bookmark (also great for Kunfu Panda fans! and the Panda Emoji fans)

Red Ted Corner Booikmark design

Hooray for Ted and the Ted Corner Bookmark

Easter Origami for Kids - have a go at Origami this Easter, with these easy Easter Origami Patterns for kids. From easy paper bunny to adorable chick envelopes! #EasterOrigami #kids #origami #tutorials #papercrafts #bunny #baskets #eggs

The newest of our Easter Bookmark Designs.. are these fluffy Sheep Corner Bookmarks! Easy and cute!

how to make a cute origami bookmark

Easy Owl Origami Bookmark Corner (Coming in AUGUST!)

Easy Butterfly Bookmark Corners - we are hooked on making these different bookmarks! So fun! So easy.

Butterfly Bookmarks (great for Mother’s Day Gifts too – a cute little paper craft for sure!)

Easy corner bookmark designs

Bee Corner Bookmark

Handmade Bookmark Ideas

Ladybug Corner Bookmark

  Elephant Bookmark Corner

Lion Bookmark Corner

DIY bookmark ideas for kids

Zebra Corner Bookmark Design

  Hippo Bookmark Corner

Easy Corner Bookmark how to for kids

Giraffe Bookmark Corner

bookmark making ideas

Monkey Bookmark

How to make bookmark corners with kids

Pug Bookmark Corner

Step by Step Bookmark DIY instructions

Paper Pig Corner Bookmark

Chicks 2

Animal bookmarks would be great for Easter too! These are particularly cute Chicken Bookmarks

Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner - adorable little Easter craft

Bunny Bookmarks (make them all year round or for Easter!)

origami corner bookmark printable instructions

Whilst this set of animal corner bookmarks is more suited to Autumn! Kawaii Turkey Bookmark Corner

corner bookmarks origami

Adorable Hedgehog bookmark (one of my favourites to date!)

badger crafts - simple paper bookmark - bookmark making ideas

  And some grogeous Fox Corner Bookmarks with this Fox and Badger

Adorable Reindeer Bookmarks. These are so so cute and simple to make. They nestle perfectly into your book, so don't bend or break

No winter line up would be complete without a Reindeer Bookmark (perfect for some Christmas reading! Pop it in with your Christmas Cards!)

corner bookmarks origami for kids

  Technially not a corner bookmark – but these Easy Origami Bats work perfectly too! (More Halloween Bookmarks further down below!)

origami corner bookmark printable instructions

Polar Bear Bookmarks

Penguin corner bookmark

Cute little Penguin Bookmarks (just brrrrrilliant)

How to make mice corner bookmark

Mouse corner bookmark

How to make a corner bookmark

Dolphin Bookmark Corner Design

Easy turtle bookmark corner - adorable summer craft for kids

Turtle Bookmarks

whale YT

 Whale Bookmark

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs

Gorgeous Tiger Corner Bookmark

Cow Corner Bookmark Designs

Adorable Cow Corner Bookmarks – choose from Ox or Cow!

Goat Bookmark Corner step by step instructions

Fun with Goat Corner Bookmarks!

Snake Corner Bookmark Design

Fun Cobra/ Snake Corner Bookmark


Or how about an Orangutan Corner Bookmark?

paper sloth bookmark

And finally our SLOTH Bookmark Corner!!

Axolotl bookmark

COMING SOON: Axolotl Bookmark Corner

You may enjoy this 5 Cute Animal Bookmark Corners Video too!

Food Corner Bookmark Designs

Bookmark designs good enough to eat. Actually.. not really, please don’t eat them! Hahaha. The bookmarks in this section have been inspired by FOOD! They are really just a bit of fun. I hope you like them too!

Cheese Corner Bookmark - how to make a corner bookmark without glue

Cheese Corner Bookmark (for Geronimo Stilton or Diary of a Wimpy Kids (Cheese touch) fans)

Melanie Melon Corner Bookmark (Part of our collection of DIY Watermelon Craft Ideas!)

Pineapple Bookmark DIY

   Kawaii Coffee Cup Bookmark Corner

Pizza Bookmark DIY

Cupcake Corner Bookmark

Cake bookmark. Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Based on an EASY Origami Bookmark design, this is a great introduction to paper crafts for kids!#bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #bookmarkcorner #diybookmarks #bookmarkdesigns

    Birthday Cake Bookmark


Apple & Worm Bookmark (Teacher’s Gift)


Kawaii Strawberry Bookmarks

Kawaii inspired Icecream Bookmark Corner. Fun for summer!

Kawaii Ice Cream Bookmarks

Donut Bookmark

watermelon bookmark YT

Summer Fruits (Watermelon) Bookmark

Enjoy our 5 Kawaii Food Bookmarks video here:

Valentine’s corner bookmarks origami

Instead of a Valentine’s Card.. why not make a small Valentines’s Day Gift and make these adorable and easy Valentine’s Day Bookmarks? Which is your favourite?

  What a Hoot – Valentine’s Owl Corner Bookmarks

“Show you with love” Valentines Bookmark Corner

Love Bug Bookmark

Easy Kirigami Heart Corner Bookmarks. How to make a corner bookmark without glue

Heart Corner Bookmarks (these are actually made a little differently)

Fun with circuits with these “Light Up my Life” Bookmark Corners! Aren’t they clever? Complete with free printable!

St Patrick’s Day handmade bookmark ideas

We do love the jolliness that goes with St Patrick’s Day! Three different ideas to celebrate with.

 Leprechaun Bookmark Corner

Shamrock Corner Bookmark

Rainbow Bookmark Corner

Autumn & Halloween Bookmark Designs

Time for Autumn and Halloween. Love these quirky designs. From Turkey’s to Scarecrows, which will you make? The Sugar Skulls are a wonderful combination of crafting and doodle art!


   Kawaii Turkey Bookmark Corner


Adorable Hedgehog bookmark (one of my favourites to date!)

how to make a corner bookmark without glue

Mushroom Bookmark for Fall

Or how about these adorable Kawaii Apple Girl’s? Aren’t they fun?? Learn how to make a corner bookmark Apple for teacher!

Adorable Scarecrow Bookmark

Pumpkin Emoji Bookmark


  Technially not a corner bookmark – but these Easy Origami Bats work perfectly too!


Ghost emoji or Snapchat Ghosts – what ever tickles you, this ghots bookmark is CUTE!

how to make a corner bookmark without glue for Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Bookmarks

Christmas bookmark making ideas and instructions

Christmas! One of our favourite craft seasons of the year (ahem, but, I think I may say that about EVERY craft season.. ok, I just love to craft!!). These Christmas Bookmarks are PERFECT to go with a Christmas BOOK gift. What a nice way to personalise a book.

   Gift Bookmark Corner


Santa Bookmark (oh he is so jolly!! Ho! Ho! Ho!)


Snowmen Bookmarks


Christmas Tree Bookmark


Christmas Pikachu Bookmark


Angel Emoji Bookmark

Adorable Reindeer Bookmarks. These are so so cute and simple to make. They nestle perfectly into your book, so don't bend or break

No winter line up would be complete without a Reindeer Bookmark (perfect for some Christmas reading! Pop it in with your Christmas Cards!)


Polar Bear Bookmarks

Easy Penguin Corner Bookmark. These penguin bookmarks are so quick and easy to make and are a great beginners origami project!

  Cute little Penguin Bookmarks (just brrrrrilliant)

Mythical Beast Bookmarks

We always need a bit of magic in our crafting. Hopefully these mythical beasts are just the ticket!

  Dragon Corner Bookmark – this is one of the cheeky “additions” to this collections. It IS a corner bookmark, but it is made in a slightly different way.. and I still wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

Mermaid Corner Bookmark

Unicorn Bookmarks

  magical Unicorn Bookmarks – which of course double up as “simple” Horse Corner Bookmarks too!

Yeti Bookmark Corner Design

Other Corner Bookmark Ideas and Designs

And then… there is the rest… I wasn’t quite sure how to group this… some Disney, some TV, some book classic such as Harry Potter.. same gaming.. a little bit of everything! Enjoy!


   Mickey Mouse Bookmark

 Elmo bookmark -rejoice all Sesame Street fans.. now it is time to make a cute little paper Elmo craft!

Cookie Monster Bookmark – similarly, the Cookie Monster may be more your thing! Both Sesame Street characters are easy to make and sooo cute,d on’t you think?

Disney’s Stitch Corner Bookmark

how to make a corner bookmark without glue

  Hermione & Ron Bookmarks

Harry Potter Bookmark Collection

Harry Potter Bookmark - how to make a corner bookmark without glue

Harry Potter Bookmark Collection

    Doraemon Bookmark DIY

Fidget Spinner Bookmark DIY

Thing 1 & Thing 2

 YouTube Bookmark Corner

Snapchat Ghost Bookmark

American Flag Bookmark

cute origami bookmark

7 Disney Princesses Corner Bookmarks!

cute origami bookmark

Spring Flowers Bookmark

Tsum Tsum Donald Duck & Daisy Duck

cute origami bookmark

  Powerpuff Girls


Creeper Bookmark

minecraft pig bookmark yt

Minecraft Pig Bookmark

   Fortnite Llama Bookmark you will also find this set in our Corner Bookmarks for Boys resource page


Poop Emoji Bookmark

cute origami bookmark - cookie bookmark corner for cookie shopkins lovers

Kooky Shopkins Bookmark

How to make a Ballerina Corner Bookmark

Easy Ballerina Bookmark Corner

Pokemon Go Bookmark Corners -Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Based on an EASY Origami Bookmark design, this is a great introduction to paper crafts for kids!#bookmarks #cornerbookmarks #bookmarkcorner #diybookmarks #bookmarkdesigns

If you love Pokemon and are looking for an easy origami bookmark based make, you will love this Pokemon Bookmark series. I haven’t put these ALL on the blog yet.. but you can preview all 9 designs in this one handy spot on YouTube!

Pikachu Corner Bookmark - so easy and simple - cute origami bookmark

Pikachu Bookmark Corner 

Pokemon Corner Bookmark - love this Origami based bookmark, it pops over the edge of your book and keeps your page safe. Perfect for Pokemon Go fans

Poke Ball Bookmarks


Finding Dory and Nemo Bookmarks

TMNT Corner Bookmarks

   TMNT bookmarks

Angry Bird Corner Bookmarks

Angry Birds Corner Bookmarks

emoji bookcorner

Emoji Bookmarks – you have to LOVE emojis, right?!

Easy and fun to make Minion Bookmarks - use basic origami skills to learn ow to make these fun minions

Minion Bookmarks

Easy Origami Corner Bookmark How To - turn them into Monsters, Owls and wherever your imagination takes you. A great little gift for book lovers on Father's Day

and Monster Corner Bookmarks (where it all began!!!)

Earth Day Corner Bookmark Design

Earth Day Corner Bookmark

Easy DIY Drath Vader Bookmark - a perfect little gift for Father's Day!

Darth Vader Corner Bookmark (fabulous for Father’s Day!)

Adorable Totoro Corner bookmarks. Easy and fun to make - cute origami bookmark

Totoro Bookmark

kitten bookmark hello kitty

  Hello Kitty & Kawaii Kitten Bookmarks

Spongbob Bookcorner Craft! One for the kids

Sponge Bob Bookmark



Patrick Bookmark

How to make a Monster Corner Bookmark

Watch our VERY first Bookmark Corner Video that started off this craze!!!

So fun! Who knew that these Monster Corner Bookmarks would result in so many fabulous new designs. For all season and interests!

Our most popular Bookmark Corner Design Ever

One of our most POPULAR BOOKMARKS EVER are these super fun Emoji Corner Bookmark Designs:

Also.. if you enjoyed these Corner Bookmarks, you may also like this Origami for Kids article:

Easy Origami For Kids - if you are looking for some fun and easy beginners origami projects for kids, take a look at these fabulous ideas #origami #origamiforkids #kids #papercrafts

Look out for our great Fall Corner Bookmark  Designs for Children article too!

One Corner Bookmark Pattern. Over 100 Corner Bookmark Designs to make and have a go at! We love handmade bookmark diys!