Craft Book Review: Find It, Make It

Well my love affair with Cico Craft Books continues.. first there was Cute & Easy Crochet and then we had A Green Guide to Country Crafts. Love them both. Now I have find it, make it, by Clare Young – outdoor green crafts for children…

I confess, I was a little “nervous” of receiving this book – especially since, this is something I have been working on privately too – an “nature inspired ebook”.. and the last thing I want to do is to copy anyone.

However, it was wonderful to receive this book. What I found was a number of wonderful “generic” green crafts – such as the fabulous ice bowls, as well as many new ideas too. And I think that this is the point about crafting with nature and children: many ideas “exist” already, but it is what you make of them that counts. Everyone knows you can make creatures out of pine cones, but check out Clare’s adorable bugs – not only are they super cute, but they let children just “get on with it”. No right or wrong, just fun. Or how about painting pebbles? A classic child’s craft, but if you need a little help check out the beautiful owls.

What also makes this wonderful, is how it is written and laid out: it tells you what sortof things to collect and look out for. And all the step by step images involve children – so you know kids really can have  a go. I particularly like the little “Words of Wisdom” you find every so often.

I confess that I will be giving this book away as a gift -it is gorgeous- and it is perfect for anyone that needs a little “help” when crafting with their kids. I, ahem, as a crafty so and so with my own nature ebook up my sleeve, don’t need it… but I have most certainly enjoyed browsing through it! And you would not regret owning or giving this book as a gift.