Craft Books – Eco Friendly Crafting & Teeny Tiny Crochet

Eco-friendly Crafting with KidsEco Friendly Crafting with Kids, Kate Lilley for MiniEco

Well! I am SOOOO excited to hold this wonderful book by Kate from MiniEco in my hands! I have long been a fan of Kate’s website MiniEco – she has great crafts, wonderfully executed and beautifully photographed –  a fabulous combination for any craft blog. Not surprisingly she is hugely popular on pinterest AND has just brought out her very first craft book for kids.

Another of my much favoured Ryland Peters & Small books, this book really pleased me on all levels. Kate chose a wonderful selection  of what I would call “core childhood crafts” – not only are they what every child should make at some point, but they are eco friendly too (a topic close to my heart). She proves that “eco”, does not have to be  boring or ugly. But that it is just as beautiful as anything else. So. Not only do you find the childhood classics (such as homemade playdough, writing with lemon and colouring flowers), but you get treated to what I call MiniEco specials – simple crafts beautifully designed for you to enjoy at home – for example a fabulous cardboard castle, jumping paper beans, a packman mobile or lovely shadow puppets. I really don’t want to sit here and list all the crafts (there would be no surprise for you then). But they really are lovely – and there is always a fantastic Kate twist to them (Kate – I love how you presented the homemade water colours and I will SO be doing them with my kids. Red Ted will love it!). They all look great and make me want to have a go straight away. I have already bookmarked at least 3 of them…

You know what is even better? You get to win your very own copy!!!
All you have to do, is visit MiniEco’s Tutorial page, have a look around and tell me which craft you would have a go at first!

  • Come back, tell me all about it in the comments and you could WIN!
  • Open to the US and UK only (sorry everyone else 🙁 )
  • Closes 1 May 2012. Winner will be selected at random.


Teeny Tiny CrochetTeeny Tiny Crochet, by Catherin Hirst

As some of you may know, I am a crochet beginner. Well, I taught myself to crochet probably about 18 months ago and the key to things like crochet and knitting is to keep doing it, so you don’t forget how! So, I do love any new crafty books relating to crochet. And what better than “teeny tiny” crochets? Though smaller projects can be fiddly – you need to increase and decrease loops etc – it is a fantastic way to find your crochet confidence – as you learn quickly AND you get the benefits of the craft quicker – i.e. you can make something in 10 or 20 or 30 minutes, rather than say an “easy” blanket, which can be repetitive and boring and can take hours to make!

I need to get myself a 1.4 and 1.5mm hook so that I can get started.

In the meantime, believe it or not, the book has inspired me to get crafty and I made a whole FIMO tea set for Pip Squeak’s dolls house. The sign of a good craft book for me.. is when you go off and make something. And this book did! Now to get some hooks.

In the meantime, I would love to leave you with this adorable video by the author.