Crafts Fun: Giving The Garden Shed A Makeover

We have a “different” sort of guest post today – a fun idea of turning your garden shed into a creative space… 

Crafts are great fun for kids, and they’re always keen for new ideas and new projects in which they can get themselves covered in paint. I’m sure at least some of the time, this is actually done on purpose. From my own childhood, some of the best craft and paint experiences were when I was painting on other things than paper. A habit I often got in trouble for. To prevent me from painting the kitchen stool neon green again (best not to ask), my mother would give me other painting tasks such as decorating her plant pots. One big event was when the family decided to paint the garage doors. A sailing ship as the motive was chosen, as my dad is a big fan of sailing ships, and my mum drew the ship on the garage and the whole family then painted in the lines.

My home doesn’t have a garage door, so I can’t give it a makeover, but we do have a garden shed, that can really do with some colour. Let’s face it most garden sheds are in need of some colour. If you, too, have a plain garden shed and some paint enthusiastic kids or are the paint enthusiastic yourself and want to give your kids something fun to do, consider giving your shed a fun makeover.

The possibilities of how you can revamp your garden shed are endless, so here are some ideas to get you and your creative helpers started.

  1. Favourite Books

You can draw your children’s favourite characters from a beloved book or their favourite scene from the book. Consider using the lovable characters from ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, or the curious rabbit from ‘Goodnight Moon’.

  1. Favourite TV Characters

TV characters come in all shapes and sizes these days, and your child has their absolute favourites, which they will enjoy to paint. Anything from ‘Bob the Builder’, ‘Buzz Lightyear’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ can give your shed more charm. If your children can’t decide on their all-time favourite character, then why not create a collage of several characters.

  1. Favourite Themes

You don’t have to choose something as specific as the first two options, as a favourite season or time can also be painted. For example, if your children enjoy painting flowers, why not create a spring themed picture on your shed. This should help chase away the winter blues, too, once it’s finished. If your children are fascinated with the night and the moon, why not create the night sky with a big, round moon, lots of stars and maybe even some dark clouds.

  1. Favourite Shapes And Colours

For a more abstract theme, and easier drawing task for you, why not opt for fun shapes dancing over the shed walls in your children’s favourite colours. Squares, triangles, and circles in all different shapes and sizes and painted in one colour or two, or stripped, or with polka dots, are all great options for a fun shed and fun afternoon doing some painting. You can also introduce some more complicated shapes to your children such as the hexagon.

Be sure that the images you choose to paint are of interest to your children to make sure that they don’t get bored half way through. If the theme is something they are passionate about such as a favourite character or picture then they will enjoy the painting more.

If you’re not confident in your own drawing abilities, and tracing onto a shed isn’t very practical at all, try using a grid for drawing. It’s easy to do, and you can also make the picture bigger than its original size with help of the grid, so no need for a huge poster of the picture you want to draw onto the shed as any size picture will work fine with a grid.

For the most fun, make sure to have lots of colours to choose from and lots of laughs while painting and creating.

This is a sponsored post.