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Time for some Star Wars Crafts. I always think Star Wars DIYs make great Father’s Day Gifts too. Well.. gifts for any massive Star Wars fans or a great May the 4th be with you DIY. Today, we share a fabulous little Darth Vader Bookmark Craft. There is also an R2D2 Corner Bookmark that a reader shared with me. Maybe you will be inspired too? These are part of our extensive Corner Bookmark Design, which also includes a Baby Yoda Corner Bookmark!

star wars bookmark craft
Making May the 4th Be With You Bookmarks since May 2016

Come onto the dark side and make this easy craft with us today!

Anyway, I digress.. we are here today for this Darth Vader Bookmark… As Darth Vader is BLACK.. this was indeed SLIGHTLY tricky! Ha. But we got there end the end.

The video makes some suggestions as to how to make him, if you don’t have a silver pen (I appreciate that no everyone does!!!).

I do think that this bookmark makes a cute little Father’s Day gift too, though of course Moms can love him too. Or if you have a Star Wars loving teacher.. they will appreciate it as well I am sure! Read on and follow our instructions to make Darth Vader and then maybe you too can create other Star Wars Characters too! These would be create to make at a Star Wars Party or as Stars Wars Party Favours.

Supplies needed for this Easy Kids Craft celebrating May 4th:

Easy DIY Darth Vader Bookmark - a perfect little gift for Father's Day! #fathers #yoda #printable #fathersdaycard #cards #popup #starwars
  • Black Paper (Square either 12cm x 12cm or 15cm x 15cm)
  • Silver pen
  • Black Pen
  • Nail varnish or paint or paper in blue and red
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Np printables needed to make our corner bookmarks!

How to make a Darth Vader Bookmark DIY

What our Darth Vader craft video tutorial – I edited my original tutorial (that you can still see on YouTube – scroll to the bottom of this post) down, to make it more time efficient for you. But it still contains my voice over and top tips. Which is especially useful for those of you using this bookmark craft in language classes!

Make a black corner bookmark for Darth Vader

Begin by making a black corner bookmark.

We have made the basic origami bookmark many times before. We have as always, a step by step photo guide, as well as a video tutorial for the basics.

Once you have your basic black corner bookmark, you need to “transform” it into Darth Vader.

Darth Vader DIY Features

Yes, I screen grabbed these from the video, to make things a little easier for you! No harm in giving you a quick overview of the instructions. But do watch the video for all the detailed info!

cut a semi circle for darth vader

Once you have your basic black corner bookmark, cut a black semi circle from your paper cut offs. Fold in half and cut an “indent” to the flat side. When you fold the black paper open again this gives you two bumps for Darth Vader’s “eyes”.

make darth vader's mouth piece

Now cut a black triangle for the mouth piece/ bottom of the mask.

glue helmet features in place

Glue the semi circle to the top of the black corner bookmark. And glue the black triangle to the inside of the bottom edge. Now you have a basic darth vader mask shape.

add dath vaders features

Taking a black pen it is time to add details to the mask. If you find your black pen isn’t “contrasting” enough, you can make this in white and silver too. It will look nice. But I find black sugar paper or construction paper usually is an “off black”, so the contrast is still there.

darth vader finishing touches

Finally get your silver pen and add the mouth piece features and some “buttons”. Done!

Isn’t it fun?

So if you are getting ready for Star Wars Day, do have a go at our Darth Vader bookmark. And as mentioned, maybe you can create your favorite Star Wars Character too:

Now I REALLY love it when Reader’s share their photos based on our videos… and one such reader – Katie Sue – did just that! LOVE her version of R2D2. Isn’t fabulous? Great winging it Katie!!! Switch out the colours and add a circle for BB-8. Or hop over here for our Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner:

How to make a Baby Yoda Bookmark Corner
We adore Baby Yoda Crafts! So cute. Lots of frugal fun!

What other fun Star Wars Crafts for May 4th will you be planning?

On and whilst we are on the topic of Star Wars.. take a look at these – this incluses our Death Star Pinata and a rather adorable Chewbacca puppet too and lets not forget the pool noodles light saber DIY! Channel you inner Jedi and get crafting!:

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As mentioned above, I have not brought these all together on our Bookmark Corner Page – so you can browse all the designs at your leisure!! (Currently we have 20+ designs… but we keep updating and adding more ideas!!)

Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
We have an Origami Corner Bookmark that kids will love for almost any occasions!

Which Star Wars Bookmark DIYs would you like to see next? Leave me a comment below!!

Our Darth Vader Bookmark video is also available on YouTube