DIY Paper Toys

With the growth of our YouTube channel, we have finally EMBRACED the world of paper crafts and with that DIY Paper Toys – YouTube is such a great visual medium to share instructions to simple paper crafts, that look “really hard” or “really complicated” when photographed step by step, but are in fact easy AND fun to make when watching a video.

To celebrate our love for paper and paper toys, I finally have a list of 12 DIY Paper Toys to share with you. However THIS LIST will continue to grow over time.. and I will update this post for you regularly with our lastest paper crafts!!!

DIY Paper Toys - here over 12 fantastic paper toys the kids can make and play with. We love how versatile and fun paper can be!!
NOTE this paper toys DIY post was first published in June 16, but has been updated and republished for your convenience!

The majority of these Paper Toys literally only need paper. Some need a little tape, a snip here or there or some pens to decorate. But they are all fabulous and great fun and a number double up as great STEM or STEAM science activities too!

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If you want extra info to these paper toy crafts.. check the specific links below! Enjoy!

DIY Paper Toys:

pancake day

With Pancake Day around the corner (16th Feb) why not start of with these Pancake Day Fortune Teller.. they double up as a quiz… you can add some jokes OR use the fortune teller to decide what to put on your pancake… will it be lemon and sugar? Jam or nutella.. or what about a savory one?!

Easy Paper Water Bomb - these are great made from newspaper and promise lots of summer fun!

These DIY Water Bombs made from paper , newspapers or magazines, must be the BEST Paper Toys for summer fun. Quick to learn how to make.. and lots of refreshing fun on long summer days.

Simple Paper Plane Gliders - fun paper toy that can easily be extended to a STEM activity

We love these paper gliders, as they are quick to make and great fun to play with. Also, there are some simple instructions as to how to turn these paper gliders into a great STEM science projects. LOVE.

DIY Paper Spinner - simple to make and so fun to play with. Great for an STEAM lessons on colour theory

We also love these Paper Spinner DIYs…. they are so fun. You can either use the handy free printables or get the kids designing their own. A great addition to any Color Theory Lesson plans too. STEAM at it’s best!

Strictly speak these are not PAPER… but cardboard, BUT you can make these DIY Fidget Toys using “layers” of paper, instead of the card board, so I think you should check them out anyway. We have two posts on DIY Fidget Toys – first the Simple Fidget Spinner DIY and second the Tri Fidget Spinner (which also includes some useful information about Science Fairs!)

Another great alternative that doesn’t need coins (and therefore less glue..) are these fabulous NINJA Fidget Spinner DIYs. So cool!!! A great Fidget Spinner made from Paper for sure!

Or just make the Origami Ninja Star!! It is so fun and easy.

DIY Paper Helicopter - easy to make and watch them spin and fly. Then experiment and see how changes effect your paper toy.

These paper helicopters are probably one of the easiest and quickest paper toys for you to make. Again, there are some great additional hints to turn this simple paper craft into a fantastic little STEM activity, getting this thinking and exploring!

Paper Origami Boomerang. This is such a cool paper toy to make. Quick to learn, hours of play!!

Probably one of our favourite origami crafts is this Origami Boomerang that REALLY comes back. Yes, it TOTALLY works. So so soo cool. Though you need to be “neat” the instructions are not actually that hard and you can decorate them into wonderful aboriginal inspired boomerangs.

how to make a paper boat (easy origami for kids) love this pirate boat version!

We love these paper boats. Simply because I have been making them SINCE FOREVER. This is one of MY classic childhood crafts and something that I made any time any place… from old bus tickets to a page torn out of my notebook.

Easy Paper Fans - make watermelons or pretty patterns

Fun with DIY Paper Fans – make these in any patters or designs (we ADORE the melon ones!!!). They fold away wonderfully to fit in your pocket or bag and whip them out when you need a little cool down!!

Check out 4th of July Paper Fan version too.. which you can either make from scratch or make use of the handy DIY Paper Fans Templates!

Easy Origami Paper Cup & Ball Game

These Origami Cups are easy to learn to make.. and are great as a cup, container, advent calendar or…

Cup & Ball Game Craft

… a simple and cheap paper cup and ball game!

Easy Paper Cup and Ball Game for Halloween - Frankenstein and Eyeball design

Oooh or turn you ball and cup game into a Frankenstein & Eye Ball Game. Or better still make it brains!!! Ha. Love this one so much.

Halloween Crafts for Kids - make these super easy and fun shooter toy. Then have a competition as to who can shoot it the furthest! Craft & Activity in one

Straw and Paper Shooter Toys are super quick and easy to make and lots of fun. This is a Halloween Shooter Toy, but we have made a Bee and Butterfly Shooter Toy before.. and frankly, ANY design goes. Your imagination is the limit!

Tea Party Games

Not origami, but still paper – have a go at making some of these Alice in Wonderful Paper Cups. They make GREAT decorations at an Alice theme party.. BUT are also great for Teacup inspired party games (like stack the teacups and walk the walk..). Includes a free printable!

Check out these super cute Pirate Finger Puppets! Just so fun and easy to make!

Three Little Pigs Houses

Yes, this is easy…. but again, oh so cute and another favourite of mine from my own childhood- easy Origami paper house. A quick and easy fold, simple to decorate and fun to play with. Combine with existing toys such as playmobile, or make your own TP Roll characters, such as our 3 Little Pigs craft.

Paper house
Pokemon DIY - Kaleidocycles

Another version of the paper house – this is a free printable. Make the room.. make another – stack and glue together to make a whole house!

WATCH Bulbasaur and his friends evolve with this fabulous Kaleidocycle! A great Pokemon Evolution DIY


Party Emoji Kaleidoscopes – perfect for New Year’s Eve or a Birthday Party DIY

Wonderful Winter Flextangle Printables - free to download super fun to make and play with (1)

You have all seen the flextangles take the internet by storm. Here is a great “winter themed” version. Print colour. Stick and make it turn forever!

Christmas Printables - Fortune Teller Cootie Catchers (1)

We LOVE a fortune teller (aka chatter box or cootie catcher). And you can either make them plain (and write your own instructions inside) or print out this fun set of Christmas Fortune Tellers. Aren’t they fun? My kids have been making 100s (ok 10s, but quite a lot of chatter boxes these past few days).

Remember do pop back to this Paper Toy post occasionally, as we have lots more Paper Toy ideas planned and will be updating this post over time. There is nothing more fun, than the humble piece of paper!!

Check out these great Origami Ideas for Kids

origami for kids FB

As well as these awesome Corner Bookmark designs. The kids will go potty over them!

Some of the best Corner Bookmark designs ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Enjoy having fun and exploring with PAPER!!! And these fantastic Paper Toys 🙂

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