DIY Plastic Bottle Apple – Back to School or Teacher’s Gifts

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Here is something for you, as we all head BACK TO SCHOOL (I sometimes think here in the UK we are the last to start back!!!!) and a super cute Apple DIYs. We also love making our own DIY Gift Box Crafts. If your kids have been back at school a few weeks already, I think they will love this little Apple craft ANYWAY. Let’s make a cute Plastic Bottle Apple Gift Box.

Easy DIY Apple Gift Boxes

DIY Plastic Bottle Apple Gift Boxes - quick and easy to make - a great Back To School gift idea or fill with treats for the kids

This DIY Plastic Bottle Apple takes only 5 minutes to make, are SUPER DUPER easy (yes, there are other “plastic bottle apples” out there, but I promise you, they are much harder and awkward to make.. these are so so soooo easy).

The apples make for great little Autumn or Fall Decorations. But even better, you can fill them with some special “back to school” first day of school treats! Or better still, why not turn them into wonderful Teacher’s Gifts?? (I think filled with these oh so popular Erasers, would be amazing!). 

DIY Plastic Bottle Apples – Materials needed:

  • one large plastic bottle per apple
  • a bit of green paper
  • if the apple is NOT green, then tissue paper in red or green
  • a  little tape
  • scissors
  • brown paper or sharpies – for the lid IF the lids are not green!

DIY Plastic Bottle Apples – How To:

Watch this quick and simple video and see how very easy it is to make these Plastic Bottle Apples. Or follow the written instructions below!

DIY Plastic Bottle Apples – Step By Step instructions:

Cute Plastic Bottle Apple Gift Boxes as Teacher's Gifts - 5minute crafts - fun and easy to make
  1. Make sure the bottle is rinsed and dried as best you can.
  2. Cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle(approx 10-12cm from the bottom). Dry fully.
  3. Cut the top part of the plastic bottle (again approx 10-12cm). Dry fully with a cloth.
  4. Cut 1 cm slots into the top part of the apple.
  5. Fill the plastic bottle apple with treats and tissue paper.
  6. Insert the top part of the plastic bottle apple to close.
  7. Now make a paper leaf and sello tape on. If your bottle top is NOT GREEN, then you can either colour it brown with a sharpie or wrap some brown paper around it.

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Hope you liked the DIY Plastic Bottle Apple and have a go! Especially as they are so quick and easy to make!