DIY Pop Art Father’s Day Gift

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We love getting arty with the kids. A few years ago, we did a Lichtenstein Project for Kids and thought that the same technique would work really well for a more Andy Warhol Pop Art project. It was also a perfect idea for Father’s Day. Create your own DIY Pop Art Fatheris Day Gift! We love our dads!!! And there is nothing better than making dad something special for Father’s Day. This year it is all about turning Dad into a Masterpiece – we show you a great technique that allows ANYONE to “cartoonify” their Dad into a Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol inspired piece of art! Then once you have finished your  artwork, print it on a mug, t-shirt or canvas and make your Father’s  day SPECIAL!!

NOTE: This post originally appear on Photobox and they have kindly let me reproduce it for you!

DIY Pop Art Father’s Day gift – MATERIALS:

  • An A4 picture of dad – print this on normal paper
  • A piece of plastic – such as an “old subject divider” or “overhead projector sheet” – anything plastic and clear that you can fid
  • A marker pen
  • A printer
  • Pens or water colours of choice

How to Create your DIY Pop Art Father’s Day Art:

daddy pip squeak and daddy DIY Pop Art Project - select your photo

  • Begin by choosing a nice photo of Dad – preferably one, where you can see his whole face well – or JUST his profile. Choosing a photo was actually what took us the longest! Print it out in A4 size. We chose pictures of “us and dad” together.

DIY Pop Art Project for Kids - a great Father's Day gift idea too

  • Lay you plastic sheet on top and now carefully begin tracing around your father’s features. Top tips
    1. the nose and mouth can make a picture look “funny”, keep these simple and don’t add too many lines – the nostrils often are quite enough.
    2. Also draw what you SEE. My kids were tempted to draw “hair lines” in different directions as they IMAGINED the lines to go there, we stopped and traced ONLY WHAT WE COULD SEE.
    3. Keep it simple.. don’t try and too much detail… go round the face, the eyes, the hairline…
    4. Finally, you don’t have to draw the whole of dad – it is enough to indicate the neck and outline of his shirt or t-shirt.

DIY Pop Art Project - painting


  • Now you have created your outline, print 4-5 copies onto white paper and start colouring. We decided to use watercolours, but you can use crayons, pens or paints! Have fun and be wacky! Remember Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein used wacky colours too.. And if you don’t like your colour scheme… print off some more and have another go!!

Now you can either just use “the one” image to print onto your canvas or create a collage……

Daddy 5yrs old - how to do a DIY Pop Art picture

  • Photograph your pictures . You can now edit them in places like “Picmonkey” if you want to create a collage or upload them directly to Photobox. Choose how you want your photos displayed – do you want just ONE image? Or a collage of FOUR? Do you want FOUR the same? Or alternate the kids work? The choice is yours!

Daddy 7yrs old - how to do a DIY Pop Art picture

We decided to create an alternating kids art mug and a canvas with a collage of the kids work alternating.

DIY Pop Art Father's Day Gift

Enjoy!!! Do have a go at this DIY Pop Art project it really is fun!