Easy LEGO Ninja Robot

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Fun with Science! Our guest series continues. It has been such a busy month here on Red Ted Art on both the blog AND the YouTube Channel. We have had so many fantastic Guests, sharing all their crafty ideas. Simply fantastic. Today, we have the lovely Emma from Science Sparks showing us how to make these adorable little LEGO Ninja Robots. They really are the simple “bots” for kids to make – so are ideal for a LEGO Ninja party – as  an easy science come craft activity. The kids will love them. We share two videos – one showing you how very easy it is to make these LEGO Ninja Robots, the other looks at some of the Science behind our robots and how to turn this activity into a real S.T.E.M. or S.T.E.A.M. activity for younger kids! Experiment with your Bots and see what effects your changes make….Super fun and easy LEGO Ninja Bots - inspired by LEGO, the kids adore how simple and doable these are. A great party activity too!

To make your paper cup robots, you will need:

  • a paper cup
  • some tissue paper, coloured paper or felt
  • glue or sticky back plastic
  • a pen
  • some sticky tac
  • a HEXBUG!

Now come and take a peak and see how we made them.

Here is how VERY easy it is to make your LEGO Ninja Robots:

Aren’t they simply cute?! And oh so easy to make too! My so immediately declared that he wanted to make these at his next birthday party!! Whilst my daughter went off to play with them (never to be seen again).

Do come and watch the second video by Science Sparks and her kids and see how they experimented to make the bots different and what effects this had on the end result…

Here is the Science Behind the LEGO Ninja Robots:

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Super simple and easy LEGO inspired Ninja Bots. These would make a GREAT party activity.. then watch them interact. We LOVE LEGO Ninja!