Easy Pipe Cleaner People (Elves)


You may have spotted our cork crafts mushrooms posted today in the Kids Craft section! The mushrooms were a simple and sweet craft – very easy and very quick to make, but we felt, in order to play with them, we needed a “little extra, we need some ELVES and PIXIES…. so rummaged around the craft drawer to look at simple “items to make” elves with. And up popped the pipe cleaners and the idea for Pipe Cleaner people!

Pipe Cleaner Elves and Toadstool Craft - so cute!

Materials: one pipecleaner, one wooden bead, some wool & a black pen

Optional: acorn “hat” and PVA glue

I like the “optional glue”, as you can make these pipe cleaner people really simply or quickly without the hats… or add your own style or Autumn Craft feel by adding little acorn hats or similar.

You could also add some feathery wings, or dress them up in felt if you wish!

1) Cut some hair. Fold your pipe cleaner in half. Add the wool to the bended end of the pipe cleaner.

pipe cleaner people

2) Thread your bead onto the pipe cleaner, making sure not to knock out the wool.

pipe cleaner people

3) Squeeze to the end. Your crazy hair for your pipe cleaner person is now secured.

pipe cleaner people

4) Now bend the rest of the pipe cleaner into arms and legs ( a loop for the arm and straight legs)

pipe cleaner people

5) Twist securely into place.

6) Decide on whether your pipe cleaner people need faces or hats and add as required.

Then explore cork crafts, with some cute mushrooms and build the pipe cleaner people – or our pixies and elves – a little diorama.

You can also see this Pipecleaner Craft on video here: