Autumn Fairy Lights – Physalis Crafts

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Oooh one thing I really like in Autumn is that beautifully orange Physalis (aka Chinese Lantern or Japanese Lantern). It is bright orange, delicate (but not too delicate) and quirky. And I love it. But what to make from them? Have you got any favourite Physalis Crafts to share? Well.. I have not one but 3 physalis crafts for you today…. and the main one today is our Autumn Fairy Lights or Fall Fairy Lights. SO simple. SO pretty! These make perfect, cosy and EASY DIY Fall Garlands as well as Autumn Crafts for Kids!

And I apologise if I got a bit carried away with the photos!

phylasis craft ideas

Materials: Fairy Lights, nail scissors (I have a pair for crafting), physalis 

fall crafts

1) With your nail scissors, carefully cut around the stem and remove the stem and seed. Do not make the hole too big, else your physalis will keep falling off the fairy lights.

fall craft ideas

2) Repeat and start popping them onto your fairy lights.

And that is it.. and now lots of photos to show them off. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out which image was best!!
easy fall crafts

phylasis craft ideas

phylasis craft ideas

Isn’t it simple? Isn’t it pretty? So lovely! And great for Autumn!! Such a lovely fall craft idea to make you all happy inside!

Here are two more physalis crafts to inspire you:

fall crafts physalis elves Egg Carton Spring Crafts

Autumn Mobile

Physalis Elves

And if it is the Fairy Lights that grabbed you check out our Egg Carton Blossoms!

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