How to Finger Knitting

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Let’s learn how to finger knit with kids. So… my kids see me knitting and crocheting on a semi regular basis and are soooo keen to learn.

When we started, Red Ted was 6yrs old and Pip Squeak was 4yrs old. I think Red Ted was JUST old enough to learn how to knit, but Pip Squeak is still a little young for traditional knitting. So we wanted to give FINGER Knitting a go instead. Did you know that T-shirt yarn is a great finger knitting yarn too? Learn how to make T-shirt yarn in a continuous strand here.

Finger Knitting for Kids - craft ideas

So I thought we should start with how to finger knit first. Finger knitting is a great activity, as you can do it anywhere and any time. Take it with you on a long car journey or sit on the sofa on a lazy afternoon.

Make LONG things, or short things. Use up odds and ends of wool or make something brand new. What I also love about Finger Knitting for kids, is that it teaches them discipline, pattern recognition and following instructions.

It can only being great things for their right/ left brain development. So I was keen keen keen to get them going.

Finger Knitting Projects

So many wonderful finger knitting ideas - find a great "finger knitting tutorial" + many ideas of what to make out of your knitting!

We first had a go at Finger Knitting last Summer (6 months or so ago) and they both did quite well, but of course needed supervision with every step. Then a couple of weeks ago, Red Ted wanted another go. And with in minutes he got the hang of how to finger knit.

His little sister sat by patiently watching her big brother master finger knitting. Then a week later, SHE wanted another go. And you know what.. aged 4, she totally impresssed, as she suddenly got the hang of it. Yes, I still help her “cast on” her finger knitting and “cast off” her finger knitting.. but we have the crux of it. Fabulous.

Finger knitting for kids easy

How to Finger Knitting Video:

How to Finger Knit with Step By Step Photos

If you prefer photo steps and witten instructions, take a look here!

Time needed: 15 minutes

  1. Preparing your finger knitting

    Thick yarn works best for finger knitting. If you don’t have thick yarn, you can use two strands of yarn too. We will use these images from our Beanie Hat Tutorial. As they are clear and concise!

    how to finger knit
    Hold the wool comfortably with your thumb.Wrap the wool behind your index finger and in front of your middle finger. Then behind your wedding finger and around your pinky. Then in front of your wedding finger, behind your middle finger and around your index finger.

    You need to do it again. Wrap the wool in front of your middle finger. Behind your index finger. Then around your pinky. In front of your wedding finger, behind your middle finger and then around your index finger. So you have two loops on each finger.

  2. Creating your finger knitting stitches

    finger knitting rainbows
    Now you need to pull the bottom loop up and over the top loop. On all fingers So you’re left with one loop on each finger. Then start again. Keep repeating these steps until you have a long enough piece. Long enough to wrap around your head.

Now you have mastered Finger Knitting, what do you actually do with it?!

How To Finger Knit

When you Finger knit, you produce a “sausage” of knitted wool, that looks a bit like the out put of a Knitting Nancy or French Knitting Doll  – except it tends to be bigger and looser.

  • The kids mainly make “scarves” and what they call “socks” for their toy animals.  Pip Squeak even made a scarf (one long sausage) for herself and added pompoms to the ends.
Finger Knitting for Kids
  • Make a Flower (great as a brooch or hair piece) – we folded it up into petal shapes and KNOTTED them in place with the left over pieces of wool. No sewing needed! Then glued on a little yellow centre!
Finger Knitted Crafts - Mouse Cat Toy

Finger Knitting Mouse Cat Toy

Adorable Finger Knitting Butterfly

Cutest Finger Knitting Bunny for Spring

Learn to “increase” and “decrease” a stitch to make these fabulous Finger Knitting Snakes!

How about some super duper cute and easy Finger Knitting Spiders? A perfect Halloween Decoration or great for Incy Wincy Spider songs!

Yarn Owl Craft

Similarly, if you would like to work with wool or yarn, you can have a go at these darling little finger knitted owls. Just too cute. Great little DIY ornaments or prefect as Keychains too!

We also had fun making some Finger Knitted Minions. So cool!


Heart Ornament

…or similarly at these lovely Finger Knitted Valentines Decorations – LOVE

How to finger knit a pumpkin

Cute How to Finger Knit a Pumpkin!

How to finger knit a beanie hat (no sewing required!)

How to Finger Knit a Santa Hat

Finger knitting ideas

Use your finger knitting to make a junky Pillow

Finger knitting craft ideas

Love the look of this Rainbow Scarf made from Finger Knitting strands

finger knitting ideas

Love these Animal Scarves using Finger Knitting! There are not “detailed” instructions, but check them out anyway, I reckon we can figure it out, right?!

finger knitting craft ideas (2)

Adorable scarf and accessories idea!

Finger Knitting wreath ornament

 Ornament Idea – this is a great way of using other materials for your knitting projects.

finger knitting for kids

We love these cute little Letter ornaments

Over to you! Time you learn How to Finger Knit!!!! I hope you find some insipration here today and have a go.

My kids really do love to Finger Knit! Such a peaceful way to while away half an hour with them!

Finger Knitting Sunday

Also don’t forget to have a go at making your own t-shirt yarn!

We also have a fingerknitting video on YouTube: