Flower Crafts for Kids

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I don’t know about you, but I do love some flower crafts ideas to cheer me up. We have a collection of mixed flower crafts for you here today. Some are perfect flower crafts for kids to make, others you may like to make FOR them. Flowers are so pretty at ANY time of year – colourful and just lovely. I often feel “guilty” though about having cut flowers (occasionally, I guess that is fine), so I like to surround myself with flower crafts instead! Enjoy these oh so pretty Flower DIYs!! And bring some COLOUR back into your world!

Many of these flower crafts would be suitable for Mother’s Day, for a Summer Party or even as a gift to a friend on Valentine’s Day. Other’s may suit some Wedding Planning or are “just because” crafts!

We have split the post into two – some generally linked Flower DIYs and crafts, and then below a “Flower Crafts Hangout” – where we chat about and show our flower crafts to you directly, including additional information links to the flower craft posts!! I hope you find it helpful!

Flower Crafts & Flower DIYs

Let’s begin with this super adorable Crochet Flower guest post! I love how simple this crochet is and how it looks fabulous as a head band or brooch or bag accessory!

Simply GORGEOUS Newspaper Flowers – such a clever and simple upcycle that looks absolutely fabulous!

We also love these 3d Paper Flowers – so easy to make and we have a great Christmas Poinsettia verison too!

Fun with accordion flowers – how cute are these?

We also adore these Flower Corner Bookmarks, you will see that they are VERY easy to make and look super effective. A great little gift for kids to make on Mother’s Day.. or maybe use them as an Easter Corner Bookmark too?!

This Pop Up Flower Garden Card is simply delightful. A perfect 3D Flower Card for Mother’s Day don’t you think?!

We also adore these cheerful POP UP Daffodil Cards

Flower Basket Weaving CARDS for Mother’s Day and Teachers! (Includes FREE Printable)

Adorable Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

This Tissue Paper flower bouquet was made with a class of 5 and 6yrs olds for their Primary School Teacher’s Wedding! Isn’t it adorable!

Easy Painted Paper Flowers

Or how about these super cute heart Flower Heart Bouquet Cards?

or how about this fun Bobbing Flower Bouquet ? Such a quirky and cute idea for kids to make on Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day!!

Continuing on the Paper Flower theme – here is another beautiful Paper Flower you can make – perfect for gift decorations and comes complete with a simple printable Flower Template!

Another one for “Older kids” or teens.. or ahem, grown ups, are these simply STUNNING realistic paper daffodils. Aren they beautiful?!

Or how about some realistic paper tulips? Again, perfect for Mother’s Day!

Try your hand at Paper Quilling and have a go at these lovely and oh so simple Quilled Daisy Earring?

Or something simpler for the kids – we love this fabulous Origami Tulip – a great introduction to origami for kids!

Love how very pretty these Felt Flowers look. Oh I wan to go off and make some straight away! Check out Happiness is Homemade for more info!

Oh yes, we do love our Corner Bookmarks (see Flower Bookmarks above), but these little felt paper clip flower bookmarks are adorable too!

Flower God’s Eyes – it is super quick and easy to learn how to make this oh so pretty pattern!

Oh aren’t these Cupcake Case Flowers, turned into a flower garland from the lovely Craft Train simply delightful? Such a pretty Spring Craft or prefect for Mother’s Day too!

More fun with paper – have a go at these lovely paper flowers and follow the super easy instructions from Easy Peasy and Fun!!

 Check out The Imagination Trees WONDERFUL Flower Party (the image shows flower cupcakes!! Yum!!)

More recycled fun with these cardboard box flowers, also from The Imagination Tree.

And we do adore these lovely and simple, but oh so effective Paper Roses from Poppy Chic.

Oh and a cheeky extra.. edible Flower Cookie Pops (a no egg recipe)!

How about these wonderful Chromatography Flower – where Science meets Crafts!

Super simple Flower Pattern – perfect for “beginner sewers“! They can easily be worn or turned into rosettes. Love love love.

We also have THESE easy pretty flowers to sew – the next level up in sewing skills for kids!

More fun with upcycled Flowers – turn old books into pretty paper flowers! They look great on gift wrap too.

And if you love coloring, you will adore some Flower Colouring Pages, as well as these –

…3D Spring Flower Wreaths Coloring Pages? Aren’t they simply DARLING!?

Flower Craft Ideas Links:

Flower Craft Ideas Video:

(NOTE: this was first published in Feb 2014, the post has been updated and republished for your convenience!)

1) Tissue Paper Flower Lollipops (20sec into the video)

2) Tissue Paper Flower Fairy Lights (1min into the video)

3) Felt flower hairclips (1min 30sec – please watch the video, not yet on the website)

4) Fabric flowers (2min 5sec )

Me and My Shadow

5) Egg Carton Daffodils (3min 30sec)

6) Fabric/ Organza Flowers (4min 35 sec)

7a) YoYo Flowers made from a circle (5min 20 sec watch the video)

Zing Zing Tree

7b) YoYo Flowers made from a rectangle strip attached to gloves (6min 10sec)

8 ) Felted Flowers (linked to felt heart craft, but same principle) and ideas to how to use them (7min watch the video v easy to do)

9) Felt ring (8min 10 sec – video only!)

10) Felt Flower Gift tags (8min 20sec)

Domestic Goddesque

11) Crocus Flower Card (9min 15sec)

12) Kitchen Towel Flowers (9min 30sec more info to follow!)

13) Hama Bead Flowers (9min 45sec watch the video!)

Flower Crafts Extras:

14) Flower Collage from recycled bits and pieces

15) Easy Ploymer Clay Flower Cards that young kids can make

16) Fingerprint Sunflower Cards

17) Easter bonnets decorated with Tissue Paper flowers

18) Bottle Top Flowers

19) Zing Zing Tree also has these AMAZING Crepe Paper Pomander. And she promises a tutorial VERY SOON. In the excitement of the video, she forgot to show it!

I hope this is a good selection of flower crafts for you – using a variety of materials from fabric, to paper to recycled!