Easy Friendship Rocks for Valentine’s

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Gorgeous Fingerprint Heart Rocks for Valentine’s (and maybe Mother’s Day?? What mum can’t resist a fingerprint heart from her lovely children?)… but again, I digress..  these Valentine’s Fingerprint Rock Hearts make the perfect friendship rocks don’t you think??

"Our Friendship Rocks" - what more is there to say? Gorgeous Fringerprint Heart Rocks for Valentines. The perfect Classroom Valentines Gift to make with kids #Valentines #Classroom #rocks #rockpainting
First published in Jan 2018

Add a “Our Friendship Rock’s Card” and these make wonderful little Classroom Gifts for Kids to make!! And if you are into Rock Painting and Hiding Rocks in your local community, I think you will ADORE these gorgeous little Friendshop Heart Rocks!!!!! Over to Agnes from Hello Wonderful!

Valentine Fingerprint Rock Hearts

Make Valentine’s Day extra special this year with these keepsake Fingerprint Rock Hearts! Little kids will love dipping their fingers in paint to make these adorable hearts and big kids will enjoy drawing in faces!
Keep one for yourself as a keepsake and make several to hand out as cute Valentine gifts for friends, family or classmates. What’s fun about these is that you probably already have all the materials on hand to start creating. Go rock hunting with the kiddos, grab some paint and a marker and you’re good to go!

Valentine Rock Idea – Supplies needed:

It is probably best if you purchase rocks from the local garden centre, rather than collect from the beach – that is now deemed to be less eco friendly!

  • Rocks
  • Red Paint – acrylic paint is great and tends to keep it’s colour well over time – you can mix things up and make pink paint hearts too..
  • Black marker, paint pens such as posca pens are wonderful, but you may be able to make do with a sharpie.

Optional: clear varnish to spray your DIY Rocks if you want to preserve them and keep them from chipping – Agnes recommends this varnish spray, mod podge can work too. Just brush a layer one.

Friendship Rock Hearts – Step by Step Instructions:

We love the natural look of rocks as they come! And you can work with them straight away. Though some people like to add a layer of white paint first, to make their fingerprint hearts really pop! Great for your mother’s day keepsake!

Step 1: Pour some red paint onto a palette (we just used a scrap of cardboard) – as mentioned, acrylic paint is great, though we also like to use gloss enamels.

Step 2. Have your child dip their finger onto the paint covering the fingerprint fully and pressing firmly onto the rock forming one side of a V shape. Have them spread their finger around a bit around the sides. Repeat and fill the other side of the V shape to make a heart. Much fun was had as we did these!

Step 3. Allow the paint to dry fully and then draw cute characters and features! If you wish you could begin by outlining your hearts first. But we love just the cute faces, arms and legs.

Step 4. Optional: spray your rocks with a clear varnish (adults only) to preserve the paint. Don’t they make a fun valentine gift idea?

Hand out your heart rocks to spread love! You can give these as class room gifts, gift them to family members, leave them in palces with love messages for people to find or make them for Mother’s Day. So cute!

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