Frozen Elsa Clothes Pin Doll


A few months ago, I was in Vienna doing a workshop to celebrate the launch of my book into German. I am so pleased to see it German print (some of you may remember that I am half Austrian!) and published by a fantastic German Publisher – Loewe Verlag. It forms part of a “Natur Kind” series and it is wonderful to be part of that.

We decided to keep the workshop simple and as “self directed” as possible and went for one of my kids favourite activities: decorating clothes pin dolls. We had a group of 30 or so 8-9yrs olds and it was lovely seeing all their different ideas. The boys made lots of superheros, some made dinosaurs and imaginary characters. The girls made their own Elsa’s and Anna’s. I am gutted that I didn’t take more photos, but I did want to share this Elsa Clothes Pin Doll with you, as I thought the girl that made this, did such a wonderful job:

Frozen Peg doll

I love the “twisted” blue hair, to represent the plaits. And I adore the “swirl and flow” of the gorgeous blue dress. What a creative girl indeed!

Clothes pin crafts (2)

The girls then went off to play with their new dolls. Simply wonderful.

And here is  a copy of my book in German- if you know anyone that would be intersted in a German Language copy, do please pass it one!

Red Ted Art Craft Book - German

Das Bastelbuch fuer Kleine