Get Crafty with Nature – eBook

Since launching Time on Your Hands (Loo Roll Crafts for Throughout the Year) back in December 2010, this wonderful Nature ebook has been brewing.. Each  month, Red Ted and I ventured out into the great outdoors, collected some nature things, sticks, stones, leaves and then came home and Got Crafty. And *finally* we have it finished for you – a craft each month, to inspire you to get outdoors AND get crafty! I hope you love it as much as we do!

Time on Your Hands has had fabulous feedback… and I am confident that you will enjoy this book *even more*.
You may have seen 2-3 of these crafts on Red Ted Art already… but they have now been conveniently collated and added to a number of yet unseen crafts. Go on.. you know you want to!
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