Glitter Egg Diorama


So, it is time for some egg decorating ideas in our house. A while back, this adorable little Glitter Egg Chick from Willow Day caught my eye, and I knew that with my glitter obsessed children, we had to have a go at these adorable little Glitter Egg Dioramas. I encouraged the kids to come up with “their own ideas” of how we could fill our eggs.. and they kind of evolved as we went a long…


Glitter Eggs Decorating

I have to confess… these are quite a “faff”, we did love making them, but you have be a keen bean to see them through!


We are also joining in with the Tinkerlab Creative Challenge (so lovely to see it back again!!!)

But this is how we started it all off…

For Glitter Egg Dioramas, you will need:

  • Blown/ empty egg shells
  • PVA Glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint (optional)
  • String for hanging
  • “Things to put inside”

How to make your Glitter Egg Dioramas

1) Firstly, you will need to blow your egg – we have a whole post JUST about blowing Easter Eggs out, which you can check out. Both 6 and 4 year old have now had a go at blowing their own Easter Eggs out, so don’t be she.. have fun!

Glitter Eggs

2) Once blown, you need gently “open up” the side of your egg. We used a pin to make a bigger hole and then gently prized open the side of the egg.

Egg Diorama Craft

3) We decided to paint the insides of our eggs with some metallic paint.

Glitter egg craft

4) Once dry, cover your egg in PVA glue (use a finger or paint brush). Make sure it isn’t too thick, else the PVA glue will just run off. Coat in glitter (I used a spoon to sprinkle the glitter over the egg) and let dry.

5) Once dry, thread on some embroidery thread for hanging and decided how you want to decorate the insides.

Glitter Egg Dioramas

Pip Squeak and I came up with some mini bunny pom poms that we glued togther with a hot glue gun and decorated with hand drawn flowers….

Easter Glitter Egg Diorama 

Red Ted decided to attack the plasticine and make some wonderful creations.

You can use anything really – from the inside of Kindersurprise eggs, to stickers, to drawings, clay models.

Hang and admire!

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