Handprint Alphabet – A for Alien

Red Ted (4yrs) will be going to “big school” this September… and I thought it would be fun to support him with some Handprint Alphabet crafts. Mainly because both Pip Squeak and Red Ted LOVE printing with their hands.. and apart from a “great start” two years ago with our Handprint Fish, we don’t really do much handprinting. All change now!  I think that this is a great activity for those of us that have children at different age groups – older children can help younger ones, or create more complicated paintings. Younger ones can enjoy getting messy! We decided to do a complete A-Z Handprint all in animals (well an alien is a living creature, right?)! Do check it out!

So today we have A.

A for…. ALIEN!!!!!

Handprint Crafts A

The kids painted… we got inspired. We added googly eyes and shiny things. We read the book “Aliens Love Underpants“. And Red Ted started practising writing “Aliens”… but then the doorbell rang and his friends arrived for playtime. So we will try writing the word again later!

toddler Handprint Crafts

Handprint Crafts alphabet

Handprint Crafts Aliens

by Red Ted (4yrs) – it was his idea to add the green tips and use 3 fingers.

Handprint Crafts preschool

by Red Ted (4yrs) – can you see the “A” in the top left hand corner… we will add to it later!

Handprint Crafts toddlers

by Pip Squeak (2yrs), she always needed two eyes!

Handprint Crafts toddlers

by Pip Squeak (2yrs), who found some shiny things for noses.

So.. do you like our very first Handpring Alphabet? I hope so! I am looking forward to B… what will it be?

B for ……. come back and see!

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