Handprint Alphabet – J for Jellyfish

Welcome back to the handprint alphabet series. Today we looked at “J” for…. Jellyfish. We settled on jellyfish pretty quickly and I was relieved not to have to figure out how to do a handprint jaguar…..

We had great fun doing the jellyfish!

handprint arts and crafts

handprint art

For the handprint jellyfish, we left the thumb “clean” and only painted the four fingers. I encouraged the children to touch the paper with their FINGERTIP only first – give them a wiggly little line and then press the whole hand down …. hoping to achieve the long swaying tentacles of the jellyfish!

Pip Squeak ADORED this letter.

handprint art

handprint alphabet

Red Ted’s jelly fish. Both children adored adding the watery air bubbles with their finger tips. Red Ted also chose big googly eyes and a big smile!



Pip Squeak enjoyed spending AGES choosing what size googly eyes to use. I don’t think her 3rd jellyfish was meant to look sad. She just got her lines a little muddled!

Her is Red Ted using up the remaining paint. I always let them – so that they can “discover and explore” what happens with colour, especially in view or our Kids Get Arty series, where I want the children to explore and learn about art and making marks etc:

arty kids

Aaah, we did like doing this set of handprints!

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