Handprint Alphabet – K for Kingfisher

Just a quick post today… as being a busy busy beeeee… we are onto K for….. KINGFISHER. We tried doing a K for Kangaroo with a baby Joey. But we failed miserably. It just didn’t look like a kangaroo.. so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a KINGFISHER. I let Red Ted use my very special shiny acrylic paint. And as we were running late on this one, we did it whilst Pip Squeak was napping (no other time!). So only one set, I am afraid!

handprint craft

kingifsher craft

We painted the hand 2/3 shiny blue and 1/3 shiny red.

alphabet crafts

Then we had to add a head in blue and orange. Followed by a beak, feet and eyes:

alphabet crafts

Yay! Kingerfishers done!

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