Handprint Alphabet – Q is for… Quail

Q of course is going to be one the tricky Handprint Alphabet crafts… not many things start with Q, let alone an animal. In German we would have had Qualle (Jellyfish), but that is German, so no good for this alphabet series. There is a Quokka (an Australia marsupial) and then a host of random Q named animals, but Quail I can live with – especially since it is quite a distinct bird:

quail handprint craft

So Quail it was. Red Ted was definitely up for it!

handprint alphabet

What do you think? Not to bad eh?

handprint art

To make your Quail, paint most of your hand a grey/ brown (we mixed our own colours again, red, blue, yellow and white). And then a top corner in light blue. Once you have done your print add a blog for the head.

handprint alphabet

We added the quirky little black feather on top of the head at the end, some feet, some detail on the tummy and of course some quail eggs in a nest!

handprint alphabet

These are “older” birds, as they have bigger eyes. Red Ted decided that they were flying, so added some clouds and blue sky. Then decided to write the word QUAIL (aged 4.5yrs). Yay.

Pip Squeak did have ago. We did her handprints… but she wasn’t that interested in finishing them. So maybe we will add them at a later point!

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