Here Comes the Sun…

This is a sponsored post, however, I only write what I truly believe in!


I wanted to start this post with a video:


With Spring upon us and Summer only around the corner, I am already thinking about a much deserved summer holiday and break (we didn’t go on holiday last year and this year we hope to do a “joint family” holiday in Italy with my brother and sister-in-law and my little nephews).

When I was a young girl, I used to regularly turn pink – be it in the English country side or up in the Alps… for some reason I have never been one of those people that go a golden brown – more like a mucky-little-girl-playing-outdoors look, if I take care not to burn… if I burn, I go pink and then peel and of course increase my risk of skin cancer.

There is so much more information available now about risks of the sun with more on more cases of skin cancer each year. Before I just thought about the “discomfort of a sun burn”, now I think about cancer. Add pollution into the equation and simply “don’t know” and as far as I am concerned, caution is best.

So when I am out in the glaring sun, I always use sunscreen – high factors to begin with and then gradually lowering it as my skin adapts. I usually wear a hat too, as I also have  a tendency towards sun stroke (lucky me). I do think that sun is good for you and I don’t think you should avoid it. You should just take care!! When by the sea you need to apply more often – I had a nasty burn once whilst snorkling in Australia (yes, yes, I know a classic mistake – but I had used lots of sun screen, but just not in that one “little patch” I couldn’t reach…).

When my children where born, I took extra care. Sun hats are a must, long sleeves if possible and sunscreen for any exposed body parts! Not only are you protecting them from potential skin cancer, but also from sever burns.

Last year there was a horrible horrible story of a small baby with 40% body burns after a windy day at the beach. The Nation was horrified, how could those parents “let it happen”. The wind probably gave them a false sense of security and they probably forgot that a baby or small child’s skin is much more delicate than that of an adult. So, even if you are not a “believer” in skin cancer, DO believe that your child’s skin will burn much quicker and it is an uncomfortable or painful experience something you can prevent for them.

We always wear sun hats and sunscreen is always at hand and if for some reason we don’t have it, we all stay out of the glaring sun and stick to the shady parts… Red Ted is now old enough to take some responsibility of wearing hats and covering up and we will be “discussing” the sun and it’s effects this summer.

I have pretty much only ever used Nivea sunscreen –  the main reason being – that Nivea has always been a brand I trust (my father always used their handcream) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of Nivea  – when I smell it, I am flooded with holiday memories, sounds and images and I already feel in the holiday mode. I can’t help but buy anything but Nivea.. and have always bought their products for my children. So I am pleased to say, that they have launched a new and “even better” children’s skin care range… Hooray. My only “but” is, that it is scent free and I will miss out on that glorious holiday sensation… but then there is always mummy’s and daddy’s sunscreen to fill that space. And Red Ted does have sensitive skin with a tendency to eczema, so this new range will be just the ticket.

I can’t wait for our bit of summer sun this year!

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