Unicorn Hobby Horse Craft

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Time for some Unicorn Crafts! I was deliberating and deliberating and deliberating what our best Unicorn Party Craft would be – after all the kids are all of Preschool age and between 3yrs and 4yrs old. We were definitely going to do some unicorn cookie decorating, but I wanted something else too.

And up popped Emilia Keriene in my “Ping Back” stream, they had just had a wonderul “Melbourn Cup” party with lots of great horse craft ideas (go take a look) and had come back to make some of our Conker Horses – well I inspired her and she inspired me. There were no “instructions”, just a picture of their Cardboard Hobby Horse, so I decided to have a go at our own “Unicorn Hobby Horse” craft.

Hobby Horse Craft

Please leave a comment, if you would like me to create a template for you!

Hobby Horse Craft Materials

Per hobby horse – 2 A4 sheets of thick card + a little extra for horns and eyes (and white main if you wish to have a white mane)

Here is a very simple Hobby Horse template for you to use.

Hobby Horse Craft How To

Hobby Horse Party Craft

1) As these were for our Unicorn Party, I cut everything out in preparation for the party and the kids only had to stick and draw on the eyes etc. I used on sheet of coloured card for the head, and the second sheet of coloured card for the ear AND the “stick”. I used all the “cut out left overs” to cut strips for the mane. As per the photo above, cut a strip off wide enough for the ear.

Hobby Horse Craft Idea for Kids

2) Then roll up the remaining card and secure with sticky tape!

Unicorn Craft Idea

3) Then use the extra white card to cut a horn and eyes and strips for the main.  Cute ears and more strips for the main from all the left over coloured card. I cut extra in different colours to give the kids as much colour choice as possible.

Hobby Horse Party Activity

4) “Set the Table” – a head at each place with the parts in easy reach. The finished example, to show the kids roughly what they are making.

Hobby Horse Craft Preschoolers

5) Then help the kids with the glue stick (if they need help!). I thought it was VERY interesting that they still wanted two eyes on the same side of the horses face – i.e. they saw it as a 2D image of a horse. But that is fine, it adds to it’s cuteness.

6) To add the hobby horse stick – I cut two slits down the side of the cardboard tube. And then two slits in the horses head at the same width as the tube. Then slot them together. The tube needs to go reasonably far up, to support the head and make it “non floppy”.

I recommend writing the child’s name on each horse too.. We had a little bit of a “which is whose” moment at the end..

Unicorn Party Crafts for Preschoolers

I loved that ALL the kids took part, even though usually “not interested in crafts” and they all went for a quick gallop around the house once done (more pictures to follow, as my friends (helping above) send me some of their photos! I was busy finishing of the Rainbow Cake!!!).

Featured blogger of the week is Like Mama Like Daughterwith their Leaf Friends – this would make for a great group activity too!

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