How kids can create a love heart necklace


We have a cute little sponsored post from Baker Ross today – perfect if your child would like to make cute, but pretty gifts for friends at school this Valentine’s. The key is a moderate amount of lovely beads, but a lovely piece of ribbon for threading.

Six simple steps to making a superb Valentine’s gift



Making a wooden love-heart necklace is a super task for kids to complete before Valentine’s Day – in fact crafting one is a great activity at any time of the year.

This artistic piece of jewellery is ideal to give away to loved ones who can wear it with pride on special occasions. Watch people’s surprise when they ask which shop the necklace was bought from and you reply that it was home-made!

Craft supplies company Baker Ross specialises in Valentine’s Day crafts and has all the raw materials you need to make this wooden heart necklace. Wooden heart necklace kits come with:

  • painted wooden beads (featuring spotty wooden hearts and two other designs)
  • heart-shaped pendants
  • Ribbon

If you’ve got a pair of scissors then you’re ready to get started!

Step one: The scissors soon come in handy when you trim the edge of the ribbon to get a straight edge.

Step two: Then feed this edge through the top of the metal loop at the top of the biggest heart – this will be your main pendant. It’s a little fiddly but you can do it!

Step three: Match up the ends of the ribbon so that the heart is at the end of both lengths and in the middle.

Step four: You’re nearly there; next feed on a round purple bead either side – these will help hold the pendant in place.


Step five: You can probably guess that the two smaller hearts will go either side of the purple beads.

Step six: Repeat the process and place the final two purple beads at the end of the chain – hopefully the sight you are looking at will resemble the picture below. If it does; just tie a knot in the end and you’re ready to try on a necklace which would melt all but a wooden heart itself!

However, if something has gone wrong and your necklace doesn’t match the picture above then don’t worry as help is at hand. Just visit the Baker Ross YouTube channel and watch Kate talk you through the ‘How to Make a Wooden Heart’ tuition video.

It’s just 1 minute, 38 seconds long and can help you make a necklace which will be cherished for a lifetime!

This is a sponsored post.