How to… a Make Doll’s House Bed

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dolls house bed how toWelcome. As you know, our Dolls’ House is an ongoing project. As I add room by room and detail for detail. I was very pleased with the shell sink and the shower I showed you last time and we had lots of fun decorating the house for Christmas! Today I have  simple bed pattern. I made it to fit our dolls. I used the length of our dolls as a guide. You can easily adjust the basic pattern and idea for your dolls and your house!

NOTE: this is an old post from 2012, I will try and update it and “tidy it up for you” asap! But there have been lots of requests for the pattern!


Thick card, stanley knife, acrylic paint (to give it a nice finish) for frame

Fabric left overs and (cotton wool) stuffing for pillows and duvet

The pattern: Print the following to fit the WIDTH of an A4 Piece of paper and you should have the right size! It was drawn by hand so mind any uneven lines. Key to your pattern are the slots – make sure you cut them 1mm wide so accommodate the with of your card, as than the corresponding two slots compliment each other – i.e. they go half way.

dolls house furniture pattern

furniture pattern

The piece that is “dashed” is optional – you may add an extra piece to connect the bed floor to the bed end. I did use this, but “stuck it down” with some acrylic paint.

I used my dolls to measure the length of my bed – so if your dolls are shorter or longer – just adjust the pattern.  In fact, the above pattern is for the white bed below. The brown one I made a little shorter.

  1. Cut your card to may your dolls bed frame.
  2. Slot together the dolls bed together.
  3. Paint!
dolls furniture patterns
Even our little bunny likes the bed:
dolls house bed how to
Easy! We love our little doll’s house beds. And they were so easy to make and I think look really effective. I made a little cradle too… the children love it, but I am not 100% happy with the proportions, so you will have to wait for that!
Have you made any furniture for your doll’s house?