How to… make a No Sew Cupcake Pin Cushion

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no sew cupcakeWelcome to this week’s How to…make (almost) No Sew Cupcakes. I say “almost”… if you use these as pinchusions, no sewing is needed. If you let your children play with them (as toys of course, not pincushions!!) you could probably get away with a hot glue gun. If you don’t have one, a tiny bit of sewing is advisable (but not 100% necessary), just depends on how much your kids end up playing with these!

I decided to have a go at these when I saw some cupcake pin cushions over at Tip Junkie. I decided to see if I could make some out of recycled materials only…

Based on how much my children have played with these, I have to say they are BRILLIANT!

And here we go:

no sew cupcake

Materials: Old jumper/ sweater/ felt fabric, loo roll, PVA glue/ hotglue gun, needle & thread

Optional: buttons, ribbons, lace

cupcake pin cushion felt cupcake

1) Cut a piece of loo roll for cupcake base. Cut a strip from your jumper- I used the ribbed part. Glue on. Hold in place with cloth pegs.

fely cupcake felt cupcake

2) Whilst the base is drying, cut two long strips from your fabric. This time, I used an old felt skirt of mine. But I also used some the jumper for the another cupcake. So just play with the fabric you have and see what looks nice. Fold the fabrics in half, so you have a nice neat edge and then start rolling. I used pins to help keep in place. If you don’t want to sew, you can use a bit of glue here to help keep it in place, but it isn’t strictly necessary!

felt cupcake

3) You can finish it at this point and decorate with pins and buttons and ribbons. FINISHED for the pincushion.

no sew cupcake

4) If you want this as a toy for your children, you may like to make a base… in which case… cut a circle and sew on, tucking the edge in as you go round. I stuffed the cupcake with left over jumper scraps.

no sew cupcake

5) Add your ribbon and done!

Again, if you are using these as a toy, I recommend sewing a few stitches on the icing and the base to help keep it all together. We have NOT sewed ours together and they do survive.. but every so often I have to re-roll it and insert it.