How to… make No Sew Lavender Bags/ Pillows!


Love the beautiful lavender around this time of year? Think it is a shame when it all goes to waste in a few weeks time? Don’t have the time (or inclination) to sew a lavender bag or little lavendar pillow? Look no further. No Sew Lavender Bags are here.

This is so ridiculously easy, that I am not even sure it is “worth writing a tutorial” about. If you have seen my no sew bunting or no sew apron, you will know what I am on about and hopefully agree with me.

Materials: What you will need is some pretty fabric scraps, wonderweb (or BondaWeb in the US?), dried lavender (cut fresh lavender, place in a paper bag and hang to dry), a hot iron & two tea towels (to protect the iron and ironing board).

Step 1) Cute out two squares, but “wrong” sides together – i.e. you will not be turning these inside out. Pretty side out pleased!

Step 2) Place strips of WonderWeb along 3 sides and iron hot until it is properly sealed. Turn round and iron reverse, just to make sure it is really bonded

Step 3) Fill with lavender

Step 4) Add fourth strip of WonderWeb and iron hot. The fourth strip is the trickiest, as you will not get the central and therefore hottest part of the iron on it, so make sure you really have melted the WonderWeb. If necessary, let cool and repeat

Step 5) Trim edges to neaten.


For him: I used old shirts and jeans

For her: Iron on a piece of ribbon (using wonderweb)

For hanging: add a ribbon “loop” to one of the first 3 edges, so you can hang from a coat hanger (only thought of this AFTERWARDS)

ENJOY! And happy smelly drawers.

(PS make these now and use as fabulous stocking fillers near Christmas or surprise someone by sending one through the post!)

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